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Electronic Control

Precise Motion
electronic control for Linde forklifts

The electronic truck control enables the extremely sensitive control of industrial trucks. It controls all movements of both the forklift as well as the work hydraulics and monitors the electrical signals in order to prevent malfunctions. The Linde original manufacturer quality ensures the necessary safety and efficiency of the electronic control.

Benefits of the Electronic Control in Linde Quality

Safe Operation due to Redundant Design

The electronic control in Linde original manufacturer quality has a redundant design, which means that all electronic signals are transmitted twice. At the same time, it permanently monitors the processed signals and thereby prevents malfunctions.

Efficient Interaction of Components

Control of an industrial truck can only be as precise and sensitive as permitted by the interaction between the mechanics and electronics. Linde electronic control guarantee the optimal alignment of the components used, meaning that drivers can always rely on the precise and sensitive control of the truck as well as the work hydraulics. The precise alignment of the control with the drive system also allows Linde to make effective use of the engine performance and the maximum torque while operating at the lowest possible speed. As a result, Linde forklifts have a better driving performance and lower fuel consumption. The electronic control therefore not only makes Linde forklifts extremely safe, but also exceptionally cost-effective.

Function Protection Thanks to Sturdy Design

The electronic control is an important and sensitive component, which is why Linde controllers have a whole range of safety features. They are optimally protected by a sturdy housing. The base plate and cover are made of extremely durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant cast aluminum. A cooling function prevents the controller from overheating. The plugs and housing seal used provide reliable protection against moisture and ensure that the electronics function flawlessly regardless of the weather conditions. A Gore-Tex membrane enables automatic pressure compensation.

Linde electronic controllers ensure that industrial trucks retain their proven handling and safety characteristics. They guarantee smooth operation in any weather conditions and allow drivers to operate efficiently.

electronic control by Linde