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Powerful addition to the industrial truck family

21 Apr 2022

Linde Material Handling announces its latest generation of IC trucks in the 3.5 to 5 ton capacity range

The forward-looking 12XX generation of IC engine-powered forklifts from Linde Material Handling (MH) can now move even heavier loads from 3.5 to 5 tons quickly and efficiently. Offering improved comfort, enhanced visibility, protection systems for both driver and environment, as well as two-way data exchange and a powerful drive system, the diesel and LPG powered trucks ensure greater pallet handling capacity.

“To date, it is not yet possible to imagine certain areas of application without IC engine-powered forklifts,” states Björn Walter, Senior Product Manager Counterbalanced Trucks. “This is because fleet managers are convinced by the advantages they offer, such as uncomplicated refueling or the powerful Linde hydrostatic drive system, which allows sensitive control of the drive performance,” says the expert. The interplay of industrial engine, continuously variable transmission and sophisticated operating concept gives the vehicles the goods handling power that operators appreciate. Forklift drivers use the powerful machines for example, to transport dozens of beverage crates in a single lift, grip containers loaded with paving stones weighing several tons, move highly sensitive castings, lift wire coils onto pallets or stack blocks of pressed waste paper. The most demanding outdoor applications on dusty tracks, muddy surfaces or uneven road surfaces provide an ideal field of activity for the robust Linde forklifts. This is ensured by ground clearances of 207 millimeters (Linde H35 and H40) and 250 millimeters (Linde H45 and H50), a long wheelbase, impact protection and wheels and tires in a wide variety of designs.

Linde H35 – H50

The interaction of industrial engine, continuously variable transmission and sophisticated operating concept gives the new Linde H35 to H50 diesel and LPG forklift trucks the power in goods handling that operators appreciate so much.

In contrast to the previous series, all new truck models have a load center of 600 millimeters as standard. This ensures high residual capacities when using forklift attachments. For the Linde H50 with a load capacity of five tons, there is also a variant featuring a load center of 500 millimeters. At the same time, the series has been expanded to include a model with 3.5-ton load capacity. “We are thus meeting our customers’ desire for greater variance in order to find the most suitable truck for the respective application,” emphasizes the product manager.

The driver’s workplace has been further improved. It is designed to provide maximum support for employees. The wide entry step and soft grip handles ensure comfortable mounting. Inside, the vehicle features the latest generation of seats and armrests (Linde Load Control), which has already been installed in the other forklift models of the 12XX family. Together with the ergonomic steering wheel and double pedals, it forms a coordinated operating unit and, like the decoupled mast and axles, is designed to keep the operator alert and focused throughout a long working day. The asymmetric mast profiles of the 12XX generation have been redesigned with regard to visibility, and the optionally available cab with large glass doors also offers the driver a significantly improved field of vision.

Linde H35 – H50

The new Linde H35 to H50 forklift models feature a load center of 600 millimeters as standard. This ensures high residual capacities when using forklift attachments.

At the same time, Linde MH has carried over the extensive safety equipment into the larger model series. “Protecting employees on the company premises has become a top priority in most operations. Many features are therefore installed as standard,” emphasizes product expert Björn Walter, listing examples such as the electronic seatbelt monitoring system, the Linde Load Assist and the Linde Curve Assist, a system that automatically reduces the driving speed during cornering. Optional lighting solutions include the Linde TruckSpot, VertiLights or LED Stripes.

Even though in this capacity class there will be an equivalent performance alternative available in the future in the form of the X series electric trucks, which even provide for climate-neutral operation if “green electricity” is used, the latest IC trucks can at least boost their energy balance through increased handling performance. This is the result of the work cycles carried out as part of the company’s own TOP performance test, which has been approved by TÜV Nord. Björn Walter: “Here, we see improvements with regard to pallet throughput per hour, which should add up to a noticeable reduction in fuel costs over days, months and years.”

Linde H35 – H50

Linde Material Handling’s forward-looking 12XX generation of IC forklift trucks with a load range of 3.5 to 5 tons ensure high pallet turnover.

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