Linde rental forklifts in use at Agua Mineral transports a pallet of water boxes
Keeping a cool head – even during summer peaks

Linde Rental Solutions at Agua Mineral San Benedetto

Reliable in all seasons

Valencia – the original home of Utiel-Requena wine – here we can also find one of the production sites of Agua Mineral San Benedetto, a leading manufacturer of water and soda products in Spain and Italy. The San Benedetto location surrounded by vineyards handles 600,000 pallets per year which are loaded by using Linde forklifts. Ramon Paya, Manager of Valencia, explains: “It’s an area where during summer it’s very hot and during winter it’s very cold, which is a challenge, but our forklifts work very reliably even in this environment.”

Javier Navarro, Logistics Manageer at Agua Mineral

Smooth processes

Also Javier Navarro, Logistics Manager at Agua Mineral San Benedetto, emphasizes: “We need highly-reactive machinery that can be easily maneuvered so that we can get the pallets from the production line into our warehouses as quickly as possible.”

Manage order peaks quickly

Currently forty-one Linde forklifts are in use throughout the year, some of them are owned by San Benedetto others are rented on a long-term basis. However, in the summer period, when the temperature is rising and the beverage business is booming, up to eight additional forklifts are needed to handle the increasing number of orders.

That’s why good communication between customer and supplier is essential. During these times Juan Carlos Herrero, Warehouse Manager at San Benedetto, is in daily contact with his local Linde partner. “I just call and the following day I have the forklift here, already checked over and in perfect condition.“

According to Ramon Paya customer satisfaction is the basis for a good working relationship: “We usually hold regular meetings with our clients, to learn about their needs and to offer a solution to satisfy them one by one. Linde will continue to work with Agua Mineral San Benedetto to ensure that all future requirements are met.”

Ramon Paya, Manager of Valencia
Linde will continue to work with Agua Mineral San Benedetto to ensure that all future requirements are met.

Ramon Paya, Manager Linde Material Handling Valencia