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Award-winning products: Linde electric forklift and tugger train guidance system

17 Mar 2022

Another impressive readers’ poll result for Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling (MH) was able to impress twice in this year's readers' poll "materialfluss PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2022". As a top three finalist, the intralogistics specialist from Aschaffenburg was awarded in no less than two categories: The Linde X20-X35 electric forklift in the "Forklifts and Industrial Trucks" category and the cloud-based tugger train guidance system Linde Logistic Train Controller in the "Logistics Software" category.

The intralogistics trade magazine “materialfluss” selected the products of the year for the third time in succession. Since 2020, the publishing house WEKA Business Medien GmbH has been honoring the most outstanding products and projects in the field of intralogistics and logistics. Nominations are made for innovations that stand out with special technical features, that enjoy great market success or have an extraordinary influence on the entire industrial sector. This year’s poll saw a total of 42 products and projects nominated in seven different categories, with the best three in each category receiving awards. The awards were presented at a virtual prize-giving ceremony on March 16, 2022. From mid-December to mid-February, readers cast around 15,000 votes.

Award in the category "Forklifts and Industrial Trucks"

In the "Forklifts and Industrial Trucks" category, the Linde X20-X35 electric forklift received the "materialfluss Product of the Year 2022" award.

In the "Forklifts and Industrial Trucks" category, the Linde X20-X35 series of electric forklifts is entitled to claim the title of "Product of the Year". The innovative counterbalanced trucks combine the positive characteristics of IC engine-powered trucks with the advantages of classic electric trucks, thus offering a genuine alternative – even for extreme operating conditions where conventional electric trucks reach their performance limits. The use of modern electric motors eliminates the noise and exhaust fumes common to IC vehicles, making the X models an environmentally friendly and pleasantly quiet alternative in operation. “We would like to thank the readers who voted for the Linde X20-X35 as Product of the year 2022,” said Stefan Prokosch, Senior Vice President Brand Management Linde Material Handling. “With the digitalization and networking of vehicles, we are opening up new opportunities for our customers and offering them future investment security.”

Linde X20–X35

In the “Forklifts and Industrial Trucks” category of the readers’ poll "Product of the Year 2022" the Linde X20-X35 electric forklift is one of the winners.

Award in the category "Logistics Software"

In the category "Logistics Software", the cloud-based tugger train guidance system “Linde Logistic Train Controller” (LLTC) proved to be one of the top products.

In the category "Logistics Software", cloud-based tugger train guidance system Linde Logistic Train Controller (LLTC) proved to be one of the top products. The LLTC determines the optimal route for drivers, reduces error rates and employee training requirements and responds to order changes with adjustments in real time. In this way, complex tasks become manageable and can be reliably coordinated. “The award shows that users from the logistics sector appreciate and recognize our solutions for process optimization,” says Linde Brand Manager Prokosch, clearly pleased.

Linde Logistic Train Controller

The cloud-based tugger train control system “Linde Logistic Train Controller” (LLTC) was also awarded the title "Product of the Year 2022" by materialfluss magazine.

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