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  • 0 - 1.000 (kg)
  • 0 - 715 (mm)

Pallet Trucks M10 X/XE

Flexible work platform

Flexible transport, lifting, and order picking

The pallet lift trucks M10 X and M10 XE can lift their forks via scissor lift to a height of 800 mm and have a very compact design. This is why these trucks are used flexibly in transport tasks, as mobile working platforms, or for occasional order picking in the tightest of spaces. Linde offers two versions: The M10 XE model has an electric lift drive. The operator doesn't have to use any strength to lift or lower the load. In the model M10 X, lifting is initiated manually by the operator using the tiller. The direction of movement can be changed using a single lever located on the handle. Both models have a rugged, warp resistant chassis and a reinforced tiller. The pallet lift truck with scissor lift M10 X/XE can carry and lift a maximum load of 1000 kg.



From a working height of 400 mm, small bolts found on the right and the left under the drive wheels, slide out onto the floor and stabilize the truck when parked. This means the truck does not sway when the operator puts heavy objects on the pallet or if the load shifts. A broad tiller handle protects the hands from injury. A slip-proof plastic coating on the handle ensures that the operator has a tight grip on the tiller.

  • Stabilizers during high lifting
  • Broad tiller handle protects hands
  • Slip-proof handles


The M10 X/XE makes many tasks easier with its scissor lift. The operator can lift a pallet to a maximum height of 800 mm and can therefore work in a vertical position, protecting their back. Work is made even easier with the electric lift drive in the model M10 XE, because arduous lifting movements on the tiller are eliminated. Both models can be pulled and maneuvered with little power, because the wheels have low rolling resistance.

  • Scissor lift for comfortable working heights
  • Electric lift drive in the M10 XE
  • Low rolling resistance


The operator can work with the M10 X-XE at an ideal working height and therefore, more quickly. To speed up picking up and depositing of the pallets, the pallet lift truck has small pick up and depositing rollers on the tips of the fork. The pointed fork prongs are also easier to insert into shrink-wrapped pallets. The compact pallet lift truck can be maneuvered quickly and easily through narrow aisles and tight spaces.

  • Retraction and extension rollers
  • Good maneuverability
  • Pointed fork prongs


With this truck, you don't need to worry about wear and tear or servicing: The rugged, warp-resistant steel chassis and reinforced tiller are designed for years of continual use. Even the high-quality drive wheels and load rollers hardly wear. The battery in the XE model ensures long work cycles without breaks for servicing: It only has to be plugged in after 50 working hours.

  • Warp-free steel chassis
  • Reinforced tiller
  • Long charge times in the XE model

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
M10X 1.0 (t) 715 (mm) 1372 (mm) - (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
M10XE 1.0 (t) 715 (mm) 1541 (mm) 12 / 60 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

Fork variations

As an alternative, the M10 X/XE can be equipped with a larger fork at 680 x 1150 mm.

Wheels and rollers

Linde offers drive wheels and load rollers made from polyurethane. The material is quiet, very durable, and has good rolling properties. There is also a M10 X/XE with a single steering wheel.

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