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  • 0 - 1.700 (kg)
  • 0 - 12.755 (mm)

Reach Trucks R14 – R17 X

Compact with outstanding comfort

Innovative design for short reach distances and double the available space

R14 – R17 X reach trucks have an exceptional design, which significantly increases performance, driving comfort and safety. They are ideal for the efficient handling of loads up to 1.7 tons and a working height of over 11.5 meters in narrow rack aisles. The positioning of the battery under the cabin means that the driver has double the amount of space and the field of vision through the mast has doubled, compared to conventional reach trucks, thanks to a new mast concept. The mast is permanently mounted on the chassis. The reach travel movement is now performed by a special fork carriage. This design ensures extremely stable load handling. The position of the battery means that the center of gravity is very low, which leads to high residual load capacities. The special design with extremely short reach travel movements enables narrower aisles in high rack warehouses.



The ultra-wide lifting masts on the R14 – R17 X trucks, narrow mast profiles and the proximity of the seat to the mast provide the best possible all-round view. An optional armored glass panoramic roof also provides a clear view of loads above the truck. An automatically engaging parking brake increases safety, for example, when stopping on ramps or gradients. The Linde Curve Assist assistance system supports the driver around bends by proportionally adjusting the speed. Four independent braking systems quickly and safely bring the truck to a stop in every situation. A wide range of additional equipment improves operating safety. For example, a camera system mounted on the mast provides the driver with a permanent view of the load.

  • Wide lift masts for all-round vision
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Linde Curve Assist
  • Four independent braking systems


The improved all-round view thanks to the wide lift masts, as well as the intuitive Linde Load Control mast control make precise load handling easy and comfortable. The innovative truck design with the low battery position doubles the space available in the driver's cabin. All control elements for driving and mast functions are ergonomically integrated into the armrests of the driver's seat and are individually adjustable. The seat can optionally be rotated by 10° and the control resistance can be customized. The interaction of the individual elements and the very generous amount of available space enable particularly efficient and fatigue-free operation.

  • Optimal panoramic view
  • Double the available space
  • Ergonomic overall concept
  • Individually adjustable seat and console
  • Adjustable steering resistance


The unique design of the R14 – R17 X series enables a compact chassis with a short wheelbase. This gives the truck outstanding maneuverability and it requires less space for load handling than normal reach trucks. The short reach travel distance, the unique view through the mast, as well as the standard side shifter for the forks also improve handling performance. The low positioning of the battery under the driver's work station and the permanent mounting of the mast on the chassis give the trucks a high residual load capacity and high stability. The dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control make the trucks faster and safer to maneuver.

  • Compact design
  • Short reach travel distances
  • Improved stability
  • High residual load capacity
  • Unique view through the mast
  • Side shifter as standard


Easy access to the key service components mean that these Linde reach trucks are extremely quick and easy to service. The truck data can be exported via the CAN bus system to provide the service technician with information on the condition of the electronics and mechanics. The battery is easy to change using a pallet truck or the optional replacement stand. Maintenance-free electric motors and service intervals of 1,000 operating hours mean that the trucks are extremely reliable and cost-effective.

  • Easily accessible components
  • Maintenance-free electric motors
  • Simple battery replacement
  • Service every 1,000 operating hours
  • High cost-effectiveness and availability

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forks Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
R14X 1.4 (t) 5655 (mm) 14 / 14 km/h 2756 (mm) 48 / 480 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
R14X HL 1.4 (t) 12755 (mm) 14 / 14 km/h 3127 (mm) 48 / 920/1000 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
R14X High 1.4 (t) 6955 (mm) 14 / 14 km/h 2756 (mm) 48 / 690/750 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
R16X 1.6 (t) 7555 (mm) 14 / 14 km/h 2761 (mm) 48 / 690/750 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
R17X 1.7 (t) 7855 (mm) 14 / 14 km/h 2977 (mm) 48 / 640 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
R17X HD 1.7 (t) 10655 (mm) 14 / 14 km/h 2977 (mm) 48 / 920/1000 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

Automatic centering

The side shifter automatically moves the fork to the center position at the push of a button.


A rotating beacon, a flashing warning light and additional work headlamps increase safety for the driver and in the area around the truck.

Fleet management

The Linde connect: fleet management solution allows truck and user data to be recorded, prepared and analyzed. It ensures that industrial trucks are used efficiently, safely and transparently.

Single pedal control

Some drivers prefer single-pedal control. The dual-pedal control system can be exchanged in order to satisfy the specific driver's individual requirements.

Phone holder

A phone holder helps with operations and increases safety. The employee always has the display in view and within reach.

Wooden handle for joysticks

Wooden handles for Linde joysticks enhance the work station. The non-splintering hardwood provides a pleasant feel, is less susceptible to contamination and is suitable for drivers with a plastic allergy.

Lift height pre-selection

Lift height pre-selection accelerates the operating process, improves work safety and relieves the burden on the driver.

Cold store variant

In cold store variant, oils, lubricants and the cabin equipment are designed for temperatures as low as -30° Celsius. This means that trucks remain fully functional at all times.


BlueSpot™ emits a blue spot of light to alert people of approaching forklifts.

The camera system mounted on the mast of Linde reach trucks helps the driver safely position the load in the rack.

Mast camera

The camera system helps drivers handle loads safely. The camera displays both forks, the underside of the load and the rack area into which the load is to be inserted.

Armored glass panoramic roof

An armored glass panoramic roof provides a clear view and reliably protects the driver against falling loads.

Seat heating

Seat heating improves driver comfort and quickly establishes the right working temperature when used in cold environments.

Backrest extension

The backrest extension allows the seat to be adapted to the requirements of taller drivers.

360° steering

360° steering is available together with single pedal control, which ensures optimum truck maneuverability in confined spaces.

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