The Linde Material Handling electric pallet stacker L12 – L16 R/Ri

Pallet Stackers L12 – L16 R/Ri

High lifting while seated

Clear view and double pallet load capacity for high handling performance

The electro pallet stackers L12 - L16 R/Ri with a operator's seat ensure rapid goods transport and efficient stocking at medium heights. The trucks are ideal for use in demanding applications because they can transport two pallets at once. This significantly increases handling quantities. All models have a compact chassis and are easy to maneuver in narrow aisles. The operator is seated at a right angle to the direction of travel and has a good view in both directions. In the Ri version, the truck has an initial lift function, and can easily manage ramps or bridging plates.



The chassis of fitted steel sheets is completely rounded. All of the wheels are located within the contours of the chassis. This protects the operator from injuries such as crushing. At the same time, the three independent braking systems ensure that the pallet stacker can quickly reduce its speed or stop in any situation. The 4-point support improves the stability of the truck. The LDC control function is also particularly important for safety: It prevents the pallet stacker from rolling back on gradients.

  • Three independent braking systems including automatic braking
  • All wheels and rollers inside the chassis
  • Driver always remains protected within the truck contours
  • Rounded chassis edges
  • 4 point support for stability


Constructed for fatigue-free work. This is especially expressed in the individually adjustable seat. It supports the operator in any movement. Due to their right-angle position, they have a good peripheral view and avoid any stressful body rotations. All control elements are arranged intuitively. The operator must not raise their arm from the armrest. The low mounting step eases mounting and dismounting.

  • Right-angle seat for a clear view
  • Ergonomically designed operator's seat
  • Functionally arranged control elements
  • Precise load positioning with Linde OptiLift
  • Info display for all relevant truck information


These pallet stackers, with a chassis width of only 950 mm, are easy to maneuver even in constricted spaces. The initial lift function of the L12 - L16 Ri provide further increased handling performance: If the support arms of the truck are raised, it can accept two pallets or transports of closed bottom pallets. The operator can accelerate the truck with precision and with no jerking using the LDC transmission control.

  • Very maneuverable through compact chassis dimensions
  • Sensitive switching and jerk-free acceleration
  • Easy and precise steering with little steering effort
  • Initial lift version for uneven floors or climbing ramps


The multi-function display informs the user and technician of the current truck status. The motor cover swivels fully and makes it easy to reach the service points in the motor compartment. In the standard version, the battery is removed vertically. There is an option for lateral battery changing via roller conveyor and mobile or fixed battery stand.

  • Backlit multi-function display
  • Full-swivel motor cover
  • Roller conveyor for easier battery changes

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Travel speed, with/without load
L16R 1.6 (t) 2344 (mm) 24 / 440 (V)/(Ah) 8.2 / 9.2 (km/h)
L12R 1.2 (t) 2424 (mm) 24 / 440 (V)/(Ah) 8.2 / 9.2 (km/h)

Optional Equipment

Drive wheel

The customer can select various drive wheels depending on the operating environment. Wheels are available of profiled polyurethane and non-marking polyurethane.

Work Lights

The work lights support the operator in insufficiently illuminated warehouses.

Single or double pedal controls

The Linde double pedal controls enables higher handling performance. It causes the forklift to move forward or backward. The truck stops when the pedal is released. Braking is not necessary.

Initial lift with leveling

The initial lift enables greater ground clearance, so that the forklift itself is easier to maneuver on gradients and uneven floors. Only the support arms of the forklift are raised by the initial lift.

Load backrest

The load backrest ensures that loads are stabilized and cannot slide backward when the load carrier is raised.

Various Fork Dimensions

Normally the fork carriage consists of two steel tines of adjustable width. The tines can also be moved crosswise using accessories, the so-called sledges.

Lift Mast Variations

Various standard lifting masts are available for the pallet stackers, with or without free lift up to a total lift height of 4809 mm.

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