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Solutions for maximum added value

Every company has its own individual needs and basic requirements, whether financial resources, business processes, general technology and safety standards, infrastructure or IT systems. Each type of use requires something different from products and solutions.

Well-designed products and solutions that meet one hundred percent of a company's own individual requirements are Linde Material Handling's strength, whether customer-specific truck solutions, fleet management and automation, leased- and used-vehicle business, financing and service packages, or advice on material flow planning, fleet optimization or safety.

Short Term Rental

Linde rental trucks provide a cost-effective solution for when you are faced with bottlenecks or need industrial trucks on a temporary basis.

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Approved Trucks Program—New Standard for Used Forklifts

Fast availability, efficiency, and flexibility are crucial factors for success in intralogistics. Developments in different markets are becoming increasingly dynamic, while price pressure is high across all sectors. The Linde Approved Trucks program offers unique opportunities to individually tailor used forklifts to all industry requirements, all at an extremely competitive price. The basis for this are modular benefit packages for specific applications and services. The resulting solutions are as high-performance as they are cost-efficient and provide long-term competitive advantages.

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Automation for your warehouse

Scalable and cost-efficient automation is a critical element of an optimal material flow. Automated procedures ensure consistent, efficient, and flexible processes.

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Fleet Management

Linde connect provides fleet operators with precisely the information that they need for efficient and safe fleet management.

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Linde offers a comprehensive consulting service for thorough evaluation. The service ranges from analysis and simulation to fleet redesign.

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With leasing, rental, rent-to-own and short term rental, you benefit from flexible financing options for forklifts and warehouse technology from Linde.

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