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Reverse Assist Camera from Linde Material Handling

Keep Pedestrians in Sight
Reverse Assist Camera display

Whenever forklift trucks and people encounter one another in tight spaces, this can easily result in accidents. This mainly happens if operators do not see the people in the immediate vicinity of the forklift truck or notice them too late. Pedestrians often rely on the fact that they will be seen in good time. This is a serious error that can have fatal consequences. According to statistics, collisions between people and forklift trucks are still one of the most frequent types of accidents in warehouse operations. Reversing forklift trucks pose the greatest risk here. The Reverse Assist Camera from Linde Material Handling offers an intelligent solution for avoiding accidents involving injuries to people as effectively as possible. The system is built into the new generation of Linde counterbalanced forklift trucks as standard and is available as a retrofit solution for all other Linde forklift trucks.

An Intelligent Solution: Accident Prevention Using Person Detection

The Reverse Assist Camera from Linde is an AI-based camera system for automatic person detection. The camera’s artificial intelligence detects pedestrians in the vicinity of the truck and has been optimized for people in work clothes and protective clothing. The system differentiates people from other obstacles in real time and warns the operator of an imminent collision with several levels of warnings.

The warning function can also be combined with speed reduction in order to automatically slow down the truck when in proximity to people and prevent collisions. The detection zones and warning mechanisms can be individually adapted to the truck in question and the requirements on site.

The Reverse Assist Camera from Linde in use at CEMEX

Compact Warning System: Everything in One Camera

The AI software used by the Reverse Assist Camera is fully integrated into the camera, meaning that there is no need for any additional hardware components (such as portable transmitters for people). There is no need for an additional control unit either. To ensure seamless protection from the very first few meters traveled, the system is automatically activated when the operator switches on the ignition. Unnecessary and frequently disruptive warnings are kept to a minimum because the system only detects people.

Simple and Safe: Fully Integrated or Easily to Retrofit

The Reverse Assist Camera is fully integrated into the truck architecture in the new generation of counterbalanced forklift trucks from Linde ex works, which means that all warnings are shown directly on the truck’s display.

The camera is also available as a retrofit solution for all current forklift series from Linde. The camera can be installed effortlessly in any truck via plug-and-plug and then configured for the specific use case.

Safety in Every Environment: The Warning Zone Moves with You

The monitoring zone of the Reverse Assist Camera can be individually adapted. Depending on requirements, distance-based warning levels and automatic speed reduction settings can be defined. If a person appears in the camera’s warning area, the system slows down the truck speed. The starting point of the defined warning zone is always the camera itself. This means that if the truck moves, the zone moves too.

The system is also available to monitor the front of the forklift truck under the name Front Assist Camera. As an integrated solution in the new generation of counterbalanced forklift trucks from Linde, the camera offers two different types of speed reduction and warns the operator when driving forwards and reversing.

The Ideal Product for Every Task: Warnings in Several Variants

The camera can be operated with or without a monitor. Depending on the design, the system warns the operator with several levels of visual or acoustic warning signals. In both cases, the warning system can be supplemented with an optional function for speed reduction.

  • With monitor: In the variant with a monitor, detailed video images of the area that is being monitored are transmitted to a high-resolution touchscreen. Corresponding warning messages are displayed and the operator also receives acoustic warnings.
  • Without monitor: For the variant without a monitor, the camera is equipped with an integrated loudspeaker in order to warn the operator about collisions through acoustic signals.

Linde X25 and two pedestrians at the CEMEX plant

Benefits at a Glance

AI-Based Person Detection

Standard option in new Linde counterbalanced forklift trucks

Easy retrofit solution for all Linde forklift trucks

Configurable monitoring zone

Several levels of visual and acoustic warnings

Option of warning areas in front of and behind the truck

Optional touch monitor with HD resolution 

Optional speed reduction

Ready for Operation at All Times: Sealed against Dust and Water

The Reverse Assist Camera has been designed so that even the toughest operating conditions cannot affect it. Neither dust nor dirt can penetrate the camera housing, which means that the system remains ready for operation at all times in both very dry and very damp environments. The camera is also impervious to high-pressure and steam-jet cleaning.