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New ideas through competition

9 Jan 2018

Linde Material Handling supports FEM initiative „The Smart Logistics Challenge“

Linde Material Handling is supporting the recently launched "The Smart Logistics Challenge - How to Deliver, Tomorrow" initiative of the European Federation of Materials Handling and Storage Equipment (FEM). It calls on students of economics and engineering all over Europe to present ideas for future challenges in the industry.

Many people are unaware of the enormous efforts made by hundreds of thousands of logistics workers in companies to bring goods and commodities to their destinations quickly and safely. The fact that intralogistics works in secret in many places stands in contrast to the fact that it already plays an important role in dealing with economic challenges such as e-commerce and industry 4.0. As a basis for further growth, the industry will therefore need one thing above all else in the future: the best minds.

“Our aim is for young people to get to grips with the exciting topics of materials handling technology and to think about how the handling of goods can work in the future," explains Christophe Lautray, President of FEM and member of the board (CSO) of the materials handling specialist Linde Material Handling. "With the competition we are addressing a wider circle of students and want to inspire them for our industry."

„The Smart Logistics Challenge“

Christophe Lautray, President of the European Federation of Materials Handling and Storage Equipment (FEM) and member of the board (CSO) at Linde Material Handling.

The Smart Logistics Challenge competition is open to all students of European universities. Contributions will be accepted until 30 March. 30 finalists will go into the next round, where they will be supported by industry experts to move their concepts to completion. From this, six winners will be selected and awarded prizes. Interested parties can register on the website and join the conversation on social media by using #DeliverTomorrow.

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