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Tow tractors W20

Versatile heavy-goods transporter

Transport heavy goods precisely and quickly

The W20 electric tow tractor from Linde Material Handling transports heavy loads quickly and safely. Its maneuverability is key to this; because of its compact dimensions, the platform truck is very versatile. The energy-saving and precise power steering makes any maneuver easier, even within a small space. This increases throughput. The truck has a robust design: The solid, one-piece chassis protects all the components during difficult heavy-duty operations. The cab is mounted on hydraulic oscillating elements and therefore decoupled from the chassis. In this way, few vibrations and road noises reach the driver. The W20 electric tow tractor can take up to two tons on its loading area. The maximum towing capacity is 4.5 tons.



The sturdy chassis and the robust cab protect the driver while driving. At the same time, the large cab windows provide good all-round visibility. The three separate braking systems are important for safety. The truck is equipped with an electric reverse current brake. It brakes automatically once the driver has taken their foot off the pedal. If necessary, the driver can also activate a dual-circuit braking system using a foot pedal. It is made up of hydraulic brakes on the front axle and disc brakes on the rear axle. In addition, there is an electric parking brake, which the user operates by a pushbutton. In this way, there is the best braking technology for each different driving situation.

  • Electric reverse current brake
  • Dual-circuit braking system for front and rear axle
  • Good all-round visibility
  • Robust cab and chassis
  • Electric parking brake


The ergonomic design of the W20 prevents the driver from becoming fatigued and increases comfort during longer transport journeys. This is provided by a driver’s cab mounted on oscillating elements, which compensates for unevenness in the driving surface and prevents powerful vibrations. All the control elements are clearly arranged and easy to reach. The driver can adjust the height of the steering wheel and adapt it to their needs. There are lots of storage compartments for writing instruments or work tools. The low entry height makes it easier to access the truck. The cab is assembled using a modular concept, adapted to the ergonomic needs of the user.

  • Height-adjustable steering wheel
  • Mounted driver's cab
  • Lots of storage compartments
  • Low entry height


The W20 platform truck has powerful 2.5 kW electric motors on every axle, a precisely set controller and a robust heavy-duty design. This combination provides sustained high towing and transport capacities. The truck starts up powerfully, and therefore it quickly reaches its maximum driving speed. In addition, many driving maneuvers are made easier by the small turning circles and the smooth hydraulic steering. Linde offers two truck versions with different wheelbases. Depending on the usage situation, the W20 is either more versatile or has improved directional stability.

  • Powerful electric motors
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Small turning circle
  • Hydraulic steering


Service technicians can easily access all the service components. This also applies to the battery underneath the loading area. The technician can read out central truck data using a CAN bus interface. The three-phase motor is maintenance-free. A multi-functional display in the cab provides information on pending services.

  • Easy servicing access
  • CAN bus interface
  • Maintenance-free three-phase motor
  • Multi-functional display with maintenance information

Optional Equipment

Chassis length

The truck is available with a short or a long chassis. The two variants have loading areas of 2,200 and 2,600 millimeters, respectively, and have a different wheelbase.


An electrical or diesel-operated heater is provided, which the driver operates using a seat switch.

Cab variants

Cabs without side doors, with flexible roller side doors, with steel doors and with steel doors with windows are available.

Crawl speed button

A crawl speed button is positioned on the side of the chassis, and when activated the truck moves slowly forwards or backwards. This makes it easier to couple hitches.

Side elements

With flexible side walls and folding aluminum side elements, the W20 has secure loading areas.

Safety equipment

A rotating beacon or warning light on the cab ensures that pedestrian and other trucks can see the tow tractor more easily.

Seat equipment

For the W20, seats with a fabric cover, a fully suspended driver’s seat and a heated seat are available.

Roadworthy lighting

The truck has a complete lighting system in line with the StVO (German Road Traffic Act).

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