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The connect:charger from Linde Material Handling

Your Intelligent Charge Management
Intelligent charge management with connect:charger from Linde Material Handling

Efficient charge management is now more important than ever. In modern warehouses, the majority of goods are transported by electrically powered industrial trucks. Balanced capacity utilization and permanent operational readiness of all forklift trucks are vital criteria when it comes to ensuring a seamless material flow. The charging process is the main factor that ultimately determines the availability of electric forklifts and warehouse trucks.

However, charging several industrial trucks at the same time can cause unintentional peaks in consumption, leading to high electricity costs. The Linde connect:charger offers a charge management solution that is capable of networking multiple chargers via one central control unit and coordinating the charging process. This provides a transparent overview of your trucks’ energy consumption, while effectively helping to save costs.

Avoid peaks in consumption through charge management

The majority of trucks in an electric forklift fleet are usually connected to the charger at the same time, such as at the end of a shift or during breaks. This results in unforeseen peaks in energy consumption known as charging peaks, which, in the worst cases, can lead to high electricity costs. For companies with a high electricity demand, many energy suppliers continually measure their consumption via an electricity meter. Even a one-off case where the agreed limits are exceeded during a peak in consumption can lead to a permanent cost increase with electricity providers. Charge management is the key when it comes to reliably avoiding soaring costs.

The easy way to ensure efficient charge management

connect:charger is an innovative solution comprising hardware and software. It provides you with a complete overview of your trucks’ energy consumption at all times and controls the charge management of your fleet, thereby avoiding unnecessary peaks in consumption. This is how it works:

  • Capture charging data: The trucks' chargers are equipped with the hardware unit of the connect:charger. When a truck is connected to the charging station, this device records the charge status of the connected charger and sends the data to the software via the local network.
  • Analyze energy consumption: The transmitted data is processed by the software and clearly displayed to the user on a dashboard. This allows the operator to see when and how much power was used during the course of the day and when each charger was active at a glance.
  • Prevent peaks in consumption: The Load Balancing function makes avoiding energy peaks easy. The software allows users to determine how much power is used, and for how long. Chargers are now managed in such a way as to ensure that certain charging capacities are not exceeded at specific times. This means that connected batteries are automatically charged to the correct level.

Optimum fleet utilization with connect:charger from Linde Material Handling

Targeted Charging for Maximum Availability

Truck availability is a crucial factor when it comes to optimum fleet utilization. The availability of individual forklift trucks is essentially influenced by the duration of the charging process. Thanks to connect:charger, it is possible to pinpoint and prioritize the charging speeds of certain trucks. This guarantees that the right trucks are always available to carry out their required tasks.

Building blocks for cost-effective charge management

connect:charger from Linde Material Handling


The hardware component of the connect:charger is installed in the charging area and collects data on energy consumption and charging behavior of the connected chargers. This information is transferred to the software and displayed in a dashboard. Two options are available for connecting the hardware: Either wireless connection or via a wired connection. The wireless option allows up to twelve chargers to be connected to the central control unit. Up to 50 chargers are possible via cable connection.

Efficient charge management with connect:charger from Linde Material Handling

Management software

As well as displaying charge data, the software also controls the charger. The Load Balancing function enables the forklift fleets’ charge status and energy use to be transparently displayed and managed in a targeted way. This allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and structure your charge management to function with maximum efficiency. The charge limit can be easily adjusted at any time in just a few clicks, with no need for any help from a service expert.

All the benefits of the connect:charger at a glance

Transparent recording of energy consumption and charge status

Reduced energy costs through controlled charging and avoiding peaks in consumption

Easily adjustable limits for electricity duration and demand

Maximum availability of all electric forklifts thanks to optimum charge management