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The new E100 – E180 series electric heavy trucks

Excites with e-power. Impresses with strength.
The E160 from Linde Material Handling transporting heavy loads.

Electric Forklift Trucks in a Class of Their Own

Combined power for emission-free operations: The E100 – E180 electric heavy trucks are the most powerful in their class. These powerhouses can transport and stack loads of up to 18 tons at heights of up to ten meters. The electric heavy trucks are thus on a level with Linde's combustion engine-powered heavy trucks—in fact, they're right at the top.

Power for Every Application

Equipped with either two lead-acid or two lithium-ion batteries, the E100 – E180 heavy trucks offer outstanding energy efficiency. The electric heavy trucks with lithium-ion technology can be recharged quickly and are thus ready for almost continuous use. With these two options, the heavy trucks are just as suitable for low-use operations as they are for intensive continuous use. With the emission-free, low-noise, and service-friendly heavy trucks, Linde offers the most cost-effective solution for every application.

Electric heavy truck from Linde Material Handling in operation.

Power From Proven Technology

The drive system of the electric heavyweights is based on proven components from Linde's 8-ton series: Four electric motors each for the drive and lifting hydraulic systems as well as two batteries ensure maximum reliability, even in the toughest applications. The perfect solution for companies that want to protect resources and the environment without sacrificing performance and also reduce noise and emissions during operation.

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Perceptibly Ergonomic

It's not just the electric heavy trucks that deliver top performance, but also their drivers. That's why Linde attaches great importance to maximum comfort and healthy working conditions. The spacious, rubber-mounted cab absorbs shocks and vibrations. Large glass panels in the doors as well as in the front and rear windows give the driver excellent visibility in all directions. The comfortable seating position, precise and maneuverable driving characteristics, and low noise emissions reduce stress for the driver to a minimum, thus increasing their ability to pay attention and concentrate.

Safely Strong

Linde trucks are 100 percent designed for the safety of their drivers and their environment. A seat monitoring system locks the working hydraulics and the drive when the driver leaves the seat. The armored glass roof that comes as standard means the driver can keep an eye on the goods during storage and retrieval. This guarantees precise load handling with maximum protection against falling objects. A special feature of Linde's electric forklifts: The view from the driver's cab to the very rear is kept completely clear thanks to the fact that the batteries are fully integrated into the chassis and the counterweight flattens out towards the rear of the truck.

Energy on Demand

With their combined power, Linde's electric heavy trucks are on a par with their combustion-engine counterparts in terms of handling performance. The electric heavy trucks are equipped with four powerful lifting motors, each rated at 25 kilowatts. Two coupled 18-kilowatt motors on each drive wheel provide the power for fast and precise maneuvering. The batteries can be replaced within minutes.

Ready for Use in No Time

Easy servicing is a key feature of all Linde forklift trucks. The electric heavy trucks' tilting cab ensures all important components are within quick and easy reach, meaning they can be serviced and replaced quickly, if required. This significantly reduces maintenance-related downtimes. The design of the Linde E100 – E180 makes it possible to switch between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries without having to make any changes to the hardware.

Fully Electric, Fully Connected

Linde's heavy trucks can be equipped with a wireless data transmission unit and thus they can be integrated into any fleet management system in order to optimize the utilization of the trucks, to increase the precision of maintenance interval planning, and to manage many other processes related to drivers and the trucks. Multiple encryption ensures all information is secured according to the strictest data protection requirements.

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