Safety first – the new Linde BlueSpot™ family

Silent safety with the optical driving path warning system

The BlueSpot™ is an innovative optical driving path warning system for industrial trucks, which ensures greater safety in aisles and especially in confusing crossing areas.

The BlueSpot™ consists of two very bright LED lights, which are attached to the top of the driver's protective roof frame and project a large blue spot onto the floor. This warns pedestrians and forklift drivers of approaching forklift trucks.

The advantages:

  • Early warning of an approaching industrial truck due to a preceding blue spot
  • LED technology for high brightness with low power consumption
  • Not sensitive to shaking or vibration
  • Long service life of the light and the diffusion disc due to very low operating temperature
  • Very positive reception from drivers and employees in comparison with acoustic warning systems

There are now two new options as an upgrade kit to ensure optimum adjustment to the relevant usage conditions:

Red option

Option with arrow

Red option

  • BlueSpot™ with red LED light
  • Blue lights are already used for other warnings
    ► Alternative colour choice for clear warning signal
  • Choice between blue and red spot colour allows for the colour to be adjusted according to the floor
    ► Greatest possible contrast to the floor ensures optimum warning effect

Option with arrow

  • BlueSpot™ in the form of a blue arrow
  • Arrow shows the direction in which the forklift truck is moving
    ► Clear indication of forklift truck position at confusing crossings

Are you interested in this cost-effective upgrade solution for your forklift trucks and warehouse technology trucks? Then please do not hesitate to contact
your regional Linde sales partner.

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Whenever there is a chance that forklifts and people on foot may meet in storage, incoming goods, dispatch or manufacturing areas, special safety precautions are necessary in order to prevent accidents. Forklift drivers often find the shrill tones of acoustic warning devices to be so disruptive that they switch them off and ultimately prevent them from doing their job. BlueSpot™ from Linde uses a visual warning signal, which gives an early indication of an approaching forklift truck and therefore ensures safety both in the aisles and at confusing crossings.