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Counterbalance truck plus safety feature

Performance meets Safety
Take advantage of our Spring Deal until June 30.

At Linde, performance and safety go hand in hand. Our mission: to minimize damage to people and materials with innovative safety solutions, without compromising on performance. This allows the driver to concentrate fully on his work and get the maximum handling performance out of his truck.

Don't miss out on the combination of performance and safety! Take advantage of our Spring Deal from now until June 30: you will receive selected safety features with your new counterbalance truck in an unbeatable package offer.

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Counterbalance trucks with added value

The robust and powerful counterbalance trucks from Linde are designed to meet the highest demands. With their perfect combination of power, precision and ergonomics, the models in Linde's new generation of forklift trucks set new standards. Thanks to their compact design, sensitive operation, excellent all-round visibility and free choice of energy system, they master every application and enable maximum handling performance.

The Linde models of the 12XX series set new standards.

Enthusiastic with safety

With intelligent assistance systems and sophisticated lighting solutions, Linde's safety portfolio actively helps to avoid accidents and prevent damage. They warn drivers and pedestrians of impending dangers in good time and intervene to protect them in an emergency. In this way, they ensure maximum safety with full efficiency.

The right safety solution

Get one of the best safety features when you buy your new counterbalance truck! The following safety solutions are available in a package at special conditions as part of the Spring Deal:

Reverse & Front Assist Camera

The AI-based camera system for automatic pedestrian detection registers pedestrians in front of and behind the truck and warns the driver in good time of an impending collision.

Safety Pilot (Select/Active)

The Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) prevents tipping accidents and is available in two versions. Both warn of critical driving conditions, while the Active version automatically intervenes in the driving and lifting functions.

Linde Safety Guard

The Linde Safety Guard creates protection zones around vehicles, pedestrians and parts of the infrastructure. The innovative assistance system recognizes people in the danger zone and warns the driver of collisions.

Linde Motion Detection

The retrofittable Linde Motion Detection assistance system detects movements behind the forklift truck and warns the driver in good time before a collision. An acoustic signal also warns pedestrians in the vicinity.

Linde TruckSpot

On the trail of a light spot: the Truck Spot optical warning signal solution projects a clearly visible warning sign onto the ground and alerts pedestrians to the approaching truck at an early stage.

VertiLight & LED-Stripes

Danger recognized, danger averted: The VertiLight and LED strips from Linde bathe the work area in bright light and indicate the forklift truck with visual signals. For better visibility and increased safety.