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Pallet Stackers L14 – L20 AP

On a padded platform

Quick and comfortable storage in medium lift heights

The L14 – L20 AP pallet stackers can be used for many applications and create efficient and quick processes in the warehouse. With a 2.3 kW three-phase motor, the truck achieves a maximum speed of 10 km/h with the platform folded down. It has a load capacity of up to 2000 kg. All of the control elements are located on the tiller head and allow for intuitive operation of the pallet stacker. The truck can also be controlled with very little effort thanks to the electric power steering. And using the Linde Load Control, any load can be handled sensitively and with precision. A scale installation shows the operator the load weight.



If the operator hits the emergency stop switch or leaves the platform, the emergency brake stops the truck immediately. In addition, the truck brakes automatically when the operator releases the drive switch. The scale installation is also important for the safety of the truck: It warns the operator if the load exceeds the nominal load capacity of the pallet stacker. When cornering, the Linde Curve Assistant adjusts the speed and prevents dangerous situations. The operator is secure on the padded platform even during more rapid travel.

  • Spring loaded platform with fold-out side guards
  • Scale warns of overloads
  • Linde Curve Assistant for speed adjustment
  • Warning if nominal load capacity is exceeded


The L14 – L20 AP pallet stackers have a spring loaded platform which form one unit with the side guards and the tiller head. This construction reduces vibrations and oscillations affecting the operator's body. The flexible standing platform additionally eases work: When folded in, it enables pedestrian operation, so no more climbing on and off during order picking. All control elements are ergonomically arranged and can be reached without effort.

  • Folding brackets and platform for pedestrian operation
  • Spring loaded platform reduces vibrations
  • Ergonomically arranged control elements for simple, efficient work
  • Linde Load Control for precise load handling


The truck moves at up to 10 km/h through any narrow aisle warehouse with the high torque 2.3 kW three-phase motor. It's load capacity ranges from 1400 kg up to 2000 kg. The strong chassis provides the truck with a high residual load capacity. All load handling processes run very precisely using Linde Load Control. The Soft Landing function protects the fork and the load from an abrupt stop in the end position.

  • High performance encapsulated 2.3 kW three-phase motor
  • Lifting the mast with a high positioned tiller through Linde SafetyLift
  • Sensitive and precise load handling with Linde Load Control
  • Soft Landing for soft deposition of the load
  • Adjustable speed up to 10 km/h


All of the current truck status information is shown on the multi-function display: from load weight and operating hours to service status and battery charge status. Thanks to the CAN bus technology, service technicians have quick access to all truck data. The robust components and encapsulated, maintenance-free three-phase motor reduce servicing intervals of the truck, reducing servicing and operating costs.

  • Robust construction and device components
  • Encapsulated, maintenance-free three-phase motor
  • CAN bus technology important information on truck and load status using the multi-function display

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
L14AP 1.4 (t) 2844 (mm) 4/4 6/6 (8/10) km/h 1681 (mm) 24 / 250 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
L16AP 1.6 (t) 2844 (mm) 4/4 6/6 (8/10) km/h 1681 (mm) 24 / 250 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
L20AP 2.0 (t) 2684 (mm) 4/4 6/6 (7.5/10) km/h 1795 (mm) 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

Initial lift

The initial lift enables greater ground clearance, so that the truck itself is easier to maneuver on gradients and uneven floors. Only the support arms of the forklift are raised by the initial lift.

Cold store protection

The cold store protection guarantees full availability and performance of the pallet stacker up to minus 35 degrees Celsius.

Load backrest

The load backrest ensures that loads cannot slide backward when the load carrier is raised and fall on the operator.

Lift Speed Booster

For applications with a great deal of lifting, there is the optional Lift Speed Booster. The truck's lifting speed without a load is increased by 40 percent.

Soft Landing of the fork prongs

The forks are braked before landing by the Soft Landing function. The goods are then lowered softly to the floor.

Lateral battery replacement

The lateral battery replacement with roller bearings enables quick changes for use in multiple shifts.

Variable Lift Masts

To manage multi-faceted operational requirements, the customer can choose from standard, duplex and triplex masts. A duplex mast is used for greater lift heights. This mast also has an inner mast profile which nearly doubles the lift height of the forklift. A triplex mast is equipped with two telescoping interior mast profiles and can reach a lift height which is nearly triple the exterior mast.

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