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Pallet Trucks T20 – T25 RW

The Comfortable All-Rounder

Quick and convenient for versatile use

Thanks to its high-performance 3-kW three-phase motor, the T20 – T25 RW pallet truck from Linde Material Handling effortlessly achieves its top speed of 12 kilometers per hour. Even with a full load of 2500 kilos, it still reaches 10 kilometers per hour. While transferring pallets, the operator can enjoy a spacious 970 mm-wide chassis and a raised, comfortable seating position transverse to the direction of travel. This provides the best possible visibility of the warehouse environment at all times, both in front and behind the truck. The driver is able to control the transportation, loading and unloading of pallets with their fingertips using the intuitively arranged control elements. The pallet truck is especially suitable for quick pallet transfer, but also works for the occasional loading and unloading of containers or trucks.



The T20 – T25 RW pallet truck from Linde Material Handling ensures handling that is both efficient and safe. Three independent braking systems and automatic speed reduction when cornering protect the driver, the truck, and the goods. The 970 mm-wide chassis ensures that the operator is positioned within the contours of the truck at all times. The raised seat is positioned at a right angle to the direction of travel, ensuring a good view of the warehouse environment to the front and back. The optional panoramic mirror improves the all-round visibility. When handling pallets, the four-point support ensures that the truck is stable.

  • Wide chassis
  • Three independent braking systems
  • Raised, lateral seat position
  • Automatic speed reduction when cornering
  • Four-point support


With a width of 970 mm, the chassis of the T20 – T25 RW pallet truck provides a comfortable workspace for the driver. The seat height, backrest and foot platform can be individually adjusted to suit the operator’s requirements, ensuring that they can work under optimal ergonomic conditions at all times. In cold warehouse environments, the optional seat heating provides additional comfort. The compact steering wheel and all the control elements are integrated into the console. The operator is able to control the fork movements effortlessly and precisely with their fingertips.

  • Spacious chassis
  • Adjustable elements in the driver’s cab
  • Optional seat heating
  • Intuitive operation


Thanks to its high-performance 3-kW drive motor, the T20 – T25 RW pallet trucks move through the warehouse at a speed of up to 12 km/h. Using the intuitively arranged control elements, the operator is able to precisely transport and stack loads of 2500 kilos with their fingertips. Here, the four-point support guarantees safe load handling and stability. The operator also has the option of using the pedals and console simultaneously to control the forks, enabling them to work even more efficiently. The clear multi-functional display keeps the operator informed of the charge status, operating hours, and any truck errors.

  • High-performance 3-kW drive motor
  • Four-point support
  • Intuitive control
  • Simultaneous operation via pedals and console
  • Clear multifunctional display


Thanks to its robust construction, the pallet truck has low maintenance requirements. During servicing, the cover of the engine compartment is easy for the service technician to remove, giving them good access to the central components. All wiring harnesses and cables have been clearly arranged for quick servicing. The service technician can conveniently read out the truck data on their mobile terminal device via a CAN bus connection.

  • Robust construction
  • Internal components are easily accessible
  • CAN bus connection for quick servicing

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
T20RW 2.0 (t) 125 (mm) 10 / 12 km/h 1760 / 1825 (mm) 24 / 345/375 [23/205] (V)/(Ah) o. kWh
T25RW 2.5 (t) 125 (mm) 10 / 12 km/h 2205 / 2270 (mm) 24 / 345/375 [23/205] (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

Leather Seat & Seat Heating

Leather seats and adjustable seat heating increase driving comfort when used in cold storage or in cold environments.

Load Backrest

The load backrest, with a height of 1613 or 1919 mm, ensures that loads cannot slip backwards and fall on the driver when the load carrier is raised.

Front LEDs

The two LED headlights are located at the front and have a high brightness. They are also water- and dust-proof.

Additional Head Supports

The seat of the low lift pallet truck can be fitted with a head support in order to take the strain off the driver's neck during continuous operation.

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