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Used Forklifts

Individual Solutions with Approved Trucks
Used forklifts from Linde Material Handling refurbished to the highest quality standards

Fast availability, efficiency, and flexibility are crucial factors for success in intralogistics. At the same time, price pressure is high across all sectors. Linde’s approved used trucks are refurbished to the highest quality standards and offer a high-performance yet cost-efficient alternative to new trucks in many applications.

Unique to Linde Material Handling

Our Approved Trucks program offers even more advantages: Not only will you have access to a wide range of overhauled forklift trucks, you will also be able to fit out your preferred used forklift to your specific operating requirements. To make this process easy, we have put together a range of function and service packages that you can combine on a modular basis.

Three steps to your Linde used forklift

1. Select your already refurbished truck from our large stock.

2. Order the function and service packages required for your application.

3. Have your used forklift delivered directly to the work location without delay.

For the used forklifts, including all technical package components, you benefit from our full service contracts and an optional guarantee extension from six to twelve months.

Used forklift formula “Modernized forklift truck + service packages = top-quality individual solution” from Linde Material Handling

One Standard—Premium Quality

Every used forklift we offer undergoes a standardized process that guarantees high quality from start to finish:

We Know Where our Trucks Come From

The used forklifts for our Approved Trucks program originate solely from Linde rental fleets or are leasing returns. The service history of the used forklifts is fully documented in line with this and demonstrates that all servicing and repairs have been performed solely by Linde service technicians. In addition to this, each used forklift undergoes a stringent testing process and only trucks that meet all defined criteria are selected for refurbishment.

Seven-Step Refurbishment Process

In our refurbishment centers across Europe, all future Approved Trucks are overhauled in a seven-step industrial process. To begin with, our experienced personnel identify what servicing and repairs are required and dismantle the trucks into their individual parts. We test all components for function, wear and safety according to our high standards. Where possible, we repair parts or replace them with original parts, if necessary. The assemblies are subsequently cleaned, re-painted, and the used forklift rebuilt. After the quality inspection, the forklift and warehouse trucks are ready to begin their new life, including a guarantee for six months or 500 operating hours.

The Approved Truck for your application

Whether you are replacing an individual forklift truck or want to add several used forklifts to your fleet: Approved used trucks from Linde offer various possibilities for adapting your truck to the requirements and operating conditions in your business and for ensuring a uniform technical standard for your fleet. Each of our packages includes defined functions, retrofitted components or servicing options. You can improve individual aspects such as safety, ergonomics or energy consumption or combine several packages on a modular basis. This means you always benefit from the latest technology with Linde.

Overview of our packages

Wearing Parts

Extend the life of your used forklift by replacing heavily stressed components with new original parts.


Ensure optimal working conditions with a fully renewed operator’s workstation.


Improve the safety of your working processes and reduce damage to trucks and goods.


Improve visibility for your operators in everyday working life using high-quality LED working lamps.


Select an individual color for your used forklift to suit your corporate design or to make your fleet stand out.


Increase the energy efficiency of your used forklift with a new traction battery.

Battery Service

Benefit from a full-service contract for your power system to ensure long-term efficiency.

Service Contract

Minimize downtimes and unexpected repairs with regular, preventive servicing.

Full Service

Protect your forklift truck and ensure maximum availability for controlled budgets, with our full-service contracts.


Extend your guarantee to a period of six to twelve months or from 500 to 1000 operating hours respectively.

Five plus points for you


We overhaul all used forklifts in our own refurbishment centers throughout Europe according to a standardized process and in line with high quality standards. Every used forklift is dismantled, and all parts are then checked, repaired or replaced. This ensures that all trucks you order always meet the highest quality standards.

Individual Equipment

Safety, ergonomics, and energy consumption are crucial factors in increasing the efficiency and productivity of your working processes. Our approved used trucks allow you to combine a variety of modular packages to improve your truck’s key characteristics. The packages are based on the latest Linde technology, which is also used in the latest forklift truck models.


We provide you with the flexibility to purchase a forklift truck exactly when you need it. You can select your used forklift from a wide range of models and customize them individually. Since we always have a large number of refurbished forklift trucks in stock, we can configure your order quickly and deliver it to your site at a time that is convenient for you.


When purchasing an approved used truck from Linde, you are contributing to the responsible use of resources. The refurbishment reduces the total quantity of raw materials consumed and significantly lowers the product’s ecological footprint. Our standardized refurbishment process increases the use efficiency and meets the highest environmental and safety standards.


It’s a Linde—our refurbished used forklifts embody the basic values of the Linde brand, such as performance, efficiency, user-friendliness, versatility, and reliability. We overhaul all used trucks according to the same strict standards that apply for all Linde forklift trucks. This ensures high performance in any environment—whether as an individual solution or as part of a larger fleet.