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24 May 2022

Linde Material Handling launches electric heavy-duty forklift trucks with load capacities of between 10 and 18 tons

Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) now offers a new range of electrically powered heavy-duty forklift trucks with load capacities from 10 to 18 tons. Twelve models in total impress with excellent all-round visibility and provide maximum flexibility with a choice of either lead-acid or lithium-ion battery systems.

Offering load capacities of 10, 12, 14, 15, 16 or 18 tons and various load centers, the Linde E100 to E180 trucks are a particularly interesting option for companies operating in the wood, steel and stone industries and the beverage sector. One of the first customers also includes a major furniture company. “Zero emissions, quiet operation, high serviceability, flexibility in use, and precise and agile driving characteristics – these advantages clearly speak in favor of using the electric drive in the heavy-duty class as well,” says Christopher Reis, Product Manager Heavy Trucks. “With the electric heavy-duty forklift, our customers get a vehicle that is just as worthwhile for light duty as it is for 24/7 continuous use.” Operators have a choice between lead-acid and lithium-ion battery systems. “However, the special feature is that they can even swap the battery technology at any time without having to change the hardware. This is a truly unique selling point of these vehicles and offers a significant advantage not least in terms of subsequent use,” emphasizes Christopher Reis.

Linde E100 – E180

True workhorses: Linde Material Handling’s new heavy-duty forklifts with load capacities between 10 and 18 tons offer powerful and at the same time quiet and emission-free operation.

Considerable experience of Linde MH lends itself to design development

A special drive concept with four motors – two for the left and two for the right wheel - provides the necessary power for transporting the remarkably heavy loads. This enables the most powerful model, the Linde E180/900 with 18 tons load capacity and a load center of 900 millimeters, to reach a driving speed of 20 km/h within just ten seconds even when fully loaded.

The electrification of the largest truck series means that Linde MH’s entire portfolio of counterbalanced trucks in the load range from 1.4 to 18 tons is now available with the most common types of energy technology. Thus, the intralogistics specialist is able to offer its customers the option of selecting the appropriate drive for the specific application at hand, even in the largest payload class.

Linde E100 – E180

With the Linde E100 to E180 electric heavy-duty forklift models, operators get a vehicle that is just as worthwhile for light duty as it is for 24/7 continuous operation.

The development of the large Linde electric forklifts has been aided by more than fifty years of experience with this drive concept. “The use of proven technology ensures high reliability in operation – which is a particularly important feature for our customers,” emphasizes product manager Reis. For instance, the design of the new, compact heavy-duty truck series is based on the eight-ton range, featuring a double drive, double lifting hydraulics, two batteries and scaled pumps. The decoupled, rubber-mounted cabin design is borrowed from the smaller forklifts as well, but has been significantly improved once again in terms of all-round visibility: An armored glass roof and large glass panes in the side doors as well as the front screen and rear windows, in combination with the specially shaped counterweight, provide the driver with the best possible visibility and thus safety during operation. The driver’s seat is optionally rotatable by 17 degrees and offers an armrest, providing relief when reversing. The orange seat belt with belt buckle monitoring function helps with implementing the safety belt obligation. To enable the battery system to be adapted to different application requirements, there are various battery and charger versions available.

Linde E100 – E180

The new electric heavy-duty trucks from Linde Material Handling offer excellent all-round visibility, maximum flexibility in terms of battery systems and the necessary power for the load capacity range from 10 to 18 tons.

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