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Pedestrian Warning Band for Maximum Safety

Bodyguard 2.0
Warehouse worker wearing the Pedestrian Warning Band from Linde Material Handling

Pedestrian Warning Band is the latest addition to Linde Material Handling’s innovative Safety Guard system. It has been designed to alert wearers, in particular forklift drivers and pedestrians, to potential hazards ahead of time. The smart technology in the band warns wearers of potential dangers using light signals, vibrations, and acoustic warnings, thereby maximizing safety in both inside and outside areas.

The intralogistics sector maintains very high safety standards for workers when it comes to industrial trucks. Warehouses, production halls, and outside areas are often loud, hectic, and confusing. High shelves, narrow aisles, stacks of goods, and crossings with poor visibility mean pedestrians and forklift drivers do not have a clear view of their surroundings. The numbers speak for themselves: In Germany, there were 15,322 forklift accidents involving personal injury in 2021, 15 of which were fatal. The ability to see and be seen is therefore essential.

The Pedestrian Warning Band from Linde Material Handling improves safety in situations where visibility is poor. This smart piece of clothing alerts the wearer as soon as an industrial truck is nearby by emitting light signals, acoustic warnings, and vibrations. The safety benefit is twofold: Firstly the vest alerts the wearer to the potential danger, and secondly it increases the visibility of the individual themselves. This makes it a valuable addition to the Safety Guard system.

Linde Safety Guard: Always in the Safe Zone

Linde Safety Guard is an innovative assistance system which increases safety standards for both operators and pedestrians. It also prevents damage to goods and infrastructure by actively monitoring the truck’s surroundings and emitting warnings to prevent collisions. The unit installed in the industrial truck alerts the operator to potential dangers in the immediate vicinity using acoustic warnings and flashing LEDs. The LED display also indicates which direction the pedestrian is approaching from. At the same time, the pedestrian also receives an alert, either via the longstanding wearable Safety Guard unit or the new Pedestrian Warning Band, both of which communicate directly with the unit in the truck. Both devices use acoustic warnings, flashing lights, and vibrations to warn the wearer of the approaching truck and increase awareness of the situation for everyone involved.

Warehouse worker and forklift truck cross paths; the warehouse worker is easily seen thanks to the Pedestrian Warning Band from Linde Material Handling

See It, Hear It, Feel It: There Whenever You Need

The Pedestrian Warning Band combines the benefits of conventional warning vests with the innovative warning features of the Linde Safety Guard system. This clever safety solution adapts to the current operating conditions, not the other way around. The Pedestrian Warning Band can be easily incorporated into everyday working practices as a standard item of clothing required by a company’s HSE policy. It is comfortable to wear, easy to use, and has a long usage period, meaning work processes are not impacted and workers feel happier and safer.

Safe and Comfortable

The Pedestrian Warning Band is available in two different sizes. The good fit prevents it from getting caught on equipment, shelving, or other items during operations. The cut also means that the wearer is able to move freely. The warning device of the band is located on the shoulder, where the wearer will most easily feel the vibration alert. This position also means that the acoustic warning is emitted right next to the ear. The warning signal and vibration settings can be adapted depending on the working environment.

Simple and User-Friendly

The Pedestrian Warning Band is easy to use and intuitive. An audible “start-up” signal confirms that the band is activated. If the battery is flat or has been removed, an audible “power down” signal will be heard. A status LED shows the wearer the operating status of the signal transmitter at all times, and a battery display indicates the current charge level. If the Pedestrian Warning Band is removed and put down, the speed sensor automatically turns the band off.