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  • 0 - 8000 (kg)
  • 0 - 8670 (mm)

Electric Forklifts E60 – E80

Electric Power Pack

Electric Power for Heavy Loads

The powerful E60 – E80 electric forklift models from Linde are designed for efficient and safe handling of heavy loads of up to 8,000 kilograms. The forklifts are driven by two powerful three-phase AC motors integrated into the compact axle with maintenance-free brakes. The electronic vehicle control as well as the precisely operable control elements such as the Linde Load Control and the double pedal control ensure the perfect interaction between man and machine. Linde's energy management system also contributes to the high cost-effectiveness of the large electric forklifts.



Safety is paramount when dealing with loads weighing up to 8000 kilograms. The protective roof of the E60 – E80 electric forklift trucks combine with the cab's frame to form a large protective zone for the driver. The use of encapsulated lift mast profiles allows for good visibility while handling loads, and the automatic parking brake guarantees the ultimate in safety even while working on ramps. Plus, the safety features of this series are complemented by redundant controls, electronic traction control, and high residual load capacities, while low noise levels contribute to operational reliability. Linde also offers numerous optional safety systems ex works and as retrofit solutions.

  • Safety systems as Standard
  • Protection of drivers, loads and environment
  • Robust overhead guard and enclosed safety zone
  • Components offering optimal visibility and low noise levels
  • Numerous optional safety systems ex works and as retrofit solutions


Efficient, mostly tire-free working with a forklift truck at the highest performance level requires a high degree of operating comfort. This is why all control components of the E60 – E80 models are arranged directly around the driver and can be operated intuitively. The driver accelerates and changes the direction of travel by means of the double pedals, and all mast movements are sensitively carried out with the fingers moving the control levers of the Linde Load Control integrated into the armrest. This avoids unnecessary and physically strenuous movements. The seat and armrest unit are adjustable in multiple ways. In addition, the mast and axle are decoupled from the drive axle and driver's compartment by rubber bearings so that shocks and vibrations are not transmitted to the operator.

  • Ergonomic layout of all control elements
  • Efficient dual drive pedal control
  • Sensitive control of the mast functions via Linde Load Control
  • Individually adjustable unit consisting of armrest and seat


Precondition for the effective handling of heavy loads with the electric forklift trucks E60 – E80 is the perfect interaction of the powerful drive components with the operating concept, consisting of Linde Load Control and the double pedal control, which ensure the precise and fast control of all vehicle and lift mast movements. At the heart of the drive is the compact axle with two powerful, integrated three-phase AC motors, maintenance-free brakes and power units mounted directly on the axle. The trucks are equipped with the Linde Curve Assist as standard. When cornering, the system adjusts the driving speed depending on the steering angle. The performance characteristics of the truck can be adapted to the specific application requirements via three-stage adjustable driving dynamics.

  • Automatic speed adjustment in curves
  • Optimum coordination of drive and control system
  • Precise dual pedal control
  • Load handling with fingertips
  • Individually adaptable driving dynamics


Electric forklift trucks are exceptionally reliable thanks to the fully encapsulated drive and lift drive and the classic Linde electrical control protection, and water cooled precision parts ensure high availability even under extreme conditions. Extremely long maintenance intervals are the calling card of the E60 – E80 model series. This is because the entire drive axle – including the three-phase motors, reduction gear, and oil bath disk brakes – is entirely maintenance-free. The first general service only needs to be carried out after 1000 operating hours, and the hydraulic oil only needs to be changed after 6000 hours. With their easily accessible service parts, the trucks are designed to ensure uninterrupted use.

  • Long maintenance intervals
  • All components easily accessible
  • Important parts maintenance-free
  • Encapsulated drive

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forks
E60 6.0 (t) 3850 (mm) 20/20 km/h 80/1240 [90/1440] (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 5110 (mm)
E70 7.0 (t) 3450 (mm) 20/20 km/h 80/1240 [90/1440] (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 5120 (mm)
E80 8.0 (t) 3450 (mm) 20/20 km/h 80/1240 [90/1440] (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 5120 (mm)
E80/900 8.0 (t) 3050 (mm) 20/20 km/h 80/1240 [90/1440] (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 5355 (mm)

Optional Equipment

Rear charging access

Rear charging access

Charging access to the rear of the forklift means the trucks can be kitted out for even easier charging. This access features an active vent.

Linde TruckSpot warning light system

Visual Warning Systems

Warning light systems such as Linde BlueSpot™ and Linde TruckSpot project colored spots of light or warning signs onto the floor to warn pedestrians and other trucks.

Linde truck unit from the Linde Safety Guard System

Linde Safety Guard

The innovative Safety Guard assistance system from Linde warns truck drivers and pedestrians of acute danger in the immediate vicinity of the trucks, using acoustic and light signals.

Comfort cabin for the Linde E60 – E80

Full Cabin

The comfort cabin protects the driver when working outdoors and provides outstanding all-round visibility of the load and the working environment thanks to its armored glass roof and large-scale glass doors.

Battery replacement on pallet truck

Battery Replacement

The battery is very easy to replace; on a pallet truck, for example, simply open the door on the right-hand side.

Linde Load Weight Indicator

Load Weight Indicator

On the display, this optional function shows the driver the current load weight.

Air-conditioning system for the Linde X20 – X35 truck

Air-Conditioning* with Integrated Heating

The powerful air-conditioning system with integrated heating and pollen filter guarantees a comfortable working environment in the cab all year round, while also preventing windows from fogging up.

* contains fluorinated hydrocarbons

The Linde VertiLight illuminates the working area evenly

Light Solutions

With its semi-circular design, the Linde VertiLight evenly illuminates the working area. The Linde LED Stripes two-color light strips use white light to illuminate the truck’s direction of travel.

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