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Pallet Trucks T33 R

Setting the pace, safely

Transport heavy loads quickly and safely

The pallet truck T33 R is designed for particularly fast transport processes involving high loads. Two 6.5 kW motors make it possible for the truck to accelerate to its maximum speed in a few seconds. Efficient brakes with ABS functions also ensure that the pallet truck slows down just as quickly.

There are also various drive programs which adjust the speed, acceleration, and brake function depending on the pallet truck's direction of travel. The operator's work station has an ergonomic design so that they remain focused when in the fast T33 R and do not get tired. All the control elements can be individually adjusted. The T33 R pallet truck has a load capacity of 3300 kg.



The T33 R has five different drive programs, which influence the speed, acceleration, and brake functions depending on the direction of travel. Critical situations due to a high load on the truck thus become less likely. With Linde Curve Control, the pallet truck independently adjusts high speeds in curves.

There are also two independent braking systems. If the operator releases the drive pedal, the counter-current braking activates automatically. If they press the emergency stop or parking brake, the electromagnetic brake stops the truck. Both systems ensure that the wheels do not skid. The ABS system takes care of that.

  • Drive program depending on direction of travel
  • Safe cornering with Linde Curve Assist
  • Two independent braking systems
  • ABS system for skid-free braking


The operator can adapt the work station in the T33 R to their needs. All of the control elements, the foot platform, the side mounted armrest, and the comfortable seat can be adjusted. Then they can operate the pallet truck without strain from the wrist.

Because the 360 degree steering is located on the driver's door and not in front of their knees, the driver always has plenty of leg room in the T33 R. A low step and two handles ensure that the truck is easy to get into. Large storage compartments accommodate many work tools and make everyday work easier.

  • Height-adjustable platform and armrest
  • Comfortable seat
  • Plenty of leg room
  • Low access height
  • Compartments for tools


With two 6.5 kW motors, the T33 R accelerates in a few seconds to a maximum speed of 20 km/hour, even when the truck is carrying a maximum load. The optional long fork creates increased handling output. It can accommodate up to three Europallets at a time.

The truck is also designed for hard, all-day use. That's why the motors, controls, and pump systems are thermally separated from each other and protected from overheating. Powerful batteries with up to 1000 ampere hours ensure long operating times without interruption.

  • Two 6.5 kW motors
  • Long fork for more cargo handling
  • Overheating protection of the central components
  • Battery capacities of up to 1000 ampere hours


All service components are located directly behind the cover and are easy to reach. The battery is changed from the side using another forklift. Drive and steering motors do not require any servicing.

  • Service components are easily accessible
  • Battery change using another forklift
  • Maintenance-free motors

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
T33R HP 3.3 (t) 115 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h 3343 (mm) 48 / 930 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
T33R HP 3.3 (t) 115 (mm) 20 / 20 km/h 3343 (mm) 48 / 930 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

Driver's seat

There are different versions available with heated seats or leather upholstery.

Foot heating

The temperature of the electric heating can be precisely regulated.

Fork size

Linde offers different forks in sizes 570 x 2390 mm or 570 x 3590 mm.

Cold store protection

In this version, the user can operate the pallet truck at exterior temperatures down to minus 35 degrees Celsius. Linde also offers a heated cabin.

Wind protection

The wind shield is located on three sides of the driver's platform and is open on the fork side. This means that the driver always has an eye on the load.

Access control

In order to start the truck, the drivers must identify themselves using a PIN.

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