Linde Material Handling Logistic Train FT08 - FT20 C

Logistic Trains FT08 – FT20 C

A Maneuverable Material Mover

Safe Material Flow, in even the Tightest of Spaces

The Linde Compact FT08 – FT20 factory train enables trouble-free material flow even under narrow conditions. The goods carrier modules consist of single axle assemblies that can be arranged into trains for individual transportation requirements and loaded with Roller frames, material baskets, or other wheeled objects. The trains can bear loads of up to 2,000 kg per segment, with the goods to be transported raised onto the pallet roller frame, pushed into the trailer, and raised for transportation. The directionally-stable electro-mechanical steering delivers outstanding driving stability and small turning circles of just 4.2 meters. The crab-steering system allows the train to move diagonally, and the suspension of the axles guarantees shock-free transportation.



The special three-point construction of the goods carrier module ensures that all wheels are permanently in contact with the ground, increasing transportation safety even on uneven surfaces. The adjustable lifting of the goods carrier modules also serves to provide protection against transportation damage. All modules are connected to the tow tractor by data cable, meaning the train can only begin to move if all roller frames are securely engaged and raised. The driving speed is regulated while cornering until the last axle is moving straight ahead again, ensuring the train cannot tip over. The lift function can be operated centrally from the tow tractor or from each individual trailer.

  • Cornering assistant helps avoid tipping over
  • Load protecting transportation
  • Trailers connected by data cable


The modular configuration of the compact model factory train and its easily interchangeable goods carriers allows for the module to be adapted to changing requirements and enables a wide range of goods to be transported. Even in narrow paths, the roller frames can be rapidly loaded, and with the virtually silent electrical lift drive, goods carriers are lifted so they can be moved smoothly. All goods carrier modules can be raised and lowered from the tow tractor. Plus, thanks to the easy-to-operate weather protection, the compact factory train can be prepared for outdoor use.

  • Adaptation to all types of transportation
  • Virtually noiseless lift drive
  • Shock-free transportation
  • Central operation of the lift function from the tow tractor


All maintenance components of the logistics train are easily accessible for technicians, and the goods carrier modules are low-maintenance and can easily be replaced individually. The on-board data network records all of the train's movements and the all lift operations carried out by the goods carrier module. This makes it easier for service technicians to set customer specific parameters and system diagnostics.

  • Easily accessible components
  • Low-maintenance trailer modules
  • On-board data network

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Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Service weight Lift Overall width Overall length
Bridge frame 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.6 / 2.0 (t) 600 (kg) 0 - 80 (mm) 1475 (mm) 3060 / 3160 / 3860 / 4760 (mm)
QS-frame / Platform-frame 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.6 / 2.0 (t) 600 (kg) 0 - 80 (mm) 1475 (mm) 3060 / 3160 / 3860 / 4760 (mm)
C-frame / E-frame FT08 C/FT10 C 0.8 / 1.0 (t) 310 (kg) 0 - 80 (mm) 1100 / 1300 (mm) 2960 / 3060 / 3760 / 4660 (mm)
C-frame / E-frame FT16 C/FT20 C 1.6 / 2.0 (t) 410 (kg) 0 - 80 (mm) 1475 (mm) 2960 / 3060 / 3760 / 4660 (mm)
Front module FT08 C/ FT10 C 0.8 / 1.0 (t) 210 / 280 (kg) 0 - 80 (mm) 1060 (mm) 1380 (mm)
Front module FT16 C/ FT20 C 1.6 / 2.0 (t) 280 / 350 (kg) 0 - 80 (mm) 1475 (mm) 1380 (mm)

Optional Equipment

Outdoor Equipment

The compact factory train can be supplied with weather protection and special wheels for outdoor use.


Lane warning device Linde BlueSpot™ driving path warning device enhances safety during operation, as the LED spot visually signals the truck's movement without using noise.

Guide rails

Additional guide rails can be installed in order to reduce wear when inserting and removing the roller frames from the trailers.

Special paintwork

The compact factory train can also be supplied in numerous paintwork styles in addition to Linde red.

German Road Traffic Act (StVO) compliant lighting

The tow tractors and goods carrier modules can be equipped with lighting that is compliant with the German Road Traffic Act.

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