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Issue resolved – safety increased

28 Jul 2016

Linde Material Handling’s LSP driver assistance system now also available for IC forklift models

The innovative Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) is now optionally available also for forklift trucks with internal combustion engine. Being the world’s most modern assistance system for counterbalanced trucks, it supports the forklift driver and reduces risks during operation. The sophisticated system continuously monitors and indicates a wide range of different vehicle parameters during operation, such as the lift height, load centre of gravity and driving speed, and it even intervenes in safety-critical situations, depending on the version. So the driver has all the relevant details at hand. Operating and driving errors can therefore be effectively avoided and the risk of accidents significantly reduced. The LSP is available for all Linde diesel, LPG and CNG forklift models in the load range from 1.4 to 8 tonnes.

The “human factor” is still the most common cause in accidents involving forklifts: Potential consequences range from costly material damage to significant disruption of processes and even serious personal injuries. It is usually the truck driver’s duty and responsibility to observe the relevant German accident prevention regulations set out by the employers’ liability insurance associations and to ensure the required stability of the forklift at all times. The German government’s occupational safety and health regulations (BetrSichV), however, include special rules to be fulfilled by the employer in conjunction with load-lifting equipment. Appendix 1, section 2.1, second paragraph reads: “The employer is obliged to assess the risks involved with operations and, if necessary, provide work equipment with a device ensuring that the permissible load capacity is not exceeded.” This is where Linde’s LSP comes into play.

Developed in 2014, the LSP was made available first of all for Linde’s electric forklift trucks in the load range of up to five tonnes. Now it can also be optionally ordered for the company’s IC counterbalanced truck models of up to 8 tonnes.

All data at a glance

The LSP display is positioned at eye level on the vehicle frame so that the forklift driver always has a constant overview of the relevant information: The LSP indicates the load centre of gravity, the current load weight and the resulting maximum permissible lift height – all these parameters are usually unknown by the driver.

The Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) for IC forklift trucks

The Linde Safety Pilot (LSP) features an electronic load rating display that provides important operating details to the driver. These include in particular the weight of the load being handled, the current and the maximum permissible lift height, the tilt angle of the fork arms and visualisation of the load centre of gravity.

Linde offers the Safety Pilot in two versions so that logistics companies can make a procurement decision based on their specific needs. The basic LSP Select version indicates the current load, lift height, tilt angle, vehicle speed and steering angle values. The LSP Active version provides additional information about the maximum permissible lift height, the load centre of gravity and the maximum tilt angle. And what’s more, the truck control unit actively intervenes and regulates the lifting, tilting and driving functions in order to prevent dangerous manoeuvres and avert critical situations.

This is the case, for example, when the mast is operated close to maximum load capacity. The assistance system will then issue visual and acoustic warnings. If the driver ignores these indications, the truck control unit actively intervenes, regulating or even blocking safety-critical lifting and tilting functions. Tip-over accidents can thus be prevented. Similarly, the driving speed is regulated depending on the load, lift height, tilt angle and load centre of gravity distance. That means the driving speed is automatically reduced if the operator lifts the load when driving forwards or backwards.

One solution – numerous functions

Both LSP versions provide a number of additional comfort features that assist drivers with their work. These features can be preset and accessed via a rotary push encoder in combination with the display and include a lift height preselector, lifting limits for preventing collision damage to ceilings or gates, lowering limits for preventing noise and protecting the fork arm against wear, a load scale with a convenient load addition function, a truck speed indicator and a fuel consumption display for diesel trucks.

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Heike Oder