Versatile Logistics Tasks on the Floor

The Linde E10 is an electric counterbalance forklift truck for handling lighter loads over short distances. This truck allows the driver to carry out stacking solutions or pallet transfers while on the stand-on platform between the aisles. It is the E10's design concept that makes it so compact and maneuverable for use in warehouses where space is at a premium. Its special polyethylene rollers allow it to possess the maneuverability of a pallet stacker with the versatility of a forklift truck. With a lifting capacity of up to 1000 kilograms, it can handle pallets with lower open and closed side holes. The true advantage of this model is its affordable entry price and low maintenance costs.



Like all Linde warehouse technology trucks, the E10 boasts sophisticated security features: for example, the driver's stand-on platform is completely enclosed by a robust chassis, with the overhead guard and mast combining to form a single, highly-resistant unit. Three independent braking systems – a counter current brake, a parking brake that is applied automatically when the driver leaves the truck, and a hydraulic drum brake in the load wheels – give the truck exceptional braking power and reliability, which is also enhanced through electrical and hydraulic anti-overloading functions.

  • Robust overhead guard
  • Maximum strength
  • Triple braking system
  • Components offering optimal visibility
  • Anti-overloading functions


The driver of the E10 stands in a diagonal position, giving them good visibility in all directions without having to turn their head, and the driver's area is built with ergonomic design points in mind, allowing for comfortable, fatigue-free operation. The driver has to climb just 95 millimeters to enter the truck, and can hydraulically adjust the height of the platform according to their body size. All this in combination with the padded backrest makes the platform a safe and comfortable work station. The multi-functional control handle and the diagonal operator position allow for effortless maneuvering in both directions.

  • Ergonomic controls
  • All-round visibility without needing to twist
  • Low-floor cab
  • Platform adjustable to body size


The compact chassis and hydraulic steering of the E10 electric forklift truck make it the ideal warehouse truck for narrow aisles and stacking solutions. The model features a specially-developed and particularly sensitive and intuitive multi-grip, which the driver uses to control the truck. The slim profile of the stacking mast ensures exceptional visibility, which is vital for handling loads precisely. The E10 is also available in a version which is suitable for ISO transport containers. A further equipment option provides smooth and responsive speed control.

  • Agile compact chassis
  • Use in ISO containers
  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Responsive load handling


The E10 comes equipped with a digital control system that controls the drive and the hydraulics, as well as ensuring the optimal use of the battery capacity. Should repairs be necessary, the truck offers good accessibility to all electronic and mechanical components via maintenance panels. Electronic truck diagnosis allows the truck to be adapted to individual usage profiles, and there is no specific brand or country of origin specified for the drive and hydraulic oils.

  • Digital control
  • All components easily accessible
  • Electronic truck diagnostics
  • Gear oils and hydraulic fluids non-brand specific

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Load centre distance Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Height of overhead guard (cabin)
E10 Simplex 1.0 (t) 600 (mm) 24 / 420 (V)/(Ah) 2130 (2010) (mm)
E10 Triplex 1.0 (t) 600 (mm) 24 / 420 (V)/(Ah) 2130 (2010) (mm)
E10 Duplex 1.0 (t) 600 (mm) 24 / 420 (V)/(Ah) 2130 (2010) (mm)

Optional Equipment

Single additional hydraulics

The truck can be delivered with an additional hydraulic circuit, that allows for the connection and operation of external equipment.

Built-in battery charger

On request, the truck can be fitted with a built-in charger for powering up at a plug socket. This means fast and flexible charging without the need for dedicated battery storage or a charging room. This speeds up the charging process which in turn increases availability.

Fork lengths

The truck can be equipped with particularly long forks measuring 950 mm or 1300 mm allowing it to safely transport deeper goods.

Steering position indicator

In order to make the driver more aware of the steering angle, a steering position indicator can be fitted in the driver's cab, making work faster and more productive.

Tiltable fork carriage

The truck's forks can also be mounted so that they can be tilted, allowing loads with an excessive tipping point to be transported more safely.

Lateral shifting function

The fork can be equipped to be able to shift horizontally. This allows loads to be handled more precisely.

Special paint

The truck can have a special paint job, allowing the customer to choose their brand colors, for example.

Warning stripes

The truck can be equipped with reflective warning stripes that make it easier to see, particularly in indoor areas.

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