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Genuine Spare Parts

Around the Clock, Around the Globe
genuine spare parts store in Kahl am Main

The Linde Material Handling spare parts service returns forklifts to operation as quickly as possible. This is ensured by Linde distribution centers worldwide, which make sure that the right parts are shipped around the clock. Spare parts in the quality of the original manufacturer ensure that the industrial trucks actually do what they promise. After all, even the slightest of variations can result in performance issues or threaten full efficiency. Moreover, genuine spare parts are particularly safe and reliable thanks to their perfect interaction with the truck. They also have a direct impact on operating costs, as they can be seamlessly installed and optimally serviced. The Linde spare parts service increases truck availability with customer-focused solutions, such as the spare part kits for the most frequent repairs and guaranteed next-day delivery.


Linde genuine spare parts are beeing packed for customer in the Linde warehouse

Ready for Operation Overnight

Even the failure of a single truck can cause major disruptions to a company's logistics operations. This is why a Linde product includes both an extremely reliable industrial truck as well as a reliable spare parts service. Often, the customer service van will even have the right spare parts for the forklift on board and the repair can be completed on the spot. The service technician immediately orders missing spare parts from the spare parts center. A close-knit global spare parts network ensures that the right parts are available anywhere in the world. For additional speed in urgent cases, Linde offers an emergency service around the clock, every day of the year. Within the EU, spare part orders received by 17:30 will arrive the following morning, meaning that the faulty truck can be quickly returned to operation.

High Availability for Rapid Support

The Linde world distribution center can immediately dispatch over 60,000 stocked spare parts. If a rarely required spare part is not directly available, it is ordered immediately. Customers with older truck models can also rely on the spare parts service. After the end of production, we continue to supply the relevant spare parts for a further 12 years.


Close to the Customer Worldwide

Linde customers can rely on the rapid supply of spare parts for their forklifts worldwide. This is ensured by the world distribution center in Kahl (Germany) at the heart of the global spare parts logistics network. Over 6000 items promptly reach their destinations around the world from this location every day. The central distribution center in Kahl supplies the service organization worldwide, including the regional distribution centers in Xiamen (China) for the Asia Pacific region and in Brno (Czech Republic) for the Eastern Europe region. State-of-the-art warehouse technology allows employees to dispatch orders, generally within just a few hours after an order is received. You can rely on the fast and globally consistent service quality for spare parts provided by the Linde spare parts service.

Map of the world with Linde locations for spare parts


Linde spare parts ready for shipment

Only Original Quality Guarantees Linde Performance

Spare parts naturally don't just need to arrive as quickly as possible, they must also display the necessary quality. Linde spare parts strictly comply with the durability, precision, and reliability defined by the engineers during development. After all, even minor variations, such as in accuracy of fit and performance, can lead to significant problems and performance issues. Safety, quick assembly, and a long service life distinguish genuine spare parts from supposedly cheap copies. In particular, the benefits of original manufacturer quality become clear when you consider the long lifespan of an industrial truck: longer service intervals and no consequential damage relating to spare parts. This ensures maximum availability of trucks and lower lifecycle costs than for inferior replicas.

Small Differences, Big Impact

From controlling Linde joysticks with millimeter precision through to optimum dirt collection by the Linde oil filter, for Linde spare parts, performance lies in the detail. You can find a few examples on the following pages.

Spare Part Groups


Original joysticks by Linde Material Handling display outstanding precision, comfort, safety, and durability as spare parts for Linde forklift trucks.

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Oil Filters

Linde Material Handling oil filters ensure the flawless operation of the hydraulic system and the combustion engines.

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Linde Material Handling forks provide a longer service life, a higher nominal load, and maximum stability.

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Electronic Control

Electronic controllers in Linde original manufacturer quality guarantee safe and precise operation.

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Mast Chains

Linde original mast chains are exceptionally wear-resistant and safe thanks to the high quality of their design.

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