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Safe operations in tight working environments

15 Mar 2022

Expanded warehouse technology portfolio for ATEX zones from Linde Material Handling

Material transport in tight spaces is an everyday challenge for many companies – even more so when having to take explosion protection conditions into account. Linde Material Handling (MH) offers suitable transport solutions for all ATEX applications and is now presenting compact high-performance vehicles featuring a high level of operating comfort for use in confined environments. Representing an alternative to forklifts, these Linde T20-30 EX pallet trucks, available with or without platform, and Linde L06-L16 AC EX counter¬balanced pallet stackers can even be integrated into the Linde connect fleet management system with access control and damage monitoring.

Industrial truck drivers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the biotech and cosmetics industries, the food and beverage industry, and the logistics sector are familiar with the problem: In many production and storage environments with limited expansion options, space is often tight. “Every centimeter counts when it comes to transporting goods and storage and retrieval operations. Drivers need particularly agile, easy-to-maneuver and user-friendly vehicles in these conditions. After all, hazardous materials must be handled safely and reliably at all times,” emphasizes Elke Karnarski, Product Manager Ex-Proof Trucks & Retrofit Solutions. This is where the new narrow, explosion-proof vehicles from Linde MH come into play.

Linde T20-30 EX

In many production and warehouse areas with limited expansion options, space is often tight. This is where the new narrow, explosion-proof trucks from Linde Material Handling come into play.

Extremely agile, easily maneuverable and safe

Offering load capacities of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 tons, Linde T20-30 EX pallet trucks impress with their compactness and a chassis that is only 720 millimeters wide. Its dimensions remain within the pallet contour – resulting in good maneuverability, which is significantly supported by the servo-assisted steering. The vehicles are designed for retrieval and storage operations as well as short- and medium-haul material transport in ATEX zones 1/21 and 2/22. Corresponding explosion protection measures include ignition protection against electrical and mechanical sparks, continuous temperature monitoring of all relevant components, and precautions to prevent electrostatic charging.

Compact, yet ergonomic

In the Linde T20-25 AP EX version with foldable platform, the pallet trucks function as an ergonomic workplace for transporting goods over medium and long distances. Platform and guard are softly padded. The platform is reliably locked in both positions, allowing the driver to stand firmly and safely on the dissipative foot mat. The foldable guard keeps him or her within the chassis contours – the best prerequisite for higher productivity. The platform and tiller are decoupled from the chassis, which reduces vibrations felt by the driver. At the same time, the driver has a good view of the load and surroundings at all times, even in tight, demanding working environments. Above all, the electric steering with the low-mounted tiller ensures operating comfort and safe handling of the vehicle. The multifunction display provides clear information about important vehicle parameters – such as the next maintenance date or the battery charge level. Linde’s EX Monitoring app monitors all safety-relevant factors, such as temperature, resistance, voltage and wear, and the operator receives specific recommendations as to what actions to take to ensure safe, reliable operation of the explosion-proof vehicle.

Linde T20-30 EX

The Linde T20-30 EX pallet truck series features a chassis that is only 720 millimeters wide and its dimensions remain within the pallet contour. This ensures good maneuverability even in tight spaces.

The Linde L06-L16 AC EX counterbalanced pallet stacker, available in four versions with load capacities of 0.6, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.6 tons, also has a narrow and compact design of 890 millimeters. With its cantilever fork carriage for ATEX zone 2/22, the vehicle is ideally suited to transporting special loads, IBCs or closed pallets in tight spaces. Shorter than an electric forklift, the vehicle is an optimal alternative for potentially explosive areas where space is tight.

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