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Tailor-made solutions for individual processes

9 May 2016

Linde Material Handling presents new variants, options and customer solutions

For years now, modern industrial companies have seen increasing differentiation and diversification: the demand for a wider range of variants, options and individually manufactured products is rising. This has led to changes in what is required of production processes, and has brought about the advent of 3D printing. At the same time, the rise of e-commerce has resulted in smaller lot sizes and, in some cases, fundamental changes to the requirements for order picking and the movement of goods.

For a long time now, the variety of its solutions and product variants has been a trademark of Linde Material Handling, and this is evident in the new developments the company is presenting at the customer event "World of Material Handling" (WoMH).

Every production process is different. Depending on raw materials, purchased parts or specialisation, even companies within the same industry have completely different requirements when it comes to their logistical processes. "With specifically designed or individually developed industrial trucks, our customers increase the productivity of their processes, improving safety and reducing costs," says Massimiliano Sammartano, Vice President of Sales & Service Marketing & Operations.

Series production versatility: ex factory, precisely tailored to meet requirements

In terms of mass production, Linde offers the widest range of products and services in the industry. Customers can choose from 85 product lines and well over 6,000 equipment variants worldwide. No two trucks are the same, and the number of possible variants is still growing.

One example is the Linde Roadster, an electric counterbalanced forklift truck with special clear view, which will be launched at WoMH. The A-column has been removed to give an unobstructed view of the driving path and surroundings. The forces acting on the mast are absorbed by the overhead tilting cylinders and directed backwards. The panoramic armoured glass roof also gives reliable protection against falling loads and a clear view of the load to be stored. The Roadster successfully completed tests at Fraport Cargo Services GmbH. Resulting advantage: thanks to the clear view concept, it was possible to dispense with a signaller, which is often required for safety reasons.

The new electric pallet truck with a standing driver is also very versatile. Whether as Linde T14 S to T25 S with the driver positioned to the side of the forks, steering wheel and new, innovative operating concept, as Linde T20 SF and T25 SF with the driver positioned facing the forks, or as the doubler decker version Linde D12 S/SF – Linde offers the right solution for every application. Measuring just 770 millimetres, the compact chassis is ideal for the efficient loading and unloading of freight trucks as well as fast transportation over long distances, even in cramped surroundings. The fully de-coupled workstation also enhances driver comfort and keeps vibrations and human vibrations to a minimum.

The Linde P60-P80/W08 tractor and cargo transporter series is yet another example of highly customisable trucks: it features strong, compact tow tractors with driver's seat and a traction force of six to eight tonnes. A number of equipment options are available as standard, making the series suitable for production halls as well as outdoor areas in industrial companies and airports. Thanks to their high towing power, they can easily cope with gradients and loading ramps, and thanks to their high level of ground clearance they can also drive over rails, beams or potholes. The equipment is also being used more and more frequently as a towing truck for tugger trains and logistics trains. Also on show at the WoMH: the platform truck W08 in use as a cargo transporter, which stands out thanks to its particularly high modularity and which offers ideal solutions for individual structures.

Customer options: special equipment for specific requirements

But model variants and equipment options are not the only possibilities when it comes to individualisation. Linde also offers an almost unlimited portfolio of customer-specific solutions: tailor-made forklift trucks which are precisely adapted to suit different operational requirements.

One example on show at WoMH is the new pallet stacker Linde L16 AC with central driver platform and an order picking arm which pivots almost 360°. It lifts up to 80 kilograms, mitigating the risk of musculoskeletal disorders for warehouse operatives. And here's the special part: the load capacity and order picking arm can be individually adapted to suit customer requirements.

Another special customer-specific product is the reel handler truck, a special device based on the Linde R20 reach truck, which is designed to transport large loads on rollers. The chassis, for example, is designed in such a way that the truck can pick up and safely move rolls of paper using a reel handler.

Retrofit solutions: additional flexibility, safety and efficiency

With the right retrofit solutions, existing trucks can also be adapted to take account of current developments – to meet rising safety standards, for example, or to link trucks retrospectively to the company's IT infrastructure. Examples of such retrofit solutions are the Orange Belt, which has a fastening indicator to detect whether the driver has fastened his or her lap belt correctly, the BlueSpot, an optical driving path warning system, and the Speed Assist, which adjusts the top speed of a truck according to the area of application.

Height-adjustable terminal holders with their own power supply as well as vibration-proof mobile phone holders offer greater comfort during networked working.

"Retrofit solutions are becoming increasingly important," says Nora Baur, Head of Service Sales. "They offer considerable advantages for the efficiency of the whole production process, particularly in light of increased networking and automation in factories and warehouses."

The future of intralogistics: WoMH demonstrates a wealth of ideas and solutions

Under the title ‘Linked Perspectives’, the WoMH event will provide answers to the biggest questions intralogistics will face in the future: not just individualisation, but also networking, automation and energy systems. "Internal logistics will increasingly be networked, digitalised and automated," states Sammartano. Spanning over a space measuring 12,000 square metres, the event will feature exhibition areas, 3D-media shows, expert forums, product demonstrations and experience zones. The exhibits can be demonstrated as part of guided group tours or visitors can discover them on their own. “Following on from the comprehensive exhibition two years ago, we are concentrating this year on the four most significant areas of expertise which will be of vital importance for our customers in the very near future,” explains Manfred Höhn, Head of Marketing Communication and Branding.

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