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Load bearing role
genuine forks for a Linde Forklift Truck

Forks must be extremely safe, durable, and wear-resistant. Intact forks are more efficient and save on costs. This is related to the special wear to load capacity ratio: Wear of just 10 percent reduces the load capacity by 20 percent. This means that it pays to replace forks regularly. With Linde Material Handling genuine forks, compliance with high service life and safety requirements is guaranteed.

Benefits of Forks in Linde Quality

Long Service Life

Linde forks are reinforced with additional material at highly stressed points. This means that they are more durable and incredibly rigid, and have a longer service life.

Safety Without Compromise

Linde does not compromise on safety. To the contrary, forks have a nominal load that is around 20 percent higher and, during load changes, are roughly 50 percent above the statutory standard. Special heat treatment during production, also referred to as hardening and tempering, guarantees that the forks have an extremely high load capacity.

Increased Stability

The optimal distribution of the load on the fork carriage ensures high stability. Linde forks also have a wide fork suspension so that the load cannot tip to one side.

IC truck Carries Heavy Load on forks

Regular Inspection is Mandatory

Forklift operators must check the forks regularly. This requirement is specified by the various regulations in the individual countries. In Europe, a mandatory check in accordance with FEM 4.004 is prescribed at least annually. According to ISO 5057, operators must replace forks immediately if they display wear of more than ten percent.

Our original forks help you comply with the safety requirements. Their extremely durable quality also reduces operating costs.