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Linde Material Handling at A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf

Our vision: No Accidents in Intralogistics
Linde forklift trucks reverse safely with the aid of Reverse Assist Camera

In business life, many activities aim to increase numbers. But to bring certain indicators up, however, the focus must be on pushing others down. At Linde, we are convinced that safety is one of the most effective factors but also the most overlooked when it comes to positively influencing business performance.

That’s why Linde, in line with the motto“Vision Zero. Safety in your world,”adheres to a comprehensive safety philosophy. The aim is simple: to prevent 100% of accidents in intralogistics. To this end, we develop technical innovations for our forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment, assistance systems, and software tools, as well as training and consulting services, which we present to specialists, safety experts, and decision-makers at the A+A.

Linde Material stand at the A+A Safety Fair

High Demand for Holistic Solution Concepts

Fabian Zimmermann
We offer our customers more than just products. We accompany our customers in identifying their weak points and on this basis we develop a range of assistance systems, retrofitting solutions and trainings to ensure sustainable safety in their operations.

Fabian Zimmermann, Product Manager for Safety

Our Exhibition Highlights

Reversing Safely: Reverse Assist Camera

Linde has always provided its customers with a myriad of design measures and assistance systems for all-round safe goods handling. The Reverse Assist Camera is another building block in Linde’s comprehensive safety portfolio. The system can be retrofitted onto counterbalanced trucks and detects movement behind the stationary forklift truck, thus preventing accidents with people and other forklift trucks in hazardous areas.

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Linde Safety Guard

Wherever industrial trucks are in use, there exists a complex interplay between man and machine. Linde Safety Guard is an innovative assistance system which increases safety for both truck operators and pedestrians in the vicinity of the truck.

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Linde VertiLight and Linde LED Stripes

Having the right amount of light at all times is essential to safety and efficiency when working with industrial trucks. With the Linde VertiLight and Linde LED Stripes, Linde Material Handling offers two innovative lighting concepts.

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Linde Door Control

With Linde Door Control, collisions between forklift trucks and high-speed doors are a thing of the past. The door control system provides protection to trucks passing through doors and saves costs.

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