Linde robotics – the future is now

Moving ahead with the new Linde-MATIC range

The Linde-MATIC range consisting by a tow tractor (P-MATIC), a stacker (L-MATIC), a counterbalanced stacker (L-MATIC AC) and a pallet truck (T-MATIC) is now available.

It is provided with an innovative navigation system called “geoguidance” based on industrial standard trucks. Thus, it ensures a greater flexibility by offering a continuous productivity and keeping the utmost safety while working in co-operation with humans.

The alliance of our Linde trucks combined with the “DRIVEN BY BALYO” technology enables to re-invent the current automated material handling. Designed to target repetitive tasks, long travel distances or with a high commitment on several shifts, the Linde robotics portfolio helps to optimize and fluidify your logistics processes.


  • Competitiveness: reduced installation costs and savings on general operating costs
  • Flexibility: innovative navigation and easy integration at customer’s site
  • Safety: enhanced features and smarter safety functions

All Linde-MATIC trucks are equipped under the Linde’s standard process in terms of components, quality as well as features.

By positioning its streamlined robotic truck range as being versatile, Linde offers a flexible and integrated solution to their customers environment.

The L-MATIC during a pick & drop application from a conveyor
Simply grab the tiller to switch to manual mode

To release even more accessibility to robotic trucks inside real working environments and conditions, the dual-drive mode offers the possibility to switch back to manual mode at any time.



More information:

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