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More options through new Logistic Trains

23 Nov 2023

Linde Material Handling expands its tugger train portfolio

Customized solutions designed primarily for either indoor or outdoor use: These can now be implemented thanks to new trailer frames from Linde Material Handling (MH). Equipped with application-specific functions, comfortable and safe for operators and gentle on transported goods, the frame modules combine with tow tractors from the Linde product portfolio to form custom-fit Logistic Train solutions that make horizontal transport and synchronized manufacturing processes even more effective and cost-efficient.

Tugger trains have a firm place in modern industrial production. They transport large quantities of material from warehouses and supermarkets over sometimes long distances in order to make it available at various points in assembly. Consisting of a tow tractor and several trailers, tugger trains are especially common in just-in-time or just-in-sequence production in the automotive or mechanical engineering sectors. The load, which is typically positioned on a trolley or rolling rack, is pushed into the trailer frame and raised. Tugger trains reduce the volume of traffic within a plant and the risk of accidents, while ensuring plannable, reliable logistics processes. Bundled transports can be economical for routes that exceed 160 meters in length.

The requirements vary depending on the area of application. Indoors, space is often tight, while tugger trains operating outdoors usually have to contend with uneven surfaces. “For this reason, in addition to our proven All-Rounder version, we have now expanded our range to include Logistic Train solutions that have been developed for either predominantly indoor or outdoor use,” says Mal Rexhepi, Product Manager Logistic Train Solutions.

New trailer modules for various applications

The Linde LT06-M, LT10-M and LT10-W trailers are designed especially for indoor applications. Usually used in combination with tow tractor P60 C, these frame modules can be freely combined. M-frames are available with 600 kg or 1,000 kg load capacity and are loaded at ground level from one side. They are suitable for transports with predefined start and end points. By comparison, the W-frames offering 1,000 kg capacity can be loaded and unloaded from both sides, which makes their use more flexible. If routes are changed later or new stops added, it does not matter on which side these stops are located. The centrally positioned axle with two wheels gives the Logistic Train great maneuverability. For example, an aisle width of 3.9 meters is sufficient for a tow tractor with four attached frames for Euro pallet trolleys to make a U-turn. Added to this is the low dead weight of the trailers, the simplest version weighing in at only 158 kilograms. This enables the train to achieve higher travel speeds, which has a positive effect on handling performance.


The new LT-M and LT-W frames form a perfect indoor solution when combined with the Linde P60C tow tractor and are particularly lightweight and maneuverable.

By contrast, the LT16-Ch and LT16-BMh outdoor models, usually towed by the Linde P250 tractor, are optimized for use in outdoor areas. They are equipped with super-elastic tires measuring 368 mm in diameter and 115 mm wide that absorb shocks and vibrations caused by uneven ground. The robustly constructed frames feature two axles for up to 1,600 kg load capacity, all-wheel steering for high maneuverability and directional stability, and a hydraulic lift system for gentle trolley lifting. Two designs are available and can be freely combined: a C-frame (Ch) and a Bridge-frame with adjustable middle support (BMh) that can be loaded on both sides. Numerous equipment options are on offer to lend additional robustness and safety to the Logistic Train for outdoor conditions. These include weather protection, options for enhanced visibility, mud flaps for the wheels and a mechanical overrun brake that ensures safe operations on downhill and uphill gradients.


The new outdoor Logistic Train, consisting of the Linde P250 tractor and LT-Ch frame, is optimized for use in open space. The trailers feature large super-elastic tires, two axles and all-wheel steering. Optional LT-BMh frames are available, which allow loading and unloading from both sides.

The two new Logistic Train solutions complement the proven, powerful Linde LT10-C to LT16-BM series. In combination with the Linde P80 tractor, these bring to bear their advantages as “all-rounders” for transports both inside and between halls.

Three frame versions are available for the trailers which offer a maximum load capacity of 2,000 kg: C-frames (LT-C), Bridge-frames that can be loaded and unloaded from both sides (LT-B) and Bridge-frames with integrated middle supports (LT-BM).

High safety and performance across all models

Safe transport and loading operations are ensured as standard across all Linde trailer models by the mechanical load lock, which closes automatically after the trolleys have been pushed in. The lifting function of the frames is centrally controlled from the operator’s platform. When the driver gets into the tow tractor, the load is automatically raised; when he or she gets out, it is lowered. An automatic immobilizer prevents the train from starting up when the trailers are lowered and deactivates the lowering function while in motion. An assistance system automatically throttles the speed of the tractor during cornering.

In conjunction with Logistic Trains, the Linde range offers numerous trolleys of different sizes, equipment and tires for payloads of 1,000 kg. They are suitable for transporting pallets and containers and can be equipped with modular rack superstructures for small load carriers. In addition, an optionally available tugger train guidance system aids drivers on complex routes with variable end points and directs them along the optimal route to individual stations.

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