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Experience the future of intralogistics at first hand

9 May 2016

Linde Material Handling uses 3D hologram to showcase the future of logistics at WoMH

Goods which transport themselves. Trucks which generate more energy while in operation than they consume. Cluster logistics using a completely networked warehouse. Science fiction? Maybe so – but with the emphasis on ‘science’. Linde Material Handling is taking a glimpse into the future, making predictions based on its current competencies, products and projects already in the pipeline: just how might the world of intralogistics look in 2030? Which trends are already emerging today and which predictions will come true in the future? The answers to all of these questions will be given as part of a 3D hologram presentation at the upcoming ‘World of Material Handling’ (WoMH) event.

“Our world has a new type of architecture: data architecture,” explains Massimiliano Sammartano, Vice President Sales & Service, Marketing & Operations. In the near future, we will be faced with what would today be considered gigantic volumes of data. This data will not just have an impact on our everyday lives; it will also determine the way goods are transported. ‘Networking’ – a key trend for some time now – is one of the main topics being covered at WoMH. This topic will continue to grow in importance over the next few years.

Future trends: networking, automation, individualisation and energy systems

What would the implications be for intralogistics if every single process became part of an intelligent network? The answer to this question also reveals which products and services will be in high demand in the warehouses of the future. Linde is already preparing itself for that future, and will showcase specific ideas and forward-looking projects at its customer-focused event. “Goods will be able to communicate with the equipment that is being used to transport them. In doing so, this will help manage and control the entire flow of goods,” affirms Sammartano. Trucks will also increasingly be operated autonomously, with even maintenance and servicing being taken into account during calculations, meaning that downtime will be a thing of the past. At the same time, trucks will adapt to the driver and to the specific demands of the task it is being used for in a variety of customisable ways. Linde has already responded to the future trends ‘automation’ and ‘customisation’ by carrying out research on future models and ideas which will be used in the next decade: even in today’s world, Linde is already able to automate several trucks in a multitude of different ways.

Energy will also be a key focal point of tomorrow. “The consumer will become the generator,” predicts Sammartano, “there are countless possibilities to generate energy during processes. In some cases, it is already being produced as a natural side effect.” The key to this, however, will be the matter of which energy sources this will apply to. Linde is already busy developing its own solutions for this by focussing on drive technology such as lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells.

‘World of Material Handling’: take a virtual journey to the future

Visitors to the WoMH exhibition will be able to see, hear and experience all of these visions during a presentation at the close of the event. “The spatial perception effects created by the 3D hologram give the presentation a very impressive and life-like feel,” explains Sammartano, “You are completely immersed in the world of tomorrow and are right at the centre of it all.” The presentation also provides the perfect opportunity to open up a discussion with customers about how they see the future in terms of their particular requirements and the specific demands they will have. A concerted effort has been made, not just to deal with the future of forklift trucks, but rather the future of the entire field of intralogistics. “We’re not just planning on making changes to the details; we’re planning for a whole new era,” says Sammartano.

The future of intralogistics: WoMH demonstrates a wealth of ideas and solutions

Under the title ‘Linked Perspectives’, the World of Material Handling event will provide answers to the biggest questions which intralogistics will face in the future: automation, networking, individualisation and energy systems. Spanning over a space measuring 12,000 square metres, the event will feature exhibition areas, expert forums, product demonstrations and experience zones. The exhibits can be demonstrated as part of guided group tours or visitors can discover them on their own. “Following on from the comprehensive exhibition two years ago, we are concentrating this year on the four most significant areas of expertise which will be of vital importance for our customers in the very near future,” explains Manfred Höhn, Head of Marketing Communication and Branding.

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