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Tow tractors P60 – P80, W08

Convenient power packs

High throughputs, even in the smallest of spaces

The P60 – P80 rider-seated tow tractors and W08 platform trucks from Linde Material Handling tow trailers with heavy loads and provide quick, safe and flexible processes. This allows the decoupled and spring-mounted suspension of all three wheels. It ensures quiet and safe travel. At the same time, the truck has high towing force and a small turning circle. Therefore, the throughput remains high even if there is only a small amount of space available in the warehouse. The driver benefits from a work station with lots of leg room, an adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel, as well as intuitively arranged control elements. The P60 – 80 electric tow tractors and W08 platform trucks have a towing capacity of 6 to 8 tons. The top speed without load is 20 kilometers per hour.



Braking efficiently and appropriately in any driving situation – this is crucial for the safety of the driver and the load. The P60 – 80 electric tow tractors and W08 platform trucks therefore have four separate braking systems: the electric brake is automatically active when the driver releases the accelerator. In addition, self-adjusting hydraulic drum brakes are positioned on all three wheels, which respond to the brake pedal. The parking brake is automatically activated when the truck stops. In addition, there is an automatic assistant for driving uphill – this means that the trucks do not roll backwards. Good all-round visibility and the solid steel chassis are both also important for safety. The driver is completely protected due to the sturdy construction.

  • Automatic electric brake
  • Hydraulic drum brakes
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Hill-driving assistant
  • Solid steel chassis
  • Good all-round visibility


The developer’s main goal was to allow the driver to remain focused and not becoming fatigued while working. Therefore, the trucks have an ergonomic work station with lots of leg room. The driver can adjust the driver's seat and steering wheel to their height. The control elements are easy to reach and are intuitively arranged. On both sides, there is a large entry point with rounded angles and non-slip steps. This makes it easier to access the truck. The driver can safely store all their work tools in the storage compartments, and can access them easily.

  • Height-adjustable steering wheel and driver's seat
  • Intuitive control elements
  • Lots of storage compartments
  • Large entry point


Linde designs the electric tow tractor using a modular concept as a basis, precisely according to the customer’s vision. Therefore, cabs with sun protection, sunroofs or side windows, roller doors or fully enclosed, heated cabs are available, for example. These solutions ultimately provide simpler and quicker handling. The 4.5 kW three-phase drive motor provides a high towing force. At the same time, the truck can be precisely controlled, and in narrow aisles the small turning circle also makes every maneuver easier. The four separate braking systems also help to improve the handling – because driving uphill is made quicker and easier, for example.

  • Cab with modular design
  • Powerful electric motors
  • Small turning circle
  • Precise steering
  • Four braking systems


Overall, the P60 – 80 electric tow tractors and W08 platform trucks rarely need to be serviced; the intervals between services are considerably longer than those of the previous truck generation. For example, the transmission oil only needs to be changed every 10,000 operating hours. The service technician can easily access all the important components, including the battery. Comprehensive truck diagnosis can be carried out using a notebook via a CAN bus interface. The multi-functional display shows the truck and battery status.

  • Long intervals between service
  • CAN bus interface
  • Display of truck and battery status
  • Rapid battery replacement

Videos & Images

Video on the modularity and performance of the P60 – P80 and W08 tow tractors

Optional Equipment

Tow hitch

Linde equips the truck with automatic tow hitches or multi-position tow hitches for the rear and the front.

Cab variants

Cabs with sun protection, sunroofs or side windows, roller doors or fully enclosed, heated cabs are available, for example.

Opportunity charging

On the back of the truck there is the connection to which an external charger can be rapidly connected.

Built-in charger

In this equipment variant, the charger is integrated in the truck. The battery can therefore be charged flexibly irrespective of location.

Rotating beacon and warning light

A rotating beacon or warning light on the cab ensures that pedestrian and other trucks can see the tow tractor more easily.

Seat variants

There is a comfort seat with mechanical suspension and a super comfort seat with air suspension and heating.

Roadworthy lighting

In this equipment variant, the truck has a complete lighting system in line with the StVO (German Road Traffic Act).

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