Transport heavy loads efficiently, strongly, and safely

The pedestrian pallet truck T30 ensures efficient transport of heavy loads and quick processes when loading and unloading delivery trucks. Users benefit from a rugged construction which will withstand heavy use: Each fork can carry up to 2000 kg without bending. The entire truck is produced using molded steel. The three-phase motor has a high torque and ensures a good pace when transporting goods. This is also true when the truck has a maximum load or has to navigate ramps.

The tiller of the T30 has an ergonomic design so the operator stays focused and works safely. All the controls can be operated with the left or right hand. One hand must always be on the tiller head, however. The T30 can be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which have a longer life and charge more quickly. The maximum load capacity of the pedestrian pallet truck is 3000 kg.



The lower edge of the chassis covers all of the wheels. They never come into contact with the operator's feet. All surfaces on the chassis and the tiller head are rounded to minimize the risk of injury. The electric braking system is also important where safety is concerned: If the driver releases the driving switch, the truck brakes automatically. There is also an emergency stop switch which works proportional to the transported load and gently brings the truck to a halt. The truck automatically adjust its speed during turning or cornering maneuvers.

  • Wheels covered by the chassis
  • Rounded edges
  • Sensitive electric brakes
  • Emergency stop button


All the controls on the tiller can be operated with the right or left hand. This saves the effort of switching hands during handling. The grips on the tiller are made of skin-friendly material. The multi-function display also makes work easier. Information displayed includes the charge level of the battery. There are deep compartments available to the user for packing paper, work gloves, writing implements, and much more.

  • Tiller can be operated with either hand
  • Skin-friendly grips
  • Multi-function display
  • Large storage compartments


Powerful acceleration and effective brakes. This combination provides increased output on the T30 pedestrian pallet truck. The 1.5 kW three-phase motor achieves its maximum speed of 6 kilometers an hour with and without a load. The truck can navigate a ten percent gradient even with a full load. On the other hand, the electric counter-current brakes also ensure that stopping is just as quick and precise. This saves additional time during handling. The power steering works very precisely and is easy to operate. For example, users can adjust the steering resistance to the size or weight of the load, thereby improving accuracy when steering.

  • 1.5 kW three-phase motor with a high torque
  • Sensitive electric counter-current brakes
  • Precise power steering
  • Adjustable steering resistance


A T30 service interval is 1000 operating hours. The multi-function display informs the driver when a service is due. On the test stand, the service technician connects a notebook via the CAN bus connection and gets a readout of the truck data. Then they can easily access the components behind a removable cover. The rugged construction of the truck results in low service costs. For example, the forks do not bend under heavy loads. This prevents long-term material damage.

  • Truck data readouts via CAN bus connection
  • Multi-function display with maintenance information
  • Easily accessible components
  • Stable fork prongs

Optional Equipment

Drive Wheel

The drive wheel is available in non-marking rubber or polyurethane. The material is quiet, very durable, and has good rolling properties. There are also wheels with a Wet-Grip surface.

Lateral battery change

The truck battery is located on a roller conveyor and can be quickly removed from the side.

Battery changing stands

The stands hold up to two batteries. A battery fits on the mobile changing stands.

Fleet Management

Linde's fleet management solution connect: allows, among other things, for the usage of trucks to be analyzed in order to optimize the servicing or utilization of the fleet.

Fork size

For the T30, Linde offers various forks in different lengths and widths.


Always have an eye on the job: The additional, easily visible clipboard makes order picking and transport processes easier and makes work efficient and organized.

Cold store protection

The motor, controls, and electrical system are designed for use in outdoor temperatures down to minus 35 degrees.

Load backrest

The backrest stabilizes the load and prevents the pallets from sliding.

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