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Pallet Trucks T20 R

Ergonomic load machine

Maintain your concentration, transport goods more rapidly

The T20 R pallet truck transports loads quickly and effectively over longer distances and increases cargo handling. Even loading and unloading of delivery trucks races can be done quickly with the T20 R. This is thanks to the 2 kW three-phase motor and the precise electrical steering unit. The T20 R has an ergonomic design that ensures focused, rapid work processes.

The operator can individually adjust the seat to their needs, reach all of the control elements without effort, and easily change the direction of travel using the Linde double pedal. The seat position is important for transporting goods smoothly: The operator sits at a right angle to the direction of travel and has good all-round vision. The T20 R pallet truck can transport up to a maximum of 2000 kg.



The truck boasts three independent braking systems. If the driver releases the dead man switch, they automatically activate a load-dependent brake. A second braking system is activated if the driver takes their foot off of the drive pedal. There is also an emergency off switch. If it is pressed, the truck brakes safely.

The T20 R also has a low center of gravity and an optional automatic leveling system keeps it stable on its four wheels. The driver is always protected behind a solid steel chassis and is always inside the truck profile when working.

  • Three independent braking systems
  • Low center of gravity
  • Solid steel chassis
  • Automatic leveling


Regardless of whether the truck is moving forward or backward, the operator always has a good view due to the side-on seating position and does not have to twist. They can also change direction easily using the Linde double pedal.

The ergonomic design of the driver's work station plays a key role in making the work comfortable. One arm lies on a padded armrest. All of the control elements are easily accessible. The driver can adjust the height, depth, hardness, and incline of the seat, perfectly adapting it to their needs.

  • Side-on seating position
  • Padded armrest
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Easily accessible control elements


The T20 R pallet truck has a powerful 2 kW three-phase motor to accelerate the truck quickly to a maximum speed of twelve kilometers per hour. At the same time, the precise electrical steering unit makes maneuvering in tight spaces easy.

The T20 R is compact and thus very agile. A special control unit ensures that the pallet truck does not roll back when climbing gradients. Specially formed prongs make it easier to quickly load pallets. Due to a lift height of 125 mm, the T20 R can take on steep ramps and other obstacles without problems.

  • Powerful 2 kW three-phase motor
  • Back-roll prevention on gradients
  • Precise steering
  • Small turning circle


Stability and durability with low service costs were key objectives when developing the T20 R. That's why the truck has robust prongs made from cast steel, which will not deform under heavy loads.

The motor and electronics are protected by a closed aluminum housing. The multi-function display informs the driver when a service is due. The service technician can easily reach all components.

  • Stable fork prongs
  • Protected electronics
  • Display with maintenance information
  • Easily accessible components

Optional Equipment

Drive Wheel

The drive wheel is available in non-marking rubber or polyurethane. The material is quiet, very durable, and has good rolling properties. There are also wheels with a Wet-Grip surface.

Mounting systems

Terminals, scanners, clipboards, writing implements, and individual extensions can be mounted on the rod.

Single pedal control

The driver regulates the speed forward and backward with the same pedal, in contrast to using double pedal control. Using the additional directional switch, the driver can change the direction of travel.

Fork size

For the T20 R, Linde offers various forks in different lengths and widths.

Load backrest

The backrest stabilizes the load and prevents the pallets from sliding.


The system compensates for unevenness in the floor and ensures that all four wheels are always in contact with the ground. The truck thus remains stable.

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T 20 R

T20 R