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More power, comfort and sustainability now also for larger capacity electric forklifts

20 Apr 2023

New Linde electric forklift generation for loads ranging from 3.5 to 5.0 tons

For two years now, intralogistics specialist Linde Material Handling (MH) has been setting new standards when it comes to offering powerful, robust and potentially CO2-free electric forklifts that are on a par with IC industrial trucks. The manufacturer’s innovative Linde X and E models are the latest examples in this regard. These future-oriented trucks are now available in the load capacity range from 3.5 to 5 tons. Suitable for even the most demanding applications in the paper, timber, beverage and chemical industries, they can be precisely configured to meet a customer’s individual requirements and offer the highest standards in terms of ergonomics and safety, thus enabling further increases in productivity. Both models are available to order immediately.

“Electric trucks that combine the performance characteristics and power of hydrostats with the dynamics, flexibility and zero emissions of battery-powered vehicles – this is exclusive to Linde,” states Björn Walter, Senior Product Manager Counterbalance Trucks. “We can thus offer our customers a compelling combination of performance and sustainability,” he adds, highlighting what he sees as the most important advantage of this unique selling point.

Linde X35 – X50

Electric forklifts that are on a par with their IC counterparts: Now the future-oriented Linde X models are also available in the 3.5 to 5 ton load capacity range.

E and C – the best of two worlds

With the new Linde X35 – X50 models, even exceptionally heavy loads of 3.5 to 5 tons can now be moved with electric forklifts under the most challenging conditions. “The higher weight class is another significant milestone for our customers, because it means the vehicles are able to handle considerable gradients despite large loads on the forks and continually deliver lifting capacities at the payload limit. In addition, they are impervious to even extreme amounts of dust and dirt, because all units are encapsulated so as to be waterproof and dustproof,” says the senior product manager, outlining the advantages.

This high performance is achieved by means of a new generation of motors and a vehicle concept that has been adapted from the ground up. The new trucks feature high-performance synchronous reluctance motors; in the X models these are additionally equipped with permanent magnets. In conjunction with the efficient and robust thermal management system for the power modules installed on the drive axle, the efficiency and energy performance of the motors is improved by up to five percent. This system also ensures that the rated power will be available for even the most demanding tasks encountered in multi-shift operation. The lithium-ion systems developed by Linde MH pull their weight here as well with their high level of overall safety, shock resistance and effective sealing against dirt and moisture.

While the X models are suitable for use on uneven ground in outdoor areas, the classic E models are optimized with a special focus on indoor use. Compact and maneuverable, they are the perfect vehicles for tight spaces and ensure high handling capacities. At the same time, the twin-engine front-wheel drive offers excellent traction and high agility. In addition, the new models have a combi steering axle instead of the previous oscillating axle, allowing the drive wheels to be turned fully in a circular motion.

Linde X35 – X50

Electric forklifts that combine the performance characteristics and power of hydrostats with the dynamics, flexibility and zero emissions of battery-powered vehicles – that’s exclusive to Linde Material Handling.

Safety and ergonomics on board

The design of the driver’s workplace also incorporates many of the design principles of the IC variant. Both the X and E models offer the driver significantly more space and an improved view of the load and surroundings. Electronic assistance systems extend the natural field of vision, and inform, warn or, if necessary, intervene so as to protect people, vehicles, goods and the surrounding area. Another decisive improvement in ride comfort is provided by the extensive decoupling of the driver’s workplace from the drive unit and mast. To absorb shocks when driving over sleepers, guide rails or uneven ground, both models feature an elastomer ring bearing on the front axle. This noticeably reduces the strain on the driver. Last but not least, the large capacity models are now also optionally available with the Linde Steer Control (LSC). In this version, the steering column and steering wheel are eliminated; instead, a mini-wheel or joystick is integrated into the left armrest, which further reduces the strain on the driver when steering the truck.

Linde X35 – X50

Extreme conditions are where the new Linde X35 – X50 electric forklifts feel at home. Encapsulated power units mean the high-performance vehicles are highly resistant to the ingress of water, dirt and dust.

Digitization ensures future viability and improved service

The forklifts of the 12XX platform are the first vehicles from Linde MH that are available fully networked ex works. They are fitted with an integrated data transmission unit as standard which allows relevant vehicle data to be transmitted to the customer’s in-house IT or a secure central cloud server via WLAN or the mobile network. There, they can be processed in downstream applications such as the “Linde connect” fleet management system or the “Linde Truck Health Management” service system. The data forms the basis for improved vehicle deployment, predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics, for example, and contributes to higher vehicle availability and productivity. In addition, software updates can be installed “over the air” and new connect functions and vehicle functions can be activated, ensuring that the vehicles remain technically up to date over their entire life cycle.

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