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Solutions for maximum added value
ic-truck with roll clamps

Every company has its own individual needs and basic requirements, whether financial resources, business processes, general technology and safety standards, infrastructure or IT systems. Each type of use requires something different from products and solutions.

Well-designed products and solutions that meet one hundred percent of a company's own individual requirements are Linde Material Handling's strength, whether customer-specific energy systems, fleet management, automation, or safety.

Automation for your warehouse

Scalable and cost-efficient automation is a critical element of an optimal material flow. Automated procedures ensure consistent, efficient, and flexible processes.

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Logistics Fleet Management

Linde connect provides fleet operators with precisely the information that they need for efficient and safe fleet management.

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Focus on Energy

With the scarcity of resources and climate change under the spotlight, energy is a global topic. Its significance for intralogistics has also increased as a result. For logistics managers, the choice of energy systems is an important factor in saving costs. Linde offers a suitable energy concept for all requirements. To do this, the company’s situation is analyzed in detail, assessed on site and, with the help of TCO calculations, the relevant energy system selected.

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Warehouse Safety

Safety is the top priority in any warehouse environment. Linde offers innovative solutions which can help to prevent forklift accidents.

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