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Order Pickers N20 L/Li

Efficient Lift Order Picker

Rapid Picking at Optimum Working Height

The Linde Material Handling N20 L and N20 Li industrial trucks with lifting masts ensure short distances and fast processes during order picking. The truck is designed so that the operator platform with a bracket for a terminal or picklist is positioned immediately adjacent to the fork. This shortens the distance for the driver, speeds up the picking processes, and reduces fatigue. The mast also contributes to this, as the operator lifts the pallet at a comfortable working height, protecting their back and saving further time. A wide range of mast versions are available – including a variant for simultaneous picking on two levels, and a variant with an initial lift for better movement over ramps and uneven floor surfaces. The order picker is optionally available with Li-ion batteries. Depending on the model, the maximum load capacity is two tons.



The compact design of the steering unit prevents the driver from moving outside of the truck during steering movements, while the ergonomic handles with hand protection ensure a firm grip. The four-millimeter thick steel chassis also provides additional protection. When cornering or when the fork is lowered, the truck automatically reduces its speed, protecting the driver and the load against accidents. The optional roof protects the driver from falling objects.

  • Compact steering unit design
  • Ergonomic handles with hand protection
  • Speed adjustment around bends
  • Speed adjustment when fork is lowered
  • Optional protective roof


The operator platform with terminal is located in the center of the truck and is therefore directly adjacent to the picking area, which simplifies the workflow during order picking. The low platform can be mounted with little effort, while the driver's frontal position ensures good all-round visibility, thus avoiding strenuous physical movements. The height of the backrest, and optionally also the steering unit, can be adjusted to suit the driver. All control elements are located inside the steering unit, and the driver can use them intuitively and effortlessly with both hands. A full-suspension platform with soft, non-slip rubber pad surface minimizes the vibrations that are transmitted to the driver.

  • Truck design for short distances
  • Low entry height
  • All control elements in the steering unit
  • Full-suspension platform
  • Adjustable back rest


Powered by a 3-kW three-phase motor, the N20 L and N20 Li order pickers accelerate very quickly up to a top speed of ten kilometers per hour – even at the respective maximum loads of 1200 and 2000 kilos. The truck rests on four wheels for added stability, and the driver controls every lifting action down to the last millimeter by hand using the intuitive, ambidextrous operating concept. The power steering with adjustable steering resistance is equally quick and easy to operate. The order picker uses automatic centering to ensure it is moving in a straight line at all times. Plus, there are multiple compartment spaces and optional buttons on both sides that allow the operator to walk alongside the device.

  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor
  • Multiple compartment areas
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Power steering with adjustable steering resistance
  • Automatic centering


The truck must be service tested after every 1000 operating hours. All truck data can be quickly and conveniently read out thanks to the CAN bus connection. All service components are easily accessible. The three-phase technology of the electric motors does not need servicing. The robust lifting mast and heavy duty steel chassis improve the stability of the truck, while also reducing servicing costs over the truck's lifespan.

  • Rapid read out of service data
  • Maintenance-free three-phase technology
  • Robust lifting mast
  • Robust steel chassis

Optional Equipment

Screenshot of the Linde connect: desk fleet management software dashboard, that provides an overview of all important fleet data.

Fleet Management

Linde's connect: fleet management system allows, among other things, for the usage of trucks to be analyzed across the entire fleet in order to optimize the servicing or utilization of all trucks in the fleet.

Walk alongside button

Buttons are located on either side of the seat that allow the truck to be moved forwards or backwards at 4 km/h. These allow the driver to operate the order picker from the outside and comfortably walk alongside the truck.

Soft landing

This function reduces lifting speed as the fork approaches the floor, preventing damage to the load and reducing wear on the truck.

Accident monitoring

The truck controls detect strong vibrations via shock sensors – whether caused by driving errors, uneven surfaces, or improper truck use. The connect: fleet management uses the accident monitoring of dt:crash detection within Linde Connected Solutions to glean information about the causes of damage and accidents.

Adjustable steering unit

The height of the steering unit can be adjusted to the size and position of the driver, ensuring even more ergonomic working conditions.

Detailed image of a PIN pad which the driver users to unlock the truck.

Access control

By using the access control function of Linde's connect: fleet management system the fleet manager can determine which trucks can be driven by which drivers, thereby preventing the unauthorized use of trucks. Drivers must identify themselves using a PIN or a RFID card before they can drive.

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