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It’s liberating. Electric power without limits.
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The best of both worlds for the ultimate in performance.

No electric forklift has ever had more power. The X20 - X35 electric forklift trucks can compete with an IC truck even under extreme conditions, both indoors and outdoors and on all types of surfaces. With their synchronous reluctance motors (SRM+), they take performance to a whole new level and create unprecedented flexibility based on a common platform for electric and IC engine-powered forklifts.

Liberated by Xtreme performance: the new player for those who want to expand their possibilities!

The platform for a new performance class.

With the X20 - X35 electric forklifts, Linde Material Handling is launching a new performance class which combines the power and robustness of IC forklift trucks with the dynamics, flexibility, zero emissions and low noise of an electric drive. All of this is based on the tried-and-tested platform, which is particularly operator- and maintenance-friendly and therefore highly economical, for the new counterbalanced trucks from Linde.

Discover the world’s most powerful electric forklift truck. IT’S A LINDE.

Maximum performance

The new synchronous reluctance motors with additional permanent magnets (SRM+) make the X20 - X35 electric forklifts a powerful, but low-noise and emission-free alternative to IC engine-powered forklifts.

Highly resilient

High mechanical loads, dust, dirt and extreme temperature fluctuations are no obstacle for the X20 - X35 models. And if something should happen: All assemblies and components of the X20 - X35 electric forklifts are optimized for low wear.

Uncompromising sustainability

All the environmental benefits of an electrically driven forklift truck at the performance level of an IC forklift truck! With sustainably generated primary energy, the trucks can be operated without producing any CO2 emissions. The lithium-ion battery systems can be used as static power storage and recycled.

Safety on board

Based on the common platform for IC and E trucks, all the safety benefits of this state-of-the-art design are on board. For example, design optimizations that greatly increase all-round visibility. Standard features such as Linde Curve Assist provide additional protection for the driver and material.

High economic efficiency

Low-maintenance by design with high overall productivity and a dense service network behind the scenes, high performance is guaranteed. The perfect interplay between man and machine also increases productivity and thus profitability in terms of overall costs.

Highly interconnected

Extensive connectivity ensures that the trucks can be easily integrated into fleet management systems and digital processes. Updates and other digital functions can be uploaded easily and individually. Important parameters can be called up and analyzed at any time.

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