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  • 0 - 1000 (kg)
  • 0 - 40 (mm)

Tugger Trains LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W

Compact Indoor Logistic Train

Quick and agile in halls

Thanks to their compact design, the LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W logistic train trailers are ideal for transporting goods indoors. They are primarily used to deliver raw material from the warehouse to different assembly lines within the same hall. Two different trailer variants are available (M frame and W frame), based on a one-axle-design with two wheels. This makes them extremely narrow and agile, which is particularly advantageous in narrow aisles. The low service weight of the trailers means that the towing vehicle can travel quickly and that the vehicle as a whole is easier to maneuver. The LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W tugger train trailers are a cost-effective solution for standard Euro pallets, industrial pallets, and smaller container sizes.



The LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W have a variety of safety features to ensure safe operation. An automatic start interlock prevents the logistic train from moving with the loading frame lowered. The trailer lowering mechanism is also deactivated while driving. A patented load securing system reliably holds the load. The W frame also boasts a redundant load securing system. The hydraulic lifting function can be replaced by an electric lifting mechanism as an option. This makes the vehicles safer and quieter during operation. The foot protection reduces the risk of injury. It comes with the W frame as standard and is available as an option for the M frame. Additional optional equipment, such as safety flags, walk-through protection, and weather protection, is available on request.

  • Start interlock when loading frames are lowered
  • Deactivated lowering mechanism while driving
  • Patented securing system for loading frames
  • Redundant load-securing system for the W frame
  • Optional electric lifting mechanism


The LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W are designed for maximum comfort. The M frames are loaded and unloaded at ground level. This relieves the operator and reduces the risk of physical strain from repeated lifting. The W frame has a sloping platform that makes it easier for the operator to insert and remove the load carriers. The loading frames lock automatically, while the unlocking mechanism is conveniently mounted at an ergonomic height and can be operated using a foot. In addition, the M frame for the tugger train trailers boasts an ergonomic ejection mechanism that moves the load away from the rear toward the operator as soon as they release the lock.

  • Automatic loading frame locking
  • Easy to unlock by foot
  • Ergonomic ejection mechanism for the M frame
  • M frame: Trailers loaded and unloaded at ground level
  • W frame: Sloping platform makes it easier to insert the load carriers


The LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W trailers are available in two different frame variants: As an entry-level solution, the M frames are suitable for transporting lighter loads on routes with the same loading and unloading side. The W frames, however, can be loaded and unloaded from both sides, making them very flexible. The compact one-axle-design on two wheels makes the loading frames particularly maneuverable and enables dynamic driving maneuvers, even in confined spaces. The low weight of the load frames allows the towing vehicle to cover distances at higher speeds. The load frame lifts and lowers automatically, meaning that loads can be handled quickly. When the driver gets into the towing vehicle, the frames are raised for transport. When they leave the truck, these are lowered again. The loading frames are equipped with smooth-running positioning aids, making the trolleys quick and easy to maneuver.

  • Compact one-axle-design for use in confined spaces
  • Low service weight enables quicker driving speeds
  • Load frame lifts and lowers automatically
  • Smooth-running positioning aids for trolleys
  • W frame: Convenient loading and unloading from both sides


The LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W offer high levels of availability with minimal maintenance. The maintenance intervals of towing vehicle and loading frame are synchronized so that maintenance work can be planned and executed efficiently. The simple frame design with few parts reduces the amount of servicing required, resulting in cost-efficient maintenance. The loading frames can be converted to an electric lifting mechanism on request. Only one lift motor is required for this, which simplifies maintenance further. The mechanical locking mechanism and the tiller system are easy to service and maintain.

  • Simultaneous maintenance for trailers and towing vehicle
  • Simple frame design with few components
  • Low-maintenance tiller system and locking mechanism
  • Optional electric lifting mechanism with lift motor

Videos & Images

LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling
LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling
LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling
LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling
LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling
LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling
LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling
LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W from Linde Material Handling

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Lift function Overall length Overall width
LT06-M 0.6 (t) 40 (mm) Hydraulic/electric 1953 (mm) 1007 (mm)
LT10-M 1.0 (t) 40 (mm) Hydraulic/electric 1953 (mm) 1007 (mm)
LT10-W 1.0 (t) 40 (mm) Hydraulic/electric 2069 (mm) 1070 (mm)

Optional Equipment

Tarpaulin roof protects the goods

Weather Protection

A tarpaulin roof, which can be pulled over the frame, is available for both the M and W frame. It can be opened on one side for the M frame and on both sides for the W frame.

Rear lights via four-function LED taillight set

Rear Lights

There is a four-function LED taillight set with magnetic holder and two lights (indicator, taillights, brake lights, license plate light) available in clear glass. The casing is waterproof and certified to e4 and ISO 1724.

Safety flags ensure good visibility of the loading frames

Safety Flags

Two safety flags ensure that the loading frames are clearly visible at all times – especially when driving with little or no load.

Frames available for accommodating multiple load carriers

Accommodating Multiple Load Carriers

In the standard version, the M and W frames accommodate one trolley. M frames for accommodating two trolleys and W frames that can accommodate three trolleys are also available as an option.

Foot protection improves safety when working

Foot Protection for M Frame

An additional fixture on the M frame prevents operators from trapping their foot in the frame while working. This guard is available as standard on the W frame due to its design.

Loading frame with electric lifting mechanism

Electric Lifting Mechanism

The loading frames are available with a hydraulic lifting system as standard. They can also be equipped with an electric lifting mechanism as an option.

Walk-through protection between the frames prevents people from stepping over the trailer tiller

Walk-Through Protection

The space between the frames can be secured with a safety strap to prevent people from stepping over the trailer tiller. The strap can also be retrofitted.

Trolleys in many designs for a wide variety of loads


Linde has a range of trolley designs for a wide variety of loads for all tugger train models. They can be equipped with modular racking superstructures, for example.

Tugger train guidance system coordinates transport jobs and provides optimal routes

Logistic Train Controller

The tugger train guidance system coordinates the driving orders and provides the drivers with the optimal routes. The software dashboard shows all essential information at a glance and can be used to generate analyses for process optimization.

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LT06-M - LT10-W

LT06 – LT10 M / LT10 W