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The New Generation of Linde Forklift Trucks under Testing

“In a word—spectacular!”
The New H25 Diesel and X25 Electric Forklift Trucks from Linde Material Handling

Specialist journalist and renowned forklift expert Theo Egberts has thoroughly tested the H25 diesel and X25 electric forklift trucks from Linde Material Handling. Result: Both models achieve historic performance records, setting new standards in their payload classes.


All images have been generously provided byAndersom Testing,Theo Egberts and Mark Dohmen.

“To summarize, both are the best in their class,” says Theo Egberts, independent journalist by trade and a forklift tester with industry-wide recognition. The sources of Egberts’ enthusiasm are the H25 and X25 forklift trucks. Both belong to a new generation of counterbalanced forklift trucks that Linde Material Handling has launched on the market over the course of the last three years.

Video covering the performance tests by Theo Egberts on the Linde Material Handling H25 and X25 forklifts
With these forklifts, the H25 diesel and the X25 electric, Linde is setting new standards in both classes. Never has a forklift been more productive.

Alongside the X20–X35 electric forklifts and the H20–H35 diesel and gas forklifts, the new range also includes the E20–E35 electric models for indoor use. They are all based on a common technical platform, which means that the trucks all offer the same outstanding quality in terms of sight lines, ergonomics, safety, and connectivity. The electric E models and the H model combustion versions replace the previous Linde ranges in the 2–3.5 tonne payload range.

The X models, on the other hand, represent a completely new type of electric forklift. The performance and robustness of the X models position them in the market as true electrically powered alternatives to the traditional combustion models. At the Linde test center in Erlensee, Egberts had the opportunity to put the H25 and X25 models to the test in every respect. He sets out his professional verdict on the well-respected web

H25 Diesel Forklift Truck: In Pursuit of the Record

First off, Egberts puts the Linde H25 diesel model through its paces. Like its many predecessors, this latest combustion model from Aschaffenburg is fitted with the tried-and-trusted hydrostatic direct drive, as Egberts notes with satisfaction in his test report: “The beating heart of this forklift continues to be the Linde hydrostat, which combines flexibility with outstanding maneuverability.”

With the hydrostat’s increased pump output, he continues, the diesel engine can run at a lower speed, reducing engine noise and at the same time optimizing fuel consumption. At 8.79 liters per 100 pallets, the H25’s consumption is significantly lower than the average for this payload class of 11.25 liters per 100 pallets. Where economy and efficiency are concerned, this puts the H25 in the top 2 in the sector.

In the most important test category, the H25 ultimately reveals its true strength and makes short work of setting a new performance record. “In terms of productivity, the Linde H25 achieves the highest rating in the entire 33-year history of our tests,” summarizes Egberts. “At 384 pallets in eight hours, Linde has improved on its own top score by 7.5%, setting a new record for 2.5-tonne diesel forklift trucks.”

To Egberts’ delight, Linde has also completely redesigned the chassis and driver’s cab on the truck. “The new cab is much more pleasant to work in. You get a far better view of the load and the work environment. The windows are bigger and there’s more space. This in turn leaves you feeling more comfortable than in the previous model.”

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X25 Electric Forklift Truck: Spectacular Performance

Next in line was the X25. And the performance of this one stunned even experienced forklift tester Egberts. “Our main focus was on the handling and performance of the Linde X25. And they are—in a word—spectacular! No forklift truck in the history of our tests was as quick in the sprint as this high-performance powerhouse.”

With a maximum speed of 22 kilometers per hour and excellent control from the Linde dual pedal controls, the X25 offers productivity like never before, says Egberts. “In this model, Linde has built a truck that’s as quick and powerful as a diesel forklift truck.” Small wonder, then, that at 381 pallets in eight hours, the X25 immediately set a new record for electric forklifts. “That’s the highest figure that has ever been achieved by an electric forklift. And it’s just fractionally below the best score that we just set with the Linde H25.”

The driver’s cab on the new X25 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling
The new electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling in operation
The Li-ION battery from Linde Material Handling
The driver’s cab on the new X25 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling
The new electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling in operation
The Li-ION battery from Linde Material Handling

For its energy supply, the X25 is fitted with a Linde Li-ION battery. Forklift expert Egberts awards top marks for the drive system, too: “In both Performance and Efficiency mode, energy consumption is well below average in its class.”

At its highest performance setting, the truck achieves operating times of over eleven hours. In Economy mode it can achieve as much as 13 hours and still remain highly productive. Since the Li-ION batteries can be interim charged at any time, the X25 can be deployed even in 24/7 operation with no problems.

Linde H25 and X25: New Standards

Driver comfort and convenience are also significantly improved in both new models, says Egberts. “The trucks are highly ergonomic,” he declares. This means that a spacious interior, predictable handling, and low noise and vibration levels all contribute significantly to reducing driver stress. In particular, those drivers who are heavy users of the forklift would certainly appreciate these benefits by the end of the working day.

“With the H25 diesel and the X25 electric forklift trucks, Linde is setting new standards in both classes,” says Egberts, summing up his test findings on the new Linde models. “Never has a forklift been more productive.”