Keeping a close eye on valuable air cargo


Linde Material Handling delivers the first Roadster models to Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS)

Linde Material Handling launched a revolutionary vehicle concept last year with its Roadster concept for electric counterbalanced trucks. Designed without the A-pillar on the left and right, it offers the driver a comprehensive field of view of the driving path environment and the load. From the very beginning, the logistics managers of Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH (FCS) were enthusiastic about the new design. …more

Contract extension


Andreas Krinninger to remain Chairman of the Management Board at Linde Material Handling until 2021

The Supervisory Board of Linde Material Handling GmbH has extended the contracts of the Chairman of the company's Management Board and the Chief Financial Officer, Andreas Krinninger (49), by four years. Krinninger, in his role as President of the Linde MH EMEA Operating Unit (Europe, Middle East, Africa) – part of the KION Group – will continue to oversee operations until at least the end of 2021. …more

Autonomous lifting to heights up to twelve metres


Linde Material Handling adds very narrow aisle (VNA) order picker K MATIC to its range of robotic trucks

Warehouse equipment manufacturer and solution provider Linde Material Handling has added a new, state-of-the-art model to its range of standard robotic vehicles: The driverless Linde K MATIC VNA order picker with 1.5-tonne load capacity enables pallets to be autonomously stored at and retrieved from heights of up to 12 metres. …more

Next generation of rider trucks


Linde Material Handling launches new stand-on trucks

Pallet trucks with stand-on platform and driver’s seat trucks, also referred to as “riders” by industry insiders, are indispensable aids in in-house transports, manoeuvring jobs or the loading and unloading of lorries. Now LMH has launched a multi-stage product offensive for these vehicles. This opens up an even wider range of possible applications and higher productivity for operators.  …more

Lithium-ion trucks from Linde go vertical


Linde Material Handling uses lithium-ion technology in new double stacker and pallet truck with ergonomic lift
For all operators who use pallet trucks and double stackers in at least two-shift operation and keep replacement batteries in stock, Linde Material Handling recommends checking whether the use of lithium-ion batteries could be worthwhile. The time is favourable right now because Linde has just expanded its product range with two new warehouse trucks that are equipped with this forward-looking battery technology: …more

Well-equipped for the future with solutions from Linde


Linde Material Handling and distribution partners attend LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart from 14-16 March

The path to increasingly digitised, networked and automated intralogistics has been forged. But which technologies are already available that can be economically used by companies today, and how can they be successively integrated into existing operations? Visitors to the Linde Material Handling exhibition stand (Hall 8/B21) at the LogiMAT trade fair, shared by the company with distribution partners Schöler Fördertechnik and Hofmann Fördertechnik, will find answers to these and many other questions. A large team of experts and consultants will be on hand to discuss the individual logistical needs of customers and prospective buyers, and provide explanations regarding various new products, software solutions and services of the Linde brand. …more

New Corporate Communications structure at Linde Material Handling


Matthias Kluckert and Monika Laurent-Junge strengthen Communications Team

Matthias Kluckert (34) and Dr. Monika Laurent-Junge (51) were appointed new members of Linde Material Handling’s restructured corporate communications team, effective 1 December.

In his role as Head of Content & Editorial Team, journalist Matthias Kluckert will oversee the editorial content of internal and external corporate communications.

Monika Laurent-Junge, who holds a doctorate in business administration, assumed the position of Head of Marketing & Communication Channels and will be responsible for developing and implementing communication and marketing channels that are tailored to the company’s various target groups. …more

New Linde headquarters for employees and customers


Linde MH opens new corporate headquarters at Carl-von-Linde Platz in Aschaffenburg

Linde Material Handling has moved into its completely modernised headquarters at Carl-von-Linde Platz in Aschaffenburg where it has created an entirely new work environment for its employees. Equipped with ample multi-space areas, the new premises provide the infrastructure for the Linde MH corporate functions to ensure the company’s successful transformation from industrial truck manufacturer towards an intralogistics solutions provider with maximum possible customer focus. …more

Linde forklifts with their own Li-Ion solution


Linde electric counterbalanced trucks in the load range from 1.4 to 1.8 tonnes with lithium-ion battery

They made their debut at this year’s “World of Material Handling (WoMH)” customer event, and now the first counterbalanced trucks with lithium-ion battery from Linde Material Handling have been launched on the market. Their great benefit is that they make fleet operators much more independent with regard to power supply – especially in multi-shift operation. This is thanks to the higher energy density and efficiency of the incorporated battery cells, as well as the fact that interim charging is possible any time – factors which result in significantly longer uptime. …more

Christophe Lautray at the head of FEM


Christophe Lautray, CSO Linde Material Handling, elected President of the European Materials Handling Federation (FEM)

The European Materials Handling Federation (FEM) elected Christophe Lautray (54), Chief Sales Officer Linde Material Handling, as its new President on the occasion of the Biennial Congress on 6 to 7 October in Bordeaux/France. …more

Issue resolved – safety increased


Linde Material Handling’s LSP driver assistance system now also available for IC forklift models

The innovative Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) is now optionally available also for forklift trucks with internal combustion engine. Being the world’s most modern assistance system for counterbalanced trucks, it supports the forklift driver and reduces risks during operation. The sophisticated system continuously monitors and indicates a wide range of different vehicle parameters during operation, such as the lift height, load centre of gravity and driving speed, and it even intervenes in safety-critical situations, depending on the version. So the driver has all the relevant details at hand. Operating and driving errors can therefore be effectively avoided and the risk of accidents significantly reduced. The LSP is available for all Linde diesel, LPG and CNG forklift models in the load range from 1.4 to 8 tonnes.  …more

Forklift checks via app


New functions for connect: fleet management system from Linde

According to the guidelines of the German Statutory Accident Insurance scheme (DGUV), every industrial truck must be checked for proper operation prior to use. Available immediately, the “pre-op check” app from Linde Material Handling allows this mandatory inspection of the vehicle to be carried out very conveniently using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. …more

Closer to the customer with new logistics centre


Linde Material Handling opens new spare parts distribution centre in the Czech Republic

Today saw the official launch of operations at Linde Material Handling’s new distribution centre in Brno, Czech Republic, as Christophe Lautray, Member of the Board and Chief Sales Officer (CSO), and Christoph Hotopp, Head of Sales & Service Operations, both Linde Material Handling, symbolically packed and expertly sealed the first packages of spare parts together with regional managers from the destination countries Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. …more

The revolutionary roadster


Linde Material Handling maximises field of view and safety with Linde E20R-E35R forklift trucks

Linde E20 to E35 electric trucks with a load capacity of 2.0 to 3.5 tonnes are among the best-selling electric forklifts in Europe. Overhead tilt cylinders are one specific feature of these trucks. Manufacturer Linde Material Handling is now using this technical advantage in a new, revolutionary truck concept. Designed without the A pillar and available with an optional overhead safety glass guard, the new Linde Roadster with models Linde E20R to E35R offers the driver a unique view of the driving path and surroundings, thus providing additional safety benefits. …more

Event concept convinces over 7,000 visitors


Linde Material Handling hosts impressive second "World of Material Handling" customer event

The second "World of Material Handling" ended today with a new record number of visitors: Over 7,000 guests from about 50 countries, mainly customers as well as distributors, business partners and employees, attended Linde Material Handling’s showcase event, staged from 9 to 25 May. Thus the number of visitors exceeded that of 2014 significantly by around 15 percent. …more

Experience the future of intralogistics at first hand


Linde Material Handling uses 3D hologram to showcase the future of logistics at WoMH

Goods which transport themselves. Trucks which generate more energy while in operation than they consume. Cluster logistics using a completely networked warehouse. Science fiction? Maybe so – but with the emphasis on ‘science’. Linde Material Handling is taking a glimpse into the future, making predictions based on its current competencies, products and projects already in the pipeline: just how might the world of intralogistics look in 2030? Which trends are already emerging today and which predictions will come true in the future? The answers to all of these questions will be given as part of a 3D hologram presentation at the upcoming ‘World of Material Handling’ (WoMH) event. …more

Full power for the drives of the future


Linde Material Handling presents lithium-ion and fuel cell technology at WoMH

The availability of transport vehicles is crucial in logistics, and has a direct effect on the efficiency of processes. The energy system plays a key role in this, particularly where electric forklift trucks are concerned: charging, maintenance and battery changes all take time. But there are alternative systems that offer rapid charging or refuelling, and better energy efficiency. Linde Material Handling is presenting innovative developments in lithium-ion and fuel cell technology at the "World of Material Handling". These developments include the first Linde forklift trucks with lithium-ion batteries, warehouse technology trucks, and hydrogen-powered trucks as used by DB Schenker, Daimler and BMW, for example. Both technologies increase availability and thus productivity in intralogistics. …more

The information superhighway runs right through warehouses


At WoMH, Linde Material Handling demonstrates the opportunities created by digital networking

As is the case in so many industries, logistics processes, and thus the flow of materials, are increasingly being directed digitally. As a result, even industrial trucks are becoming a part of digital industry. Whether with universally electronically controlled trucks, the innovative sensor technology found in Linde Safety Pilot, the connect: fleet management solution or other digital solutions, Linde Material Handling has laid the foundations to be able to support its customers in the digitalisation of their business processes. At ‘World of Material Handling’ (WoMH), Linde will exhibit – among other things – a new localisation technology which allows the location of trucks or transport containers in warehouses and production halls to be recorded in real time to within a centimetre. …more

Tailor-made solutions for individual processes


Linde Material Handling presents new variants, options and customer solutions

For years now, modern industrial companies have seen increasing differentiation and diversification: the demand for a wider range of variants, options and individually manufactured products is rising. This has led to changes in what is required of production processes, and has brought about the advent of 3D printing. At the same time, the rise of e-commerce has resulted in smaller lot sizes and, in some cases, fundamental changes to the requirements for order picking and the movement of goods. For a long time now, the variety of its solutions and product variants has been a trademark of Linde Material Handling, and this is evident in the new developments the company is presenting at the customer event "World of Material Handling" (WoMH). …more

Intralogistics is turning to automation


Linde Material Handling presents automation as a focal point at WoMH

With an increasing demand for self-driving and self-lifting industrial trucks, a paradigm change is in the offing: the lines between manual and fully automatic operation are becoming increasingly blurred. At the World of Material Handling (WoMH) customer event, Linde Material Handling is presenting new concepts and products in the field of automated intralogistics. Visitors will be offered a glimpse into the near future and the more distant future too: how can the "smart factory" be made a reality and how are automation and networking interrelated? …more

New features for a successful model


Linde Material Handling optimises platform pallet trucks T 20/T 25 SP
Since the launch of model series T 20/T 25 SP in 2004, Linde Material Handling has sold over 33,000 such pallet trucks worldwide. This makes the manufacturer the clear market leader in the platform pallet truck segment in Europe and sets a benchmark in the field of intralogistics. Linde will be presenting a number of new, customer-oriented optional features for these successful models at its World of Material Handling (WoMH) 2016 customer event. …more

Linde brand highly regarded among customers


Customers order over 100,000 industrial trucks from Linde Material Handling for the first time in 2015

The 2015 fiscal year resulted in a very special record figure for Europe’s foremost industrial truck manufacturer, Linde Material Handling: For the first time in corporate history, customers ordered more than 100,000 forklift and warehouse trucks within one year. Shortly before year-end, it was the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-based panels and wood materials, Kronospan, who broke through the six-digit barrier with an order for three electric Linde E80/900 forklifts. …more

Experiencing the world of intralogistics up close


Linde Material Handling’s customer event creates a link between the present and the future
On 9 May 2016, Linde Material Handling will be hosting for the time its “World of Material Handling (WoMH)”, a customer event that is unique throughout the industry. Under the motto “Linked Perspectives”, this year the focus will be on major future issues such as networking, automation, customisation and energy systems.  …more

Saving fuel hand in hand with high performance


Diesel and LPG forklifts Linde H50-H80 complete EVO series
With twelve new diesel and LPG trucks in the 5 to 8-tonne load capacity range, Linde Material Handling has raised the remaining vehicles of its 39X series to the advanced EVO standard. The customers, who mainly come from the beverage, construction materials and paper industry as well as from the foundry sector, can now benefit from up to 20 percent fuel savings compared to the previous version. …more

Linde MH Supervisory Board extends contract of Chief Operating Officer Sabine Neuß


The Supervisory Board of Linde Material Handling GmbH has extended the contract of Sabine Neuß (47), Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Linde Material Handling, by four years to the end of 2020. She will continue to be responsible for production in Linde Material Handling’s plants in Europe. …more

Linde Material Handling extends its range of robotic industrial trucks


Additional autonomous models for the warehouse
Linde Material Handling will be launching two new models from its innovative Linde-MATIC robotic truck series in time for the LogiMAT trade fair. The Linde T-MATIC pallet truck and the Linde L-MATIC AC counterbalance pallet stacker will complement the current range on offer. Linde’s goal for the medium term is to offer one robotic version for each of its major product series, in cooperation with French robotic specialist Balyo. …more

Modular powerhouse for heavy loads


New heavy truck series from Linde Material Handling with a load capacity of 10 to 18 tonnes
Linde’s new heavy diesel forklift trucks HT100Ds to HT180Ds with hydrodynamic drive are the second series in the load capacity range between 10 and 18 tonnes that Linde Material Handling (Linde) is offering its customers as an alternative to the hydrostatic drive concept. The compact trucks set new standards in their weight class in terms of comfort, safety, operational efficiency and ease of maintenance. …more

Sustainability management as a programme for the future


Linde Material Handling publishes its first sustainability report
Linde Material Handling, a leading global manufacturer of forklift and warehouse trucks, published its first sustainability report in late 2015 at http://report.linde-mh.com. The report follows the G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and is now also available as a printed publication. It describes the impact of Linde Material Handling’s business activities on society and the environment. The sustainability management system, introduced as a pilot project throughout the KION Group in 2015, provided the substantive basis for the publication, along with the associated sustainability strategy. As part of this strategy, Linde Material Handling specified its goals, initial measures and corresponding key performance indicators. …more

Lithium-ion batteries on the advance


Linde MH expands its range of industrial trucks using lithium-ion technology
Since the introduction of lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology to Linde Material Handling’s (MH) product portfolio, these maintenance-free batteries have proven their worth in a wide spectrum of applications, including the cold storage and food logistics sectors, for example. Due to the positive response from the market, the company is now offering a significantly expanded range. …more

Radar sensors set the pace


Increased safety with Linde SpeedAssist driver assistance system
The transition space between the indoor and outdoor areas of logistics centres and production halls is usually a safety-critical zone. Outdoors forklift drivers quickly accelerate their vehicles to top speed. Upon returning, they should reduce their speed in good time to bring their cargo safely to its destination and to protect all employees in the work environment. The “Linde SpeedAssist” supports both the drivers and the warehouse and logistics managers in charge of this task. …more

Hydrogen technology recommends itself as an alternative drive for the future


Research report presents results of H2IntraDrive project
The BMW Group, Linde Material Handling and the fml Institute of Technical University Munich (TUM) yesterday presented the results of their H2IntraDrive project conducted at the BMW Group’s plant in Leipzig. The most important conclusion of the research report is that the jointly developed hydrogen drive for industrial trucks, which has proven its worth in practical use over about two years, is already marketable and under certain conditions provides an economical solution. …more

Linde to host second "World of Material Handling" customer event in 2016


Looking into the future of intralogistics

Linde Material Handling has decided to stage the successful trade show format again with a focus on increasingly networked, digitised and automated in-house logistics. Visitors to the WOMH 2016 will be able to discover and experience for themselves the benefits of products and services. During the "World of Material Handling", numerous partner companies will present their solutions, providing added information value for visitors. The multi-week exhibition will be in mid-May, the venue is conveniently located in the Rhine-Main area near Frankfurt Airport. …more

Compact tow tractor supports lean production


Linde Material Handling expands its range of tractors with a two-tonne towing capacity version
Lean production is becoming the standard in more and more industrial sectors. Small and medium-sized businesses are following the examples of major automobile manufacturers and machine builders, and they are also adopting their logistical strategies of implementing lean manufacturing practices. Linde Material Handling (MH) now offers its compact Linde P20 tow tractor to ensure efficient production supplies. The new tractor has a towing capacity of two tonnes and expands Linde’s existing range of tractors, which previously covered a load range of between three and 25 tonnes. It is suitable, inter alia, for use in confined spaces. …more

LSP System Check on Virtual Forklift Trucks


Linde Material Handling establishes ‘Hardware in the Loop’ software simulation as test standard for electronic control and assistance systems
At its ‘World of Material Handling’ customer event in Mainz last year, Linde Material Handling introduced a hitherto unique driver assistance system for forklift trucks – the Linde Safety Pilot (LSP). During operation, the Linde Safety Pilot continuously monitors essential truck parameters such as the lift height, load centre of gravity, load weight, mast tilt, steering angle and speed, and it alerts the driver whenever the truck starts operating in critical areas. …more

Excellent visibility even with bulky loads


Elevating cabin latest addition to Linde Material Handling’s range of safety products

The larger and bulkier the loads that have to be moved, the higher are the demands on forklift truck drivers. If the view in the direction of travel is obstructed, then they have to drive in reverse. This leads to the adoption of a posture that is neither healthy nor conducive to productive work. Linde Material Handling (MH) has now added an ergonomic solution to its range of products. …more

More and more customised industrial trucks


Linde Material Handling records significant increase in tailor-made solutions
Over the past 10 years, no other industrial truck segment has experienced growth comparable to that seen in Customised Options, known as CO for short. While less than 20 percent of all industrial trucks left Linde Material Handling’s (MH) production plants with technical modifications back in 2004, this proportion rose to approximately a third last year. …more

A new dimension in automated solutions


Linde Material Handling launches first “driven by Balyo” robotic industrial trucks
New technological developments bring unmanned, robotic industrial trucks into focus as solutions for even more efficient in-house material flow. …more

Flexible warehouse aid with comfort and power


New pallet stacker generation from Linde Material Handling
With its pallet stackers Linde L14 to L20 in the load range between 1.4 and 2.0 tonnes, industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling is launching a new generation of flexible warehouse aids. …more

Small EVO, great benefit


New Linde Diesel, LPG and CNG forklift trucks in the 1.4 to 2.0-tonne load range
With the launch of its new diesel, LPG and CNG forklift trucks Linde H14 to H20 EVO, industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling has taken its smallest series in the 1.4 to 2.0-tonne load capacity range to the next level. …more

Fleet management using connect: Productivity, uptime, safety: up – costs: down


Start of sales for connect: fleet management solution from Linde Material Handling
After a successful test phase, Linde Material Handling is launching its new connect: fleet management solution on the market. It was presented at last year’s World of Material Handling customer event. connect: provides fleet managers with transparent data relating to drivers and vehicles, their usage and place of use. The analysis of this data provides greater safety of in-house traffic, higher availability of equipment through optimized service and less damage, as well as a more efficient use of vehicles – fleet operation becomes more economical in every respect. …more

Linde scoops 2 awards at the FLTA


Linde Material Handling walked away with 2 awards from the Fork Lift Truck Association awards ceremony on Saturday 28th February the first for runner up of apprentice of the year for Linde apprentice, Ben Feehan and the second for the Safety Award with Linde’s Safety Pilot. …more

Agreement for cooperation sealed


Linde Material Handling and Balyo sign an exclusive cooperation agreement to jointly develop innovative robotic solutions
Linde Material Handling (MH) and robotics specialist Balyo have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership. With this cooperation, Linde MH seeks to intensify its activities in the field of robotic industrial trucks, while Balyo aims to achieve a significant market penetration for its innovative technological solutions.  …more

VerkehrsRundschau Image Award 2015


Linde Material Handling emerges as winner in the “Forklift Trucks and Warehouse Handling Equipment” category

Germany’s purchasing decision-makers for products in the warehousing and goods handling segment have chosen the best industrial trucks brands. They selected the Aschaffenburg-based manufacturer Linde Material Handling to win the Image Award in the “Forklift Trucks and Warehouse Handling Equipment” category. …more

Faster and safer logistics with Dynamic Mast Control


Linde Material Handling presents new intelligent operator-assist system for reach trucks

Linde Material Handling (MH) is announcing the release to the market of an important and innovative new operator-assist system for reach trucks at the end of March. This unique Linde system is currently completing its final field test phase and will be available for the existing reach truck series Linde R14 – R20. …more

For indoor and outdoor use


Linde Material Handling presents its latest series of reach trucks with super-elastic tyres
New reach truck models for both indoor and outdoor use are now available from Linde Material Handling in the 1.4 to 2-tonne load category. Equipped with large super-elastic tyres and featuring more ground clearance than standard versions, these industrial trucks can cope even with uneven or wet surfaces and are therefore ideally suited for the loading and unloading of trucks, as well as for use at ramps, high racks or in outdoor areas.  …more

First fully electric farm loader to enter series production


SPS IPC Drives 2014: Linde Material Handling presents the new Weidemann eHoftrac® with drive technology from Linde electric forklift trucks
With its new eHoftrac®, Weidemann GmbH is now putting a zero-emission work truck on the market. Following the completion of a period of trials, the new farm loader now begins series production. …more

Positive interim conclusions


Linde Material Handling draws its first interim conclusions regarding the fuel-cell project for the BMW Group in Leipzig, Germany

At the beginning of November—almost a year after the official handover of four tugger trains and five forklift trucks with fuel-cell hybrid drives to the BMW Group plant in Leipzig—Linde Material Handling (MH) drew up an initial interim balance for the project. …more

Drum tipper for the explosion-protection area


Proplan scores points with customer-specific solutions

The demand for customer-specific solutions is increasing. This trend also applies to industrial trucks with explosion protection, confirmed Managing Director of Proplan Transport- und Lagersysteme GmbH (Proplan), a subsidiary of Linde Material Handling (MH), at a press event in Aschaffenburg at the beginning of November. He cited the "drum tipper" as an example ... …more

Linde trucks with innovative gas warning system for explosion protection zone 2


Centrexpert and Proplan present a new gas warning system for industrial trucks in explosion protection zone 2

Industrial trucks operating in explosion protection zone 2, ATEX category 3 G (gas), require either appropriate safety modifications (complete protection) or must be fitted with a gas warning system, which constantly monitors the concentration of gas in the surrounding atmosphere and safely shuts down the truck if the limits are exceeded. The innovative, radio-controlled gas warning system from French specialists Centrexpert is now available as an option for Linde electric trucks with a load capacity of between 1.4 and 3.5 tonnes destined for use in explosion protection zone 2. …more

New explosion-protected trucks from Linde: close to production and meeting the most stringent of safety standards


Linde Material Handling expands its range of explosion-protected trucks for zone 2/22

Proplan Transport- und Lagersysteme GmbH (Proplan), a subsidiary of Linde Material Handling (MH) and a leading manufacturer of explosion-protected industrial trucks, is expanding its range of models for explosion-protection zone 2/22. …more

New driver's seat tractors and platform trucks from Linde Material Handling


Greater towing power, increasing diversity
Linde Material Handling (MH) is launching a new product family of tractors and platform trucks onto the market. In addition to a six-tonne tractor, the forklift manufacturer also offers a device with an eight-tonne towing power in order to open up more market segments. Another extension to the product range is the Linde W08 load transporter with a capacity of 800 kilograms and a towing power of 7 tonnes.  …more

750,000 Linde trucks built


Linde Material Handling celebrates a milestone at its main plant in Aschaffenburg, Germany
In 1959, the first forklift truck built by Linde Material Handling (MH) in Aschaffenburg left the production hall. 55 years later—on 29 August 2014—Europe's leading truck manufacturer celebrated a special anniversary at its main plant: Staff on the production line assembled the 750,000th truck — an electric counterbalance truck with a load capacity of five tonnes. …more

Best value models for light-duty applications


Linde Material Handling introduces an extended reach truck portfolio
Linde Material Handling (MH) has introduced four new reach trucks to its portfolio with immediate effect. The Linde R10B to R16B models in the 1.0 to 1.6-tonne load capacity range supplement the current reach truck series as entry-level models. …more

Linde inspires several thousand visitors with new trade fair concept


Linde takes stock of a successful three-week "World of Material Handling" trade fair
Between 5 and 23 May, Linde Material Handling (LMH) showcased its comprehensive range of products and services as well as current trends and visions for the future of internal material flow in an exhibition space measuring around 20,000 square metres at the Mainz trade fair centre as part of the "World of Material Handling" trade fair. Around 6000 customers, interested parties, journalists and colleagues from over 40 countries accepted the invitation  …more

Consistent and comprehensive LCA analysis


Linde Material Handling introduces life cycle engineering for all major product groups and obtains TÜV certification for methodology and life cycle assessment
Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP), Linde Material Handling has developed a scientific methodology with which to comprehensively assess the environmental impact of its forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment over their entire product life cycle. Based on this, life cycle assessments (LCAs) have been undertaken for the company’s seven major product groups.  …more

connect: also integrates older forklifts


The new generation of fleet management solutions from Linde Material Handling: modular design, wireless data transfer, integration of existing vehicles
Last year, Linde Material Handling established its Connected Solutions business unit, designed to combine their expertise in the fields of fleet management, logistics IT and connectivity in a centre of excellence. At the World of Material Handling, the unit now presents the latest generation of fleet management solutions from Linde. …more

Getting to the service job - quietly and emission-free


Linde Material Handling presents all-electric service vehicle for use in large urban centres – featuring drive technology from the forklift truck sector
The Customer Services und New Business & Products divisions of Linde Material Handling will be presenting the prototype of an all-electric service vehicle based on a Fiat Ducato L1H1 at its World of Material Handling customer event in Mainz. …more

New heavyweights equipped with electric drives


Linde Material Handling unveils electric forklift trucks with a load capacity of 6 to 8 tonnes
Over the past three years, Linde Material Handling (MH) has gradually modernised its entire range of electric counterbalance trucks, replacing models with more powerful, more efficient and more ergonomically sound equivalents. Now, the market leader in Europe is expanding its range of products in this segment even further. The new series Linde E60 to E80 comprises four models with load capacities ranging from six to eight tonnes, as well as one version with a load capacity of eight tonnes and a 900-millimetre centre of gravity. This series was unveiled for the first time at the "World of Material Handling" customer event held in Mainz, Germany — an event that spanned several weeks. …more

Even closer proximity to customers with flexible trailer train solutions


Linde Material Handling presents new logistic train systems based on the trailer train
At the "World of Material Handling" customer event in Mainz, Germany, Linde Material Handling (MH) presented two new logistic train solutions. The Linde Logistic Train and Linde Factory Train are both designed for the modern, cycle-based flow of materials that takes place in production facilities, with both systems offering the highest level of flexibility and convenience. …more

Complete system for lithium-ion technology


Linde Material Handling develops trucks equipped with lithium-ion batteries
The latest update from the World of Material Handling: Linde Material Handling (MH) is incorporating the first warehouse technology trucks to feature lithium-ion batteries into its product portfolio. As an initial step, the Linde T16 to T20 pedestrian pallet trucks will be available to order with a load capacity of between 1.6 and 2.0 tonnes from September. …more

Linde Safety Pilot: A technical breakthrough in safety


Linde Material Handling introduces a unique driver assistance system
Mistakes will always happen from time to time, wherever people may work. When it comes to operating fork lift trucks, human error is the most common cause of accidents at work. Lack of knowledge or poor concentration on the part of drivers cause operating errors, resulting in trucks tipping over and causing very serious injuries, damage to loading equipment and operating equipment, and last but not least, massive disruptions to the logistics workflow. A unique electronic driver assistance system from Linde Material Handling (MH), the Linde Safety Pilot, is now on hand to offer support with these issues.  …more

84th Geneva International Motor Show


Technology from the Intralogistics Sector Supports Autonomous Driving

Linde Material Handling supports the vision of a driver-less car in the new “XchangE” concept vehicle of Rinspeed AG, Switzerland …more

The future at a glance


World of Material Handling
In May this year, Linde Material Handling (MH) will be presenting the World of Material Handling live and interactive for several weeks together with partners and suppliers at the Mainz Trade Fair Park. The "World of Material Handling" is a unique experience that will introduce customers and potential buyers to the latest solutions as well as trends and visions for internal material flow across more than 20,000 square metres of exhibition space …more

EVO focuses on efficiency


New models for Linde's success story:
The Linde E12 to E20 EVO electric forklift trucks

Electric three wheel and four-wheel forklift trucks in the 1.2 to 2-tonne load category are among the most widely used trucks. They can be found in distribution centres and manufacturing plants, as well as in wholesale and retail. With a new generation, the Linde E12 to E20 EVO series, truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling (MH) has made its successful models even better by adding new features and adapting the models to changing requirements, such as increased outdoor use. …more

Versatile duo for light logistics use


Linde Material Handling brings new double stackers onto market
The flexible use of double stackers has made them sought-after additions to the technology in any warehouse. At the LogiMAT trade show, Linde Material Handling (MH) unveiled two new trucks in this market sector for "light" logistics use, such as in supermarkets.  …more

Ergonomic order picking in very narrow aisles


The new Linde V modular medium-lift order pickers feature a range of sophisticated features to support the operator
With its new modular medium-lift order pickers, industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling is expanding its product portfolio for very narrow aisle solutions. …more

Anniversary in China


Linde Material Handling celebrates 20 years of its successful company in China
Twenty years ago this December, Linde Material Handling took the opportunity to become the first foreign manufacturer in China. Initially founded as a joint venture, the company opened its own factory in Xiamen, on the south-west coast of China, not long afterwards. …more

Linde boasts the cleanest diesel trucks


As part of its sustainability strategy, Linde Material Handling (MH) uses environmental performance evaluations to analyse and document the environmental impact of products over their entire life cycle. The exhaust emissions of the company's combustion-engine trucks have now been evaluated as part of this process, and the result is sensational: In the largest sales segment—trucks with a load capacity of between 2.5 and 3.5 tonnes—Linde diesel trucks are the cleanest! Linde diesel trucks also produce some of the lowest emissions in the other load-bearing capacity classes of up to 2.5 tonnes and from 4 to 8 tonnes.  …more

Launch of H2IntraDrive project: Sustainable intralogistics, sustainable production


BMW Plant Leipzig receives hydrogen-powered industrial trucks and tow trucks from Linde Material Handling for use in BMW i production
Linde Material Handling today handed over a fleet of four tow trucks and five industrial trucks with fuel cell hybrid drive to the BMW plant in Leipzig. …more

Tamed for the kart track


Linde Material Handling presents new Linde E2 electric kart at SPS IPC Drives
Under its hood, the E2 electric kart from Linde Material Handling features the same drive components that helped the Linde E1 to set up a new world record. …more

Affordable and emission-free: Light electric trucks for Asian megacities


sps ipc drives 2013: Linde Material Handling and Korean electronics manufacturer Power Plaza present mini truck with Linde eco-Kit
With over 23 million inhabitants, the Seoul metropolitan region ranks fourth among the ten most densely populated areas worldwide. In addition to the South Korean capital, six more of these conurbations are found in Asia, including Jakarta, Mumbai and Shanghai. …more

Linde heavy trucks lead the field


Three productivity and fuel consumption tests prove the performance advantages of the Linde Material Handling Heavy Trucks

Linde Material Handling (MH) introduced its competitor lift truck testing programme in 2009 and as a result they have developed a productivity test in conjunction with the TÜV Nord testing authority.  …more

New variants of the successful BlueSpot device available


Linde MH is now offering two new versions of the BlueSpot visual driving path warning device …more

Linde Material Handling changes Management Board


• Harald Will is promoted to the Management Board and takes charge of new Research and Development department
• Andreas Krinninger becomes new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Dr. Matthias Schmitz leaves Linde Material Handling at his own request …more

Hydrogen-powered industrial trucks and tow tractors for use in automobile production


BMW, Linde Material Handling and TUM receive funding from the Ministry of Transport in support of the field testing of fuel cell industrial trucks at BMW plant Leipzig. …more

Heavy truck roadshow through Eastern Europe


A roadshow travelling through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic from 8 to 23 October 2013 is an opportunity for Linde Material Handling (MH) to present the Linde H100 to H180 internal combustion engine trucks with hydrostatic drive and a load-bearing capacity of 10 to 18 tonnes. …more

Study: Increased movement at the forklift truck workstation


How should workstations be designed so that forklift truck drivers can work effectively and safely for a sustained period? Seven students from the master's degree programme in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Munich tackled this topic for one semester, during which time they worked with Linde to develop a workstation in a forklift truck in accordance with the of universal design (UD). …more

Linde design celebrated once again


On 1 July, the Linde R14–R20 reach forklift trucks were awarded the internationally renowned "red dot design award" in Essen, Germany.  …more

Field Trial of E-LOG-Biofleet Launched


With the delivery of the first of a total of ten pallet trucks with fuel cell hybrid drive to project partner DB Schenker and the commissioning of the first indoor hydrogen refuelling facility in Europe, the project partners Linde Material Handling, Fronius International, DB Schenker, OMV, HyCentA Research and JOANNEUM RESEARCH today officially started the field phase of their “E-LOG Biofleet” research project, first presented in 2011. The starting signal was given by the Austrian Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Doris Bures. Her department finances the programme of the Climate and Energy Fund that makes resources available to subsidise the project. …more

5-6 tonne diesel truck for explosion zone 2 from Linde


Heavyweights for explosion protection areas

Operating companies who want to move heavy loads in explosion protection areas now have two new Linde diesel truck models with five and six tonnes of load capacity at their disposal.  …more

“Balayeuse hybride” – a sweeper with Linde eco-Kit


Together with Val’Air S.A.S, a company specializing in sweeping technology headquartered near Belfort/France, at MobiliTec 2013 Linde Material Handling will be presenting a compact hybrid sweeper for cleaning city centres and company premises. Based on the chassis of a municipal vehicle produced by the French company Brandt Motors, the sweeper is powered by a Linde eco-Kit M, consisting of an asynchronous motor with a maximum output of 32 kilowatts, a power module and a control unit including software – all of these components come from the mass production range of Europe’s leading manufacturer of electric counterbalance trucks.  …more

Using drive technology from forklift trucks rather than horse power


For many tourists, a carriage ride through the historic centre is a special highlight of a city trip. But the species-appropriate keeping of carriage horses involves considerable efforts and high costs, and it takes an experienced driver to safely steer the animals through the traffic. Carriages from Aagland, equipped with electric drive technology from Linde Material Handling, provide an attractive alternative. Europe’s leading manufacturer of electric counterbalance trucks will be presenting such a carriage at the MobiliTec trade show for the first time. …more

The carriage, the App Mobil, the sweeper – one drive fits all: eco-Kits from Linde Material Handling


At this year‘s MobiliTec, Linde Material Handling will be presenting three vehicles that could hardly be more different: a motorised carriage from AAGLAND GmbH & Co. KG inspired by classic coach designs, a hybrid sweeper for city centres developed by French manufacturer Val’Air S.A.S. and the microMAX, the “vehicle for the (car-sharing) App” by Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht. Different as they are, the three vehicles have one thing in common: They are all equipped with drive solutions based on a Linde eco-Kit, just like the electric Karabag New 500 E city car that will also be on display on the exhibition stand. The eco-Kits represent modular integrated solutions consisting of an electric motor, a power module, a control unit with software that the company has been offering to customers for the electrification of mobile and stationary applications since the 2012 Automechanika trade show. …more

Linde Material Handling receives “Industriepreis 2013”


Linde Material Handling GmbH has won the “Industriepreis 2013” award in the category Power Transmission & Fluid Technology in recognition of its road-rail shunting vehicles ROTRAC E2 and E4. The award recognises products developed in collaboration between Linde Material Handling GmbH and G. Zwiehoff GmbH and manufactured by Linde subsidiary Proplan Transport- und Lagersysteme GmbH. ROTRAC E2 and E4 convinced the jury consisting of over 30 scientists, sector representatives, industry experts, and trade journalists with their impressive technological, economic and ecological benefits. …more

Linde Material Handling restructures Corporate Communications


Linde Material Handling GmbH, a leading manufacturer of industrial trucks and warehousing equipment and a member of the KION Group, will restructure its communication activities and merge its brand and corporate communications depart-ments effective 1 May 2013. Detlef Sieverdingbeck, who has been the Head of Corporate Communications since July 2010, will be leaving at his own request at the end of April to take up new challenges outside the company. His position will not be refilled. …more

83rd Geneva International Motor Show


Under the motto "My, your, our car!", the automotive think-tank Rinspeed, run by its Swiss founder, Frank M. Rinderknecht, unveiled the "microMAX" at this year's motor show — a completely new class of vehicle with an innovative upright seating concept that aims to combine private and public use over short distances in a smart way. The vehicle is fitted with the eco-Kit M from Linde Material Handling, the leading manufacturer of electrically driven counterbalance forklift trucks in Europe.  …more

The new reach trucks from Linde


At the start of March, Linde Material Handling is launching its new generation of Linde reach trucks, which encompasses models R14 to R20 for a load range of 1.4 to 2 tons. With their compact, manoeuvrable design, the new trucks enable an even more productive flow of goods into the warehouse, as a whole host of new technical solutions make the trucks more comfortable, more powerful, safer and easier to service. …more

Konecranes and Linde Material Handling sign agreement in container handling lift truck business


• Konecranes to acquire certain assets of the container handling lift truck business of KION Group’s Linde brand
• Long-term supply agreement between Konecranes and Linde Material Handling
• Both Konecranes and Linde Material Handling will continue to offer a full range of container handling lift trucks worldwide …more

Explosion protection from series production


The new Linde E25 Ex to E35 Ex electric forklift trucks are specially designed for use in potentially explosive areas. The trucks, which boast load capacities of 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes, are the manufacturer's first explosion-protected models to be developed alongside the series vehicles, rather than at a later stage. At the 2013 LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart, Linde Material Handling (MH) is set to unveil the ATEX zone 1 certified model …more

Management change at Linde Material Handling: Sabine Neuss to succeed Otmar Hauck as Head of Production


Effective 1 January 2013, there will be a female Head of Production at Linde Material Handling. The Supervisory Board has appointed Sabine Neuss to the Management Board of Linde Material Handling in her capacity as future “Chief Operating Officer”. She will follow in the footsteps of Otmar Hauck who is leaving at his own request on 31 December 2012 to take up new challenges outside the company. …more

Linde heavy-duty trucks give drivers a 245-degree view


Linde Material Handling has introduced the world's first rotating cab for heavy-duty trucks — an innovation that will significantly reduce the physical strain placed on forklift truck drivers. The rotating cab also reduces the risk of accidents by providing an unrestricted view of the area ahead of the forklift. …more

Econ Gold Award for the world's fastest electric kart


To present the power of a forklift truck in a way that is as exciting and dynamic as possible — this was the task that industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling set itself. The idea that they came up with was as unusual as it was technically challenging: to build the world's fastest electric go-kart. The idea also won over the jury for the renowned Econ Award, as they have now awarded Linde Material Handling with a gold Sextant award in the "PR Activities" category. …more

The new Linde EVO: added value as standard


Linde Material Handling is set to introduce new models to the market from its 2 to 5-tonne diesel and LPG counterbalanced trucks series in early 2013 – at the same time as Stage 3b of the European emissions directive (2004/26/EC) for vehicles in the 37 to 56-kW power range comes into force. And in this power range the new models also comply to the emission legislation US-EPA TIER 4 final (40 CFR 89, 40 CFR 1039, 40 CFR 1068) which comes into force from 2013 on. The "EVO" part of the new trucks' names means that operators can expect state-of-the-art engine technology and increased energy efficiency, as well as improved ergonomics and safety for the driver. The new trucks will be unveiled to the public for the first time at LogiMAT 2013 trade fair from 19 to 21 February in Stuttgart, Germany.  …more

Rotrac E2 shunting vehicle wins OekoGlobe award


Linde Material Handling and Zwiehoff GmbH jointly won third place in the concept vehicle category of the OekoGlobe competition with the electrically powered Rotrac E2 road-rail shunting truck. The OekoGlobe was the first international environmental prize for the mobility industry. It has been awarded annually since 2007 in ten categories. …more

Linde Material Handling on track for further growth


For the first time ever, Linde Material Handling (LMH) had its own stand at Russia's most important logistics trade fair. Following the takeover of the sales and service business of its former partner "Liftec Rusfors", which was announced at last year's "CeMAT", the company has been conducting business on the Russian market independently since December 2011. This was followed by the takeover of Liftec's business in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.  …more

Management Top-News


Our parent company, KION Group, and Weichai Power, a leading manufacturer of trucks and components in China, have agreed on a long-term strategic partnership. In accordance with this, Weichai Power will acquire a 25 percent share in the KION Group and a majority interest of 70 percent in KION's hydraulics business. …more

Linde Roadster proves a hit at Fraport Cargo


It is the only truck of its kind in the world — and since 22 June 2012, a prototype Linde E25 L Roadster from Linde Material Handling (MH) has been in operation at Fraport Cargo Services GmbH at Frankfurt Airport. The truck is being used to assemble air freight pallets and is being subjected to extended periods of testing.  …more

Container version of the new Linde series of electric forklift trucks on the market


Last year saw Linde Material Handling launch the E20 to E50 Linde electric forklift truck series onto the market, in 19 different standard model designs. The range of versions on offer is now even more impressive thanks to the new E40 to E50 Linde truck models with a lower overall height for four, four and a half and five tonne-load capacities. …more

“Experience eMotion” at MobiliTec – Linde MH exhibits wide range of electric vehicles


Linde Material Handling will be presenting four impressive examples of its electromobility competence at MobiliTec. Four vehicles uniquely demonstrate the performance of Linde electric drive and control technology when it comes to acceleration, power, versatility, precision and environmental friendliness. …more

Linde MH further strengthens its sales business in Croatia


Linde Material Handling has further strengthened its sales business in Croatia with effect from 1 March 2012. The European market leader in forklift trucks signed a joint venture agreement with the renowned Zagreb-based distributor “TPZ d.o.o”. …more

Linde MH's Supervisory Board extends contract of Theodor Maurer


The Supervisory Board of Linde Material Handling GmbH has extended the contract of CEO Theodor Maurer (52) by another four years. This means that Maurer will manage the company until 2016. …more

Project partners present E-LOG bio-fleet at the A3PS conference in Vienna


Alternative drive technologies may be the solution to meet the environmental protection demands of tomorrow. One such example is the "E-LOG bio-fleet" research project, which aims to improve operating behaviour and environmental sustainability by using an industrial truck fleet with a fuel cell hybrid solution and "range extender". The partners involved—DB Schenker, Fronius International, Linde Material Handling, HyCentA Research, OMV and JOANNEUM RESEARCH, a research association—presented the project at a press conference at the sixth A3PS conference, which was held by the Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems. Entitled "Eco-Mobility 2011", the event took place on 15 and 16 November 2011 at the Austria Center in Vienna.  …more

Linde Material Handling aims for sustainable growth


"2011 was an extremely good year for Linde Material Handling!" Theodor Maurer, Chairman of the Management Board at Linde Material Handling GmbH was very pleased at this year's press conference in Stuttgart. "Our rate of growth was in doublel digits in all significant markets", Maurer explained to journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The major impetus behind this growth came from markets in the German-speaking countries, Russia, China and South America. LMH is part of the KION Group, which will publish detailed figures for the 2011 financial year in late March. …more

Greater variation for the Linde logistic train


At the LogiMAT trade fair one year ago, Linde Material Handling (MH) presented a new solution for optimising production, storage and transportation logistics in the form of the logistic train. Now Linde MH is launching the expanded product matrix for the logistic train range. The customer can select the individual solution that is right for them from this comprehensive range of chassis variants and trailer train combinations. Through its professional advisory service, Linde provides customers with the expertise required to optimise their logistics processes. …more

New assistance system from Linde MH facilitates rear-area monitoring and warns against collisions


In order to avoid damage to goods or buildings whilst trucks are reversing, and also to reduce the risk of accidents, Linde Material Handling (MH) is now offering a rear-area monitoring system as a customer option. The driver receives warnings via visual and acoustic signals in the cab as soon as objects appear in the monitoring area. If the situation becomes dangerous, the system also automatically reduces the driving speed.  …more

Higher productivity, lower costs


The results of the TÜV-certified performance test for other trucks have now been confirmed for warehouse trucks: The most cost-effective solution is provided by Linde Material Handling. …more

30-years development partnership between Linde MH and Porsche Engineering


At Linde Material Handling (MH), truck design has developed over a long period of time to become a key component of the brand. As early as 1985, the business achieved its first recognition in the shape of an iD Design Award for the good design of its 351 diesel truck family. To date, almost twenty further prizes have followed for very diverse range of truck models. Certain factors have continued to define the image of Linde trucks over the years: revolutionary technical vehicle concepts, customer benefits and the partnership with Porsche Engineering, which enters its 30th year this year.  …more

Linde Material Handling reinforces its market presence in eastern Europe


In line with their globalisation strategy aimed at international growth markets, Linde Material Handling GmbH (LMH) aims to extend its Service and Sales networks in Russia and central Asia. LMH is also planning to take over the business of its Russian dealership Liftec, which has been exclusively responsible for sales and support for Linde products in Russia thus far. …more

40 years of expertise in electric transport


Electric forklifts, electric karts or conventional cars — powered by Linde Material Handling
Electric transport is one of the big hot topics in society. Highly industrialised countries in particular are focusing on new emission-free vehicle concepts in order to reduce the impact of transport on humans and the environment. The automotive and component supply industry as well as research institutes are working on development projects worth billions of euros involving various concepts and technologies. In the past, the world has hardly taken notice of the industrial truck industry, which has seen the manufacture of electric forklifts and warehouse trucks for decades. Before the official opening of the 2011 StaplerCup, Linde Material Handling (LMH) presented its extensive expertise in electric drive technology, acquired over four decades, to the press. …more

Linde MH keeps pressing ahead


Linde MH sees positive results of participation in CeMAT 2011

As the fourth day of the CeMAT 2011 fair draws to a close, Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) can look back on a very successful show. "Visitors to our stand are impressed by both our presentation and the wide range of new products. We have clearly exceeded our expectations in this respect," Ralf Dingeldein, Sales Manager New Vehicles Linde MH, said in Hanover. …more

Linde electric forklift truck receives MM Logistik award


The new Linde E20–E50 electric forklift truck series sets the benchmark. This was the verdict of the panel from the MM Maschinenmarkt magazine, as they awarded Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) the MM Logistik award in the category of "Industrial trucks/technology" on the first evening of CeMAT 2011. …more

World Record Technology by Linde


Linde E1 electric kart earns entry in Guinness Book of Records

0 to 100 km/h in just 3.45 seconds – this was the new world record set by the “Linde E1” electric kart from Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) during the ADAC GT masters race held at Motorsport Arena Oschersleben on the Easter weekend. By producing more acceleration than any other electric vehicle in the world has ever done before, racing driver Andreas Wolf launched the e-kart into the Guinness Book of World Records.  …more

Engineered for your performance


Linde MH uses its trade fair appearance to underline its new brand claim

At this year's CeMAT, Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) intends to strengthen its image as the industry's technological leader with an extensive selection of innovations and pioneering concepts. With its brand claim 'Engineered for your Performance', the company wants to underline its number one objective, namely to offer its customers maximum cost-effectiveness. …more

New Linde electric forklift series with lifting capacity of between two to five tonnes


As individual as the needs of the user
With powerful electric counterbalanced forklift trucks, Linde Material Handling is now setting the benchmark for Europe's leading manufacturers. At the CeMAT 2011 trade fair, the manufacturer of industrial trucks with lifting capacity of between two to five tonnes will present a new, trend-setting electric forklift series.  …more

Linde industrial trucks with lithium-ion battery


The benefits of using lithium-ion batteries in forklift trucks are demonstrated by Europe's leading forklift truck manufacturer, Linde Material Handling, from 2 to 6 May at CeMAT, the international trade fair for intralogistics, in the form of two ready-to-use prototypes: a Linde T16 pallet truck with 1.6 tonnes load capacity and an electric forklift from the new Linde E20 to E50 model line with 2.5 tonnes load capacity.  …more

Greater flexibility and security with Plug and Play in warehouse technology


This established and successfully tested system is already utilised for battery-operated screwdrivers, drills and gardening tools. If various attachments can be fitted to one adaptor then, for example, a leaf rake can be transformed into a duo hoe or a broom in next to no time. Linde Material Handling has now applied this practical system to warehouse trucks.  …more

Fronius and Linde MH introduce their joint HyLog-Fleet project


The fuel-cell tow tractor to be presented by the Austrian battery charging system manufacturer Fronius International and the industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling at the CeMAT 2011, is a concrete example of how internal logistics can function both emission-free and efficiently in the future.  …more

Linde MH launches its revamped Linde H40 to H50 product line


Outside, a new look – inside, more economical and convenient

At the CeMAT trade fair in Hanover, Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) is launching an updated version of the Linde H40 to H50 IC trucks with 4 to 5 tonnes load capacity. For the first time, the trucks feature a displacement pump for the lifting hydraulic system, which, on the one hand, allows energy consumption to be further reduced by up to 18 percent and, on the other hand, enables the trucks to operate more quietly, especially when lifting loads.  …more

Linde MH exhibits the roadster version from its new electric forklift product line


A new feeling of visual freedom

With the roadster version of its new Linde E20 to E35 electric forklift product line, Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) has shown once again that there are always new design possibilities in forklift manufacturing. The prototype on show, which is based on a Linde E25, no longer has an A-pillar; instead a bent steel tube behind the steering column and dashboard ensures sufficient stability. …more

Linde MH presents its rotatable driver's seat


A new dimension in backwards driving

With the rotatable driver's seat offered by Linde MH together with its system partner, Neumaier Industry, the operator can rotate the entire driver's cab through 90 degrees.  …more

Tailored automation


Linde MH presents solutions for the automation of internal material flow

As a result of rising personnel costs and intensified efforts to improve efficiency, customer interest in solutions for the automation of internal material flow has increased. Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) is soon to meet this demand by offering two different solutions in the form of automated industrial trucks.  …more

New models of ex-protection equipment


Tightening safety requirements and directives increasingly call for explosion-proof vehicles. On the occasion of the CeMAT, the world's leading trade fair for intralogistics, Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) is now presenting a wide range of new models from the portfolio of its partner Proplan.  …more

Linde MH presents its "BlueSpot" visual driving path warning device


BlueSpot for silent safety

Whenever there is a possibility that forklifts and pedestrians may meet in storage, incoming goods, dispatch or manufacturing areas, special safety precautions are necessary in order to prevent accidents. …more

Linde MH presents a new combination truck designed for very narrow aisles


More comfort and reliability with the Linde K

Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) has designed a new truck for use in very narrow aisles. The Linde K family, featuring a 1.5-tonne capacity rating and a lift height of over 16 metres, will be launched on the market in autumn this year. This enhanced design boasts more convenience options in the cab and the ability to integrate RFID tags for displaying gear safety functions and zone detection. …more

Linde Material Handling at CeMAT 2011


In keeping with the motto of CeMAT 2011 "Sustainability in Intralogistics", Linde Material Handling will be showcasing its latest innovations in the field of energy-efficient and economical industrial trucks between 2–6 May in and around the large pavilion P32.  …more

A successful year in 2010


Consistent growth strategies / Becoming a solution provider / A technological leader when it comes to energy efficiency, safety and resource preservation …more

New heavy forklift truck models from Linde with a lifting capacity range from 10 to 18 tonnes


Linde Material Handling has launched a new range of 10 to 18 tonne heavy forklift trucks to replace the existing H100-H180 series. The launch of the new models of the largest hydrostatic drive machine in the Linde product range, which was intro-duced in 2006, coincides simultaneously with the introduction of Level IIIB/Tier 4 Interim emis-sion standards which came into force on 1.1.2011. …more

On the way to becoming a global solution provider


With a new organisational structure, pioneering strategies and a great deal of motivation, the forklift manufacturer wants to intensely promote the growth of market and customer orientated services. …more

Linde Material Handling expands software-based advisory tools


Industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling, under the name "Linde warehouse and logistic consulting", has put together an enhanced, modular package for both material flow and storage planning as well as fleet planning. …more

40 years of Linde electric forklifts trucks


The product launch of the new E20 to E50 electric forklift trucks marks the latest highlight in the history of the Linde E-forklift. Linde Material Handling introduced the first battery-operated forklift under the Linde brand at the 1971 trade fair in Hanover. …more

Linde MH drives forward international expansion


This year and next, Linde Material Handling (MH) will deliver a total of 150 industrial trucks to the automotive manufacturer Renault. …more

Linde Material Handling presents logistics train at the LogiMAT 2011 trade fair


Efficiency boost for production logistics
Linde Material Handling is launching its logistics train, a new product designed to improve production logistics, at this year's LogiMAT trade fair. …more

Linde Material Handling receives event prize for product launch of the CiTi Truck


For the launch event "CiTi by Linde", the contracted agency, insglück from Berlin and forklift truck company Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) as the client received the gold EVA award in the Corporate Events category. More than 1,300 guests were present when, on 5 November 2010, this year's awards for the events industry were handed out. In winning the gold EVA award, Linde MH fought off competition from campaigns by Porsche and Audi. …more

Fleet management via data transmission


Linde Material Handling presents an online version of its truck data management system
The Linde truck data management (LFM) system now features an online module. This new module will allow the most varied of truck fleets to be managed in future from any computer with an Internet connection — a key feature for multiple operating locations.  …more

Eco modes allow choice


Eco modes in Linde trucks offer the user the choice between maximum performance and minimum energy consumption
Linde has made the performance of its trucks more demand-oriented thanks to the two new eco modes for internal combustion engine trucks with a load capacity of two to five tons. These modes enable the operator to further reduce energy consumption (depending on the application of the truck) and also help to improve safety when the truck is in operation. …more

Detlef Sieverdingbeck becomes the new Head of Communication


Linde Material Handling restructures Corporate Communications

Detlef Sieverdingbeck (42) was appointed Head of Corporate Communications at Linde Material Handling GmbH (LMH) on 1 July 2010. In this newly created role, Mr Sieverdingbeck is responsible for internal and external Corporate Communication across the globe. …more

50 years of trucks with Linde hydrostatics


Energy-saving, precise and sensitive – the beating heart of the Linde truck has been going for 50 years
The first Linde truck with hydrostatic drive was unveiled to the public some 50 years ago at the 1960 Hanover trade fair. …more

Innovative logistics for Samsonite


Linde VNA K Range Combi High Rack Stackers form part of an innovative, automated Warehouse …more

Moving into an emission-free future thanks to ten kilowatts


Linde Material Handling introduces the first fuel-cell-powered forklift truck suitable for everyday use.

What will the mobile world of tomorrow look like? Which energy sources will replace fossil fuels and what effects will they have? The developers at Linde Material Handling GmbH (Linde MH) are always asking themselves these questions. Based on a cooperative effort with the former sister company Linde Gas Division, the manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment in Aschaffenburg is now able to present the results of a project to develop an alternative drive concept — two fuel-cell powered fork-lift trucks for everyday use. The innovative trucks were tested and introduced in mid-May at the 'Linde Hydrogen Centre', which is part of the Gas Division of Linde AG in Unterschleissheim.  …more

"Easy going" over the last kilometre


The innovative solution for delivering goods to city centres: the CiTi Truck from Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling is bringing its revolutionary CiTi Truck into market in June 2010 — a truck that makes light work of delivering goods over the last kilometer. With a minimum of exertion, the operator can move loads of up to 500 kilograms over considerable distances and manoeuvre in the tightest spaces with comfort and safety. Even verges and kerbs can be negotiated with ease.  …more

Linde MH delivers first trucks with fuel cells


With the delivery of two fuel-cell trucks to the Linde Gases Division, part of technology company The Linde Group, Linde Material Handling has taken another important step on the road to more intensive use of innovative drive technology.

As the first industrial truck manufacturer in Europe, Linde MH has incorporated fuel cell trucks into its product range. The trucks are now offered as standard and with immediate effect, as a "Customised Option". …more

New generation of order pickers from Linde Material Handling


"N20Vi/V08" - new steps in the ascent - order picking at ground level and beyond. Linde Material Handling launches new order picker with picking heights of up to 2.80 …more

New medium level order picker from Linde Material Handling


Picking is getting higher and higher: The new V10, with picking heights of between 2.80 and 6.35 metres, rounds off the range of products from Linde Material Handling. …more

Theodor Maurer to become CEO of Linde Material Handling


Gordon Riske (51), currently CEO of both KION Group GmbH and Linde Material Handling GmbH, will in future focus on running the KION Group. Theodor Maurer (49), currently sales director for the Linde brand, is to become CEO of Linde Material Handling GmbH with effect from May 1 this year. …more

Evergreen Ports turn to Linde for Ground Support and Container Yard Operations


Reach Stackers from Linde Material Handling ensure ground support at Taiwan harbour. …more

New lift truck productivity test certified by TUEV makes productivity an objective criterion for decision-making


In difficult economic times, each decision to invest is examined even more carefully. By achieving TÜV certification for the lift truck productivity test, Linde Material Handling has succeeded in establishing an independently verifiable performance factor (productivity over time) as a basis for cost analysis, and therefore as an objective decision-making parameter.  …more

Linde expands its Wales plant with £1.5m facility


Multinational engineering company, Linde, has opened a second 900 sq metre heavy truck assembly facility at its Merthyr Tydfil plant as part of its £16.5m investment program in new products and infrastructure. …more

Linde expands central spare parts warehouse


Aschaffenburg, 28 November 2008 — The expansion of storage capacity at the Kahl am Main site (Germany) sees Linde Material Handling meeting the growing needs of the spare parts business and boosting the productivity of its central warehouse. The new hall, which cost EUR 700,000 to construct, represents just the first phase of an extensive package of measures that Linde will use to further expand its spare parts logistics over the coming three years …more

Ralf Dingeldein is Head of the recently formed New Trucks sales division


Aschaffenburg, Germany, 6 November 2008 – Ralf Dingeldein (35) is the head of the recently formed New Trucks sales division at Linde Material Handling. In this role, Dingeldein, who holds a PhD in Business and Engineering, will be responsible for central product marketing, sales support and order processing in the new trucks business, as well as product communication and brand management. The aim of grouping these sales functions together is to lay the foundations for continuous customer focus. Dingeldein's key tasks will also include promoting the continua-tion of strategic brand management and the market focus of the product portfolio. …more

Linde MH boosts international service


Aschaffenburg, Germany, 6 November 2008 – Harald Wozniak (54) is to become the company's new head of International Service. Wozniak, who graduated in Engineering, has been with the company for 25 years and in this time has held a number of managerial roles in Germany and abroad. He will draw on his experiences in the internationalisation of central functions to further expand Linde's in-ternational customer service. Harald Wozniak succeeds Friedhelm Schömann, who will now be focussing on project implementation. …more

Linde Material Handling receives “Image Award 2008” for the logistics industry


On the evening before the German Logistics Congress in Berlin, the industry magazine “LOGISTIK inside” once again honoured the best logistics brands with the “Image Award 2008”. In the category “Industrial Trucks”, Linde Material Handling achieved first place for the fourth time in a row. The Aschaffenburg company received 787 out of a possible 1000 image points …more

Design award for Linde Material Handling


Linde Material Handling has once again scooped one of the most coveted product design prizes. The vehicle, a H80/1100 diesel truck with a load capacity of eight tonnes, picked up the "red dot design award" and is now allowed to use the title "product design 2008" …more

Hybrid recommended for use in trucks


The launch of the hybrid truck will be Linde Material Handling's first step towards introducing innovative drive concepts. …more

Solutions for the near and distant future


Dwindling oil reserves, more stringent exhaust gas standards and global competition mean that drive technologies will have to be redeveloped for the future. …more

Ergonomics, Environment, Efficiency


When Linde PureMotion was launched over a year ago, it stood above all for the activities and technical advances of Linde Material Handling in the prevention of human vibrations. …more

The future starts here


Linde Material Handling will be presenting the world's first forklift truck with a direct-injection hydrogen combustion engine at CeMAT, the world's leading trade fair for intralogistics, from 27 to 31 May in Hanover, Germany. …more

High efficiency – zero emissions


The fuel-cell tow tractor presented by Linde Material Handling at the CeMAT 2008 is the second vehicle with this type of drive. …more

U-shaped design offers enhanced comfort


Linde Material Handling will be introducing yet another truck innovation at the CeMAT trade fair in Hanover with the new P30 C and P50 C tow tractors for towed loads of 3 or 5 tonnes. …more

CeMAT 2008 – Linde MH preview


The biggest intralogistics trade fair in the world is almost upon us …more

Linde MH boosts heavy truck business


By creating an independent business unit, Linde Material Handling aims to boost its heavy truck business and occupy a stronger position in the global market …more

Reaching new heights


The market for port handling technology is expanding globally at an annual growth rate of approximately 7%. Simultaneously, the demand for high-quality customer-specific solutions is also increasing. In response to these trends, Linde Material Handling is launching several container handlers that are all set to be on the market by 2009. …more

Powerful, comfortable, low-emission


Soon to be presented to the trade for the first time at the CeMAT 2008: the new 5 to 8-tonne diesel and LPG trucks from Linde. They are set to become benchmarks for their class, just as their predecessors were …more

Reach Stackers from Linde Material Handling ensure speedy goods handling at Baltic harbours


Over the last few years, Baltic harbours have heavily invested in reorganising, extending and modernising the existing harbour facilities to cope with the increasing volumes that are being handled. …more

Theodor Maurer appointed to the Management Board of Linde Material Handling


Theodor Maurer (48) has been appointed to the Management Board of Linde Material Handling GmbH with effect from January 1, 2008. …more

Multi-purpose models


Linde Material Handling has added reach trucks with super elastic tyres (SE) to its range with immediate effect …more

"Linde PureMotion" – efficient for man, the environment and the company


Linde Material Handling provides its customers with unique and easy to handle product solutions for more efficiency …more

Flexibility in demand


Onboard charging systems are becoming increasingly popular among industrial truck operators …more

Even more choice


Linde customers will be able to choose from an even larger range of electric counterweight forklift trucks from the start of December 2007 …more

New warehouse trucks


Linde Material Handling has added two new warehouse trucks to its range of solutions for specific warehouse and production scenarios …more

KION Group plans to expand its hydraulics and components business


KION Group GmbH, one of the two leading manufacturers of industrial trucks in the world, is planning to expand its hydraulics and components business significantly over the next few years …more

Linde PureMotion — Protection for health and environment made by Linde MH


EU Directive 2002/44/EC on the protection of workers from the risks of exposure to physical agents (vibration) was incorporated into German law almost six months ago …more

Rising demand for particle filters


Aschaffenburg, 16 August 2007. — Linde Material Handling has reported that demand for particle filters for diesel trucks is increasing …more

Gordon Riske is appointed CEO of Linde Material Handling and Member of the KION Group Executive Board


Wiesbaden, May 14, 2007 – Gordon Riske (49) has been appointed the new CEO of Linde Material Handling GmbH (LMH) and a member of the Executive Board of KION Group GmbH. …more


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