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Two factory workers with the Linde Secure Distance Vest meet at a safe distance
Keeping a healthy distance

With the Secure Distance Vest from Linde

The most important measure to avoid infection with Covid-19 is to keep a safe distance between two people. This distance is not always easy to maintain when working together in production or in the warehouse. The subjective and objective assessment is often different. This task is now taken over by the Secure Distance Vest from Linde Material Handling. The vest measures the distance between employees using ultra-wideband radio waves and warns employees if the space is below the minimum distance.

Two employees in production keep a safe distance thanks to the Distance Vest from Linde

Secure Distance Vest

The distance vest is a further development of the Interactive Warning Vest for the Safety Guard from Linde Material Handling in response to the challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic. It flashes, beeps and vibrates when its wearers come too close in the routine of their work and fall below the required safety distance. The ultra-wideband radio signals are more reliable and more accurate than Bluetooth or WLAN signals, especially in an industrial environment. The sensor and switching station are located directly in the vest. The automatic warning system allows workers to better assess the distances and work more freely.

Distance Beeper

The Distance Beeper is also based on the Linde Safety Guard and has been adapted to the new safety regulations for protection against Covid-19. The beeper is a portable unit that measures the distance to other beepers via the ultra-wideband signal. If two carriers of the beeper get too close to each other, an acoustic signal is emitted and the unit starts flashing and vibrating. The handy device can be easily attached to clothing or worn with an additional strap on the arm. Customers who already use Safety Guard can have their portable units converted to the new function via software update.

The Distance Beeper from Linde on the arm of an employee
Graphic showing the distance regulation of the Secure Distance Vest

Keeping distance made easy

The ultra-wideband radio signal of the Distance Vests works particularly reliably and accurately. If the prescribed minimum distance between two wearers is fallen short of even slightly, the sensors of the vest react. It lights up, an acoustic signal sounds and the sensor vibrates.

Contact Tracing

Even with optimal precautions, it can occasionally happen that the safety distance between employees falls below the required safe distance. In such cases, the Distance Vest and Distance Beeper, in combination with a cloud application, make it easy to track chains of infection. Contact tracing aims to identify persons who have had direct contact with a Covid-19 infected person. This provides employees and supervisors with reliable contact information, so that only individual employees and not entire teams need to be quarantined if necessary. Companies can therefore maintain their intralogistics at a high level and save costs.

graphic showing the contact tracing of corona infections

The Secure Distance Vest in operation

The Secure Distance Vest in use at Schwarzmüller Group

Schwarzmüller Group tested the Distance Vest

The Schwarzmüller Group based in Upper Austria is already using the new vest. The cooperation came about in the search for solutions to optimize the protection measures against Covid-19 infection for their employees. "We were immediately convinced by this approach", said CEO Roland Hartwig, "this is a new building block to provide the greatest possible safety for our employees in production". The test run was successful. Employees are automatically warned as soon as the minimum distance is breached and are now much better able to judge the necessary distance themselves. The Schwarzmüller Group will introduce the Secure Distance Vest at all three production sites as soon as possible.

You want to ensure safe distances at your location as well? Contact us for a non-binding offer.

Safety at all times

The Covid 19 pandemic will certainly continue to pose challenges to both society and companies for some time to come. But even independent of this crisis situation, the safety of the workforce in production and warehousing is always a top priority. In the long term, the Secure Distance Vest as well as the Distance Beeper can be used as part of a Safety Guard application to protect employees in internal traffic.