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Every Millimeter Counts
Linde Load Control Joysticks

Joysticks are an extension of the forklift driver's arm. They must therefore be intuitive, comfortable, and extremely sensitive to operate. These features contribute to both safety and efficiency. Linde Material forklifts allow for high-precision operation thanks to the perfect coordination of hardware and software as well as the interaction of multiple components. The start of this chain is the Linde joystick in original manufacturer quality.

Benefits of Joysticks in Linde Quality


Linde joysticks operate with a precise, linear, and defined electrical output signal that is monitored by the controller. This means that the relevant output signal is the same at the same actuation angle, regardless of the direction of movement of the joystick, i.e., raising/lowering or leaning the mast forward/back. The mast reaction is always proportional to the joystick's actuation angle, enabling intuitive operation and precisely predictable truck reaction and thereby ensuring safe as well as highly efficient operation.

Comfortable and Reliable

Linde joysticks have uniform response characteristics across all the forklift models. As the joystick does not have a "dead zone," the work hydraulics always react immediately to the displacement of the joystick, i.e., the joystick movement also controls the mast movement. Moreover, all joysticks have an identical maximum actuation angle. These characteristics mean that drivers can always rely on uniform joystick behavior. No time is needed to make adjustments when driving different forklift models and no damage is caused by unexpected machine reactions.

Linde Load Control Joysticks

Additional Safety Features

Safe Connector Plug

Linde joysticks have a connector plug, making it practically impossible to connect the cables incorrectly or accidentally connect them to the wrong poles.

Redundant Design

Linde provides a redundant design for all safety-related components. Even the joysticks have a two-channel output signal via signal voltage and reference voltage, with both being monitored by the Linde controller. This ensures that the mast only reacts when the joystick is actually moved. The system also detects and reports deviations in signal linearity. For drivers, this means maximum safety and ease of use.

High Moisture Protection

The terminal board and soldering points of the Linde joystick are sealed with extremely high moisture protection in accordance with the IP67 standard.

Durable and Cost-effective

The benefits of original manufacturer parts are particularly pronounced with regard to service life and cost-effectiveness: The high-quality materials used for Linde joysticks mean that they are designed for about six million actuations. While original manufacturer quality spare parts are generally more expensive, the exponentially longer service life more than compensates for these costs.