The Linde Material Handling E-Truck E35- E50

E-Trucks E35 – E50

A Universal Load Bearer

Optimal Performance for Diverse Applications

Suitable for loads between 3000 and 5000 kilograms, the Linde E35 – E50 series of high-powered electric forklift trucks meet a wide range of specifications in order to optimally cater for customer requirements. These include, for example, compact models for areas where space is at a premium or tall trucks with a long wheelbase for tall, bulky loads. High handling performance is guaranteed, thanks to the two powerful three-phase motors of the Linde compact axle and dual pedal control, while features such as the overhead tilt cylinders, electronic traction control, and on-board high frequency charger bear testament to Linde's commitment to safety and cost-effectiveness.



The Linde Protector Frame is an integral part of the E35 – E50 electric forklift truck range, combining the roof of the driver's cab and the frame to form a highly-resistant, enclosed protective zone. Redundant controls, electronic traction control, and the overhead tilt cylinder, that enables the use of slimmer, encapsulated mast profiles to provide optimal visibility, all increase safety during load handling.

  • Robust overhead guard
  • Enclosed safety zone
  • Traction control and components offering optimal visibility


Exceptional comfort for the operator is required if they are to work precisely. That's why all the controls of the E35 – E50 models are ergonomically laid out in the driver's cab. The adjustable armrest and seat unit, the ample leg room, and Linde Load Control all ensure the best possible conditions for fast and fatigue-free work. Plus, an innovative decoupling concept keeps the mast and drive axle separate from the chassis, reducing vibrations in the driver's cab.

  • Ergonomic controls
  • Adjustable armrest and seat unit
  • Vibration protection for the driver
  • Adjustable armrest and seat


The handling performance of the E35 – E50 forklift series has been enhanced by the Linde compact axle, guaranteeing high efficiency. The two integrated three-phase motors are dust and splash proof, harnessing the power of maintenance-free brakes and smart performance parts. The Linde dual pedal control means the driver does not have to reposition their feet to reverse and allows for millimeter-precise movement and maneuverability even in narrow aisles. Plus, precise and reliable load handling is also made possible through the fingertip-control of all lift mast functions.

  • Compact axle with two motors
  • High efficiency design
  • Precision dual pedal control Fingertip-controlled load handling


Forklifts in the E35 – E50 series boast robust, tried-and-tested components. Key truck parts, such as the entire drive axle and the three-phase motor for the lifting hydraulics, are maintenance-free, while the service-friendly design means that parts that do require maintenance are easily accessible and replaceable. Thanks to long service intervals, the first service is only necessary after 1000 operating hours – and the first hydraulic oil change only after 6000. Using a special diagnostics system, the truck can be quickly adapted to the individual requirements of various handling characteristics.

  • Important truck parts maintenance-free
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • All components easily accessible
  • Adjustment to individual requirements

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Load centre distance Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Travel speed, with/without load
E50/500HL_'6Pz/750Ah' 4.8 (t) 500 (mm) 80 / 750 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E45/600HL 4.5 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E45/600HL Beverage 4.5 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E50/600HL_'6Pz/750Ah' 4.8 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 750 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E40/600H 4.0 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 700/775 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E50/500L-Container 4.99 (t) 500 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E45/600H 4.5 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 700/775 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E40/600H_'5Pz/625Ah' 3.8 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 575/625 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E35/600H 3.5 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 700/775 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E45/600L-Container 4.5 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E40/600HL 4.0 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E45/600HL_'6Pz/750Ah' 4.3 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 750 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E35/600H_'5Pz/625Ah' 3.2 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 575/625 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E50/600L-Container 4.99 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E45/600H_'5Pz/625Ah' 4.3 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 575/625 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E50/500HL 4.99 (t) 500 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E40/600HL_'6Pz/750Ah' 3.8 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 750 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E40/600H Beverage 4.0 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 700/775 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E40/600L-Container 4.0 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)
E50/600HL 4.99 (t) 600 (mm) 80 / 840 (V)/(Ah) 18 / 18 (km/h)

Optional Equipment

Linde rotating driver's work station

Rotating driver's work station

The truck can be equipped with a mechanism that allows the driver's seat, steering column, and pedals to be turned up to 90 degrees as a single unit. This gives the driver a good view while reversing and also protects their health and increases safety.

High frequency on-board charger

The on-board charger – optionally available with electrolyte circulation – allows for fast and flexible battery charging without the need for dedicated battery storage or a charging room. Its high efficiency, temperature-controlled charging, and automatic charge conservation and equalizing guarantee an energy-efficient charging process.

Hydraulic cylinder protection

The trucks' hydraulic cylinders can be fitted with appropriate safety devices, ensuring they are not damaged by falling loads.

Cold storage facilities

Linde offers special additional equipment for use in cold storage and freezers. This includes anti-misting, heated driver's cabs, cold-resistant materials, and operating consoles and pedals that can be operated while wearing cold protection clothing.

Linde swivel seat forklift

Swivel seat

The swiveling driver's seat ensures good visibility even when reversing. The seat and Linde Load Control can be turned through 45 degrees, and is ergonomically designed with an adjustable back.

Sun visors

Specially designed for outdoor use, the driver's cab can be fitted with special visors to the front and roof to ensure that sunlight does not impede visibility.

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