Linde PureMotion

Value enhancement with a clear conscience

Linde Material Handling was granted a patent for the twin pedal control of vehicles as long ago as 1958. It was designed for extremely simple and precise control and operation, and ensured safety and wellbeing at the workplace. Today we are placing this theme on a broader basis, with the Linde PureMotion programme. We believe that we will only live up to our responsibility as a company if, by using our technological expertise, we succeed in combining protection of the individual and protection of the environment. For that reason we are dedicated to the aims of sustainability, protecting resources and guaranteeing the safety of the individual.

Linde PureMotion represents a logical continuation in our quest for technological quality: Every department is analysed, all our goods and services are examined to see whether and how we are protecting the individual and the environment with them. We are facing up to our social responsibility as a company. For us, taking responsibility also means always maintaining a balance between social, company and ecological interests.

The company's resources are controlled by means of a professional environmental management system. All potential for value enhancement is exploited to best effect. All processes are thought through differently and holistically. The objective is to achieve optimal efficiency for man, the environment and the company – the only way to live up to the expectations of our customers.

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Human vibrations
Linde Material Handling has been working intensively on the research and development…

Hydrostatic drive
The principle of the hydrostatic drive.

The vehicles of the 39x series are manufactured in almost 6,000 different variations.

Marketing & Sales
Considering the overall costs, products from Linde Material Handling have an advantage over those of other providers for several reasons.

Linde Material Handling is optimising its products and increasing their quality. more

The goal of the ergonomic concept of Linde Material Handling is the ideal interaction of driver and vehicle.

Before production starts for each new series, Linde Material Handling conducts numerous tests.

Drive concepts
Linde Material Handling is working intensively on the development of the most environmentally friendly and economical vehicles possible and is expediting the development of alternative drive technologies.


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