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Experiencing the world of intralogistics up close

7 Mar 2016

Linde Material Handling’s customer event creates a link between the present and the future

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On 9 May 2016, Linde Material Handling will be hosting for the time its “World of Material Handling (WoMH)”, a customer event that is unique throughout the industry. Under the motto “Linked Perspectives”, this year the focus will be on major future issues such as networking, automation, customisation and energy systems. Over a period of two and a half weeks there will be fixed dates for visits by various groups of guests from Germany and abroad. The themed performance showcase will be held in the “Fredenhagen” industrial hall in Offenbach, just outside Frankfurt and close to the international airport.

Linde will be offering visitors various experience and information areas in 12,000 square meters of space, utilising a variety of presentation forms, according to the respective topic. Exhibition areas, 3D media shows, expert forums, product demonstrations and discovery zones will ensure a varied program. The exhibits are described during guided tours and can also be individually explored. With this year’s focus on “Linked Perspectives”, Linde addresses the major trends in intralogistics irrespective of innovation cycles and directs the visitors’ attention to an ever more digitised and networked world. “Nowhere else but at the WoMH are exclusively invited guests offered the chance to obtain such comprehensive information about the capabilities of Linde. They will take home with them ideas for improving their own internal material flow,” that’s the firm conviction of Manfred Höhn, Head of Marketing Communication and Branding, who is one of those in charge of the WoMH at Linde.

“Linked Perspectives” is the motto of the “World of Material Handling” 2016

With exhibition areas, 3D media shows, expert forums, product demonstrations and discovery zones Linde Material Handling is going to provide a varied program at the “World of Material Handling” customer event and will address the major trends of increasingly digitised and networked intralogistics, independent of innovation cycles, under the motto “Linked Perspectives”.

On display are the latest products and technologies, services and software solutions, as well as an extensive range of innovations and new products that will be launched on the market soon – such as the electric counterbalanced truck “Linde Roadster”, for example. By eliminating the A pillar, the vehicle gives the driver a panoramic view of the roadway environment. Numerous partner companies make sure with their own exhibitions and presentations that adjacent product areas and technology fields are integrated too and provide visitors with added value.

Moreover, Linde ventures a look towards both the near and distant future of industrial truck-based goods handling at the WoMH, creating references to the development towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. With a 3D virtual experience study, Linde provides a vision of what an industrial truck might look like tomorrow and what particular features it could have by then.

“Following our comprehensive performance showcase two years ago, this year we are focusing on a total of four key areas of expertise that will be crucial for our customers in the next few years,” Höhn substantiates the orientation of the customer event. “Businesses are facing major challenges. We want to show them that we can accompany them on their way and offer the right solutions.”

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