A Revolution in load handling.

Linde Dynamic Mast Control - A world first

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Trend to higher storage heights

Cost-effective storage requires the available warehouse capacity to be optimised. Warehouses and racking bays are being built ever higher. Today, many reach trucks are storing pallet loads up to 13 metres. These working heights place great demands on conventional reach trucks, which are working near their limits; and of course the operator; who faces challenges in placing the load accurately due to dynamic and static mast oscillations.

These dynamic mast characteristics increase the risk of the load or mast impacting with the racking or other loads. This in turn can result in reduced efficiency, collateral damage and increased handling costs.

A Revolutionary solution in load handling: Linde Dynamic Mast Control (DMC)

To deal with the challenges presented by high lift storage and retrieval applications; Linde have developed a revolutionary solution – the Linde Dynamic Mast Control. A World first for reach trucks! The innovative core of this operator assist solution; is the powerful and responsive, intelligent Electric Reach system. Conventional reach trucks use a hydraulic motor for the reach movement, which is much less sensitive and smooth. At the base of the mast, the Linde DMC intelligent Electrical Reach motor automatically compensates for the dynamic pendulum movement at the top of the mast. This minimizes mast/load oscillations by seamless, rapid counter movements at the base of the mast. This actively assists the operator during the storage retrieval cycles. In addition, the inevitable static mast deflections are also automatically compensated during each cycle.

The benefits: The Linde DMC solution enables faster, smoother and safer load handling and significantly increases productivity. The revolutionary Linde Dynamic Mast Control with Electric Reach delivers faster, safer load handling efficiency.

Time benefit in seconds

Innovative Linde technique: Staying one step ahead

The benefits. Day by day.

  • Enhanced safety and housekeeping
    With Linde Dynamic Mast Control the load is stabilized. Storage cycles at high lift are significantly safer and faster and the operator is assured and motivated. The loads are stored uniformly in the racking with no chimney-effect. Operational incidents are also reduced.
  • Increased productivity
    With the mast oscillations smoothly and rapidly minimised by the Linde DMC Electric Reach system; waiting times associated with mast oscillations are virtually eliminated, Storage retrieval cycles are safer and faster; productivity is significantly increased and handling costs are reduced.
  • Less risk of impact (damage) with rack and or load
    Linde Dynamic Mast Control minimizes the risk of impact damages occurring between the mast, racking, or stored loads and significant productivity and cost efficiency gains are also realized. Every single reduction in collateral damage incidents; will save time-consuming insurance claims and interruptions to your materials handling operations.