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  • 0 - 18.000 (kg)
  • 0 - 7.000 (mm)

Electric Forklifts E100 – E180

Silent Power Athlete

High Performance Precisely Dosed

The electric E100 – E180 heavy trucks from Linde are the most powerful in their class. They combine the best of both worlds of E- and IC trucks: The series combines the power delivery characteristic of diesel vehicles with the environmentally friendly, quiet, dynamic driving style of electric forklift trucks. The new heavy trucks transport and stack loads of up to 18,000 kilograms at heights of up to ten meters. The electric forklift trucks draw their energy from either two lead-acid or two lithium-ion batteries. Customers can therefore choose between a cost-efficient variant for light and medium applications and equipment for demanding tasks and high utilization. A quick battery change is possible for 24/7 use. Thanks to the powerful electric motors, the new heavy trucks are in no way inferior to Linde’s most powerful IC truck to date, putting them at the top of the performance range.



The E100 – E180 heavy trucks are designed to provide the best visibility in all directions. The view to the rear is unobstructed and the glass doors on both sides allow an unrestricted view, which prevents collisions and accidents. Optimized lift mast profiles and an armored glass roof also allow the driver to keep an eye on the goods being transported during storage and retrieval. This contributes to safe and precise load handling. The batteries integrated into the chassis not only contribute to excellent visibility, but also shift the center of gravity of the truck downwards. As a result, the heavy trucks are characterized by high stability.

  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Visibility-optimized masts
  • Armored glass roof facilitates load handling
  • High stability through low center of gravity


With the compact chassis integrating both batteries, the heavy trucks offer excellent visibility in all directions. In addition, the ergonomic work station reduces the physical strain on the driver: They can transport, store, and retrieve loads for many hours in a relaxed and fatigue-free manner. The precise driving behavior, which allows the trucks to be moved with millimeter precision, also contributes to the comfortable driving experience. At the same time, the trucks are almost silent when on the move and reduce the hearing strain on employees. The electric forklift trucks also contribute to a healthy working environment through their emission-free drive technology.

  • Relaxed seating position due to all-round visibility
  • Precise handling
  • Low noise emission


No matter whether the electric heavy trucks are only in use for a few hours or non-stop: Every customer can select the energy system that suits them best and choose either the more economical lead-acid battery pair for light to medium applications or the lithium-ion system for demanding transports under continuous full load. Should the customer change the truck’s application in the future, the battery technologies can be exchanged easily and without further adaptation to the vehicle. This guarantees the best flexibility. The electric motors provide exceptionally dynamic acceleration, which contributes to outstanding handling performance. The excellent all-round visibility enables precise handling of large and heavy loads.

  • Flexible adaptation to any customer application
  • Choice between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  • Cost-efficient variant for light applications
  • Dynamic driving performance


Thanks to the tilting cab, all technical components are easily accessible, which simplifies repairs and reduces maintenance-related downtimes. The standard components used make repairs even easier. The batteries can be replaced within a few minutes. Switching between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries is possible at any time without having to replace additional hardware.

  • Easily accessible service components
  • Standard components simplify repairs
  • Quick, easy battery replacement

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Load centre distance Wheelbase Turning radius Travel speed, with/without load
E100/1200 10.0 (t) 1200 (mm) 3000 (mm) 4102 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E100/600 10.0 (t) 600 (mm) 3000 (mm) 4102 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E120/1200 12.0 (t) 1200 (mm) 3250 (mm) 4338 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E120/600 12.0 (t) 600 (mm) 3000 (mm) 4102 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E140/1200 14.0 (t) 1200 (mm) 3250 (mm) 4512 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E140/600 14.0 (t) 600 (mm) 3000 (mm) 4102 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E150/1200 15.0 (t) 1200 (mm) 3500 (mm) 4754 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E150/600 15.0 (t) 600 (mm) 3250 (mm) 4338 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E160/1200 16.0 (t) 1200 (mm) 3500 (mm) 4754 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E160/600 16.0 (t) 600 (mm) 3250 (mm) 4338 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E180/600 18.0 (t) 600 (mm) 3250 (mm) 4512 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h
E180/900 18.0 (t) 900 (mm) 3500 (mm) 4754 (mm) 18 / 20 [23/25] km/h

Optional Equipment


An electrical heater and seat heating are provided.

Air Conditioning*

The powerful air-conditioning system with integrated heating and pollen filter guarantees a comfortable working environment in the cab all year round, while also preventing windows from fogging up.

* contains fluorinated hydrocarbons


Hydraulic fork positioners in different designs, multiple pallet clamps, rotators, clipboards, carrying pins, and much more are all available.

Li-ION Technology

With lithium-ion batteries, trucks can be recharged in a very short time and charged intermediately during operation. This increases the availability of the trucks.

Flexible Lift Mast Heights

Standard, duplex, and triplex masts are available to customers to meet the wide range of application requirements.

Load Weight Indicator

A load weight display helps the driver handle loads safely and efficiently. It measures weight in steps of +/- 100 kilograms.

Seat Variants

A large selection of seats ensures additional comfort and active protection against postural injuries with functions like seat heating and seat ventilation.

Reverse Camera

The image from the reverse camera can be shown on the integrated 7-inch display and ensures optimum visibility to the rear.

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