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The new N20 series order pickers

A Quick Compilation
Employees work with new N20 series order pickers from Linde Material Handling in a warehouse.

Reliable Companion

Focused employees are an essential factor during manual picking. The process is labor-intensive, and companies are under ever-increasing time pressure because the delivery times for purchase orders have to be as short as possible. Under these circumstances, lack of concentration leads to increased susceptibility to errors. This can cost valuable time and reduce handling performance. If, for example, a wrong product enters the order, it must be replaced, and this consumes unnecessary resources. If you want to make intralogistics processes more efficient, you need highly focused employees.

The most important machine for warehouse employees is the order picker. Linde Material Handling aligns order picking vehicles to the specific needs of the operator to ensure a fast material flow. The new N20 series from Linde Material Handling has been designed to support the employees. All models reduce physical strain on the operator and thus make order picking easier: During travel, the fully suspended operating platform compensates for shocks and vibrations. Pallets can always be loaded at a comfortable height. Various safety systems protect the driver and the goods by addressing the specific conditions and contingencies in the warehouse.

The order pickers relieve the strain on employees and therefore lead to lower error rates and smooth processes.

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New Linde N20 series

Order pickers: All models at a glance

The N20 B, N20-25, and N20-25 HP low-lift order pickers from Linde Material Handling can be used in a wide range of warehouse applications.

N20 B, N20 – 25, N20 – 25 HP

The low-lift order pickers can be used for a wide range of warehouse applications: Depending on the vehicle type, they are able to accelerate quickly to a maximum speed of 14 km/h and can carry loads of up to 2500 kilograms. Various safety systems also ensure a smooth material flow. Find out more about the new order pickers N20 B, N20 – 25, N20 – 25 HP.

The N20 D, N20 D HP double-deck order pickers from Linde Material Handling enable the simultaneous loading and transportation of two pallets at different heights.

N20 D, N20 D HP

The powerful double-deck order pickers enable the simultaneous loading and transportation of two pallets at different heights. This allows operators to transport sensitive goods separately from heavy products. Find out more about the new N20 D, N20 D HP order pickers.

The N16 Li order picker from Linde Material Handling adjusts the position of the fork to the height of the load.

N16 Li

The order picker is a true ergonomics specialist: The optional Autolift adjusts the position of the forks to the height of the load. This ensures that the pallet is always automatically positioned at the optimum height. Find out more about the new N16 Li order picker.

The N20 LoL order picker from Linde Material Handling enables the simultaneous transport of two pallets.

N20 LoL

Thanks to its long load arms, the order picker can transport two pallets at the same time. One pallet is transported vertically and turned over for loading. Find out more about the new N20 LoL order picker.

N20 series order pickers from Linde Material Handling in use in the warehouse

Efficiency in the Flow

On the Move

Linde Material Handling's new N20 Series vehicles enable smooth material flow by simplifying the small step picking cycle. With their 3 kW three-phase AC motor, they are able to accelerate quickly to their maximum speed so that even longer distances in the warehouse can be covered quickly. When driving straight, automatic centering ensures shorter distances between two picking positions. The driver can operate the light Linde steering wheel with just one hand. Clear symbols on the steering wheel show horn, initial lift and travel commands at a glance. The intuitive operation also makes it easier for new staff to familiarize themselves with the system.

All models of the N20 series are optionally available with lithium ion batteries. Lithium-Ionen-Batterien erhältlich. This allows operators to charge them flexibly during breaks. This is advantageous for warehouses with shift operation, where it is not possible to ensure that the vehicles are fully charged in the morning.

With the N20 series order pickers from Linde Material Handling, working on two levels is no problem at all.

The Right Vehicle

Arriving at the shelving, the operator easily exits via the low access and begins to place the goods on the pallets. Different vehicles from the N20 series are suitable, depending on the type of goods and order: With the N20 LoL's long forks, operators can easily pick two pallets. For sensitive goods, the double-deck order picker enables stacking on two levels so that nothing is crushed. With their respective characteristics, the order pickers are designed to meet the specific requirements of different industries. Linde Material Handling also flexibly expands the vehicle details and finds additional options for optimum integration into existing fleets.

Safety in a Busy Warehouse

Light, Steel, and Rubber

All N20 series models can be optionally equipped with glare-free LED headlights at the front. This improves visibility in dark rows of shelves. The Linde BlueSpot™ complements the lights as an optical early warning system. Pedestrians and other drivers see the blue arrow on the ground and can react in time to arriving vehicles, even in noisy warehouse environments. The N20 Series models are equipped with a robust steel bumper at the front in the event of crash damage or collisions. This compensates for shocks and protects the driver, load, and vehicle. A rubber layer can be added as an option.

Good Positioning for Good Visibility

The N20 series vehicles series have a special architecture: The driver's platform is located in front of the large battery so that the driver is positioned at the front of the vehicle. From there, they have a better view of the surroundings and the vehicle is more maneuverable thanks to the shorter wheelbase.

Stable Situation

Moving swiftly to the next picking position, quickly bringing the goods to dispatch: When faced with time pressures, products can easily slip off the pallet if a corner is taken too quickly. This is why the N20 Series order pickers automatically brake when cornering. To prevent vehicles from tipping over, all N20 models are equipped with the stable four-point contact to the floor. The high-performance versions carry particularly heavy loads and therefore have a five-point contact. In addition, a load guard positioned behind prevents goods from falling on the driver.

Ergonomics Down to the Last Detail

Comfort in the Warehouse

Many material warehouses have uneven floors, which can make driving the order picker a bumpy affair. To counteract this, the N20 series order pickers are equipped with a fully suspended operating platform. This reduces shocks and vibrations and provides the operator with a comfortable ride. The operator can also optionally adjust the backrest and steering wheel to their own height. The seat can be folded down for longer journeys. All necessary utensils are safely stowed away in the storage compartments in the control station. The multifunction display's user-friendly interface (except for the N20 B) uses simple color symbols to inform the driver of the time of the last service check, the current speed, and the battery charge level.

The N16 Li N20 series order picker from Linde Material Handling's Autolift feature automatically lowers the forks in proportion to the rising height of the load.


With each new product, the stack of goods on the pallet becomes higher and higher. With the optional Autolift feature, the N16 Li automatically lowers the forks in proportion to the increasing height of the load. This eliminates the need for manual operation of the lift and the operator is able to commission at optimum height without unnecessary interruption.

Your Benefits at a Glance


The N20 series models drive the material flow. They accelerate processes in different industries by optimally supporting employees and can be easily integrated into existing fleets.


Various safety and assistance systems are designed in such a way that hazards do not arise in the warehouse in the first place. The models in the new N20 series are equipped with a range of equipment to protect the driver, goods, and vehicle.


All components of the N20 forklift make work easier for the operator. Employees stay fit and focused until the end of the day. This drastically reduces the risk of errors and enables a high handling performance.